• Mike Tomlin

    Ye is one of the best doing it but man is he a dickhead or what?

  • brooks

    All this salt throwing is drying my fucking skin out!

    I mean seriously! He doing his fucking thing and is in his fucking zone. The guy produces music that is better then a majority of the field and has been unmatched musically and artistically for the last several years.

    What more do you all want?

  • Fuck Meka

    Meka you're so gay

  • MekaLovesWeenies

    As a man if you wouldn't wear a kilt broke why would you wear a kilt rich?

  • http://ear2ear.tumblr.com ear2ear

    Who cares? Im a big Three Stacks fan. Andre 3000 wore a kilt and all kinds of shit that people weren't psychoanalytic about. They are artists...they have to be a little eccentric to be capable of what they excel in.

    • http://2dopeboyz.com/ Meka

      > Who cares? Im a big Three Stacks fan. Andre 3000 wore a kilt and all kinds of shit that people weren’t psychoanalytic about. They are artists…they have to be a little eccentric to be capable of what they excel in.

      this. i've yet to hear people talk about andre when he went through his "i'll wear whatever" phase.

  • awye

    He's richer than I'll ever be but a man in a kilt/skirt/whatever you want to call it still looks faggotry. Lol

  • kiko

    Dude Awye thats extremely insensitive. You might be a homophobe.

  • KING

    People will always have their opinions. Personally I think it looks fly. I could never rock it though. Remember when Cam'Ron was rocking pink furs? I dig the fact that Kanye clearly likes the look he's not just wearing it to be different or edgy.

  • http://deville713.bandcamp.com DEVille713

    Correction: LOTS of niggas was hatin on 3000 when he was wearing kilts, pampers, capes, etc...

  • Slruim

    "They're artists". Ha. What they are is attention whores. Kanye needs to have everybody's eyes on him.

    It's one thig to have nice clothes raise self-esteem and its another thing to spend money on shit thats unconfortable and to get peoples attention....

  • whatever tho

    Further correction: That's not a kilt. Kilts are made of tartan, not leather, and if you listen to the beginning of the video, she's even talking about how they changed the cut so that it's tighter. That's a skirt, man.

    And I do think it's kinda funny that they put out an explanation video. Kinda makes it seem like even tho he'd never admit it, Ye was a little embarrassed after the fact.

  • Innovative


  • http://www.youreaclown.com Clown

    thanks for the explanation "whatever tho". We are all so grateful to have read what you posted. You should probably go into teaching, or at least into some sort of an advisory role.

  • marty mcfly

    Kanye dont have to beat the kilt thing in the ground though and what I mean is, he dont have to wear it every performance. I've seen Kanye perform in them funny get ups a few times now and its like ok now try something else. I never got the kilt thing and I have no clue whats so fly about it. I guess in hip hop now fools just trying whatever but dont beat the same outfit into the ground. Then it looks like he got a sweater on with the leather kilt at the same time. That shit does not look right. As for Andre 3k and his little fashion episodes, he used to look dumb as hell too, juts like Common. That Erykah Badu box must be some other intergalactic dimensional type of pussy or something. I hope Jay Electronica dont show up wearing some crazy type shit next year. Rappers need to just rap cause not everybody is meant to be as cool as Pharrell when it comes to fashion.

  • AD

    He a downlow bro

  • Merc

    The rowdy piper of hip hop

  • Somebody tell Paris Hilton

    "Regardless, for those still weirded out by the whole thing watch this and realize: you laugh at his kilt, he laughs at your bank account."

    So... rich people can do no wrong? Was that the moral of your story?

  • Gen

    Y'all niggas call y'all selves straight but y'all studying a grown ass man to hate? Sounds a lil sweet to me. Who give a fuck what he decide to buy and wear with HIS money. To each his own. What's important is the music. I could give a fuck less what these artists wear.

  • marty mcfly

    Of course people gonna comment if the artists makes a video about the clothes itself. The videos called Pleats so of course thats gonna be the topic.

  • Mr. Truth

    you see a white guy in a kilt, and you call him a fag from scotland. you see a black guy in a kilt, and you call him an artistic genius. fuck all of you.

  • Just sayin bruh bruh

    "As a man if you wouldn’t wear a kilt broke why would you wear a kilt rich?"
    I just feel like if you have to ask, you probably arent that rich

  • Icarus

    If being rich automatically made you fucking bonkers, it wouldn't be that cool. Fortunately it doesn't work that way, and it's not an excuse for doing stupid shit.

  • Read a book

    "you laugh at his kilt, he laughs at your bank account"

    What are you twelve?! Honestly, you sound REALLY stupid saying this. I bet you think high record sales equal talented artist also.

  • http://www.googl.com g-unit

    hey, "read a book" youre a clown. talk shit about meka and ill beat that ass.

  • Classic

    Who do you think YOU are?! What gives you the place to be talking about what is in somebody's bank account? What makes you think you are in a higher tax bracket than any of the people reading this blog?? Do you feel inferior or somethin'? Don't worry, we won't laugh at you when you're poor, down and out..

  • Classic

    The author of this blog has revealed himself. I am not visiting this stupid, lame site anymore..