Thoughts On Big Boi’s ‘Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors’?

blame it on Shake December 19, 2012

Another day, another review. Yesterday, the dopeboyz/girlz didn’t seem to enjoy Wiz Khalifa’s O.N.I.F.C. that much. I on the other hand, have enjoyed it quite a lot since it’s release. But that’s neither here nor there as it’s time for y’all to share your thoughts on Sir Lucious Left Foot’s latest solo offering, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors (which sold 30k in it’s first week).

  • Joshestes

    Outstanding album. This represents what hip hop artists should be doing, progressing and growing their sound from project to project. Unfortunately, like his last album, this will also not get nearly the commercial or critical success it deserves…

  • CoolerThanAPenguinsPussyInTheSummer

    Big Boi is all about his craft and making an entire album that has a beginning, a climax and an ending. He did it again here. Sonically this is not only new, its done very, very well.
    Big’s verses were all at his usual top notch level, too. It always takes several listens to get the genius in his verses, but they are definitely genius.
    Not many songs will make much noise on the mainstream level, and he won’t get the critical acclaim the last album got because some people don’t take time to listen to ALBUMS. Also, his name is Big Boi, not Andre 3000, so whose going to check for the “other” guy in OutKast anyway? For me, though, this is 2 out of 2 for Big.

    Full marks for this hard working, dedicated craftsman!

  • Great album. He didn’t disappoint at all

  • Ali reviewer

    good funky music! 3.5/5
    i prefer Son of Chico Dusty over this though

  • NoWuff

    Get off his dick, some of the songs on here were not up to ‘Big Boi’ standards.

  • dz

    not what i expected at all from big boi but still fantastic. every song sounds fresh and creative honestly its what i would expect out of andre but big boi pulled it off and it is one of my favorite albums of the year

  • Shotgun Charlie

    Quite different, I like it A LOT.

  • DBS

    I liked about half of the tracks a lot but didn’t care for the other half much.

  • D-Car

    It lacks in lyricism but makes up with creativity and exploration of self. Big Boi stepped out a little to try some new things and I honestly enjoyed every song. Great features, great production, still good lyrics here and there. I’ve listened to it at least 15 times already, and I could still listen to it all the way through. No its not Sir Lucious, but it’s still damn good.
    Sir Lucious L … Scott Mescuciano

  • HouseOfStark

    I loved Sir Lucious leftfoot and I’m a big Outkast fan. I thought his last album is one of the most underrated albums in hip hop. However the albums feels forced, it’s poorly executed. It has some stand out tracks but overall I want my money back(pre-ordered the project). Game’s Jesus Piece was released the same day and it’s the better album by far.

  • zig

    Dope but underwhelming. Much respect to the brother, but the fact that he left the funk-rap fusion at home and pursued this indie-rock & rap combo was a little disappointing. Choruses make me feel whiter than I already am.

    Killer Mike’s guest spot was great, as usual. Spectacular that he ended his verse with “one time for my wife and my mistress” hahaha.

  • Tzera

    Great lyics, interesting features, dope production. I just wish all these elements could have gelled together better. Overall a solid album.

  • Keep it Funky

    Dope production and features. I think he think’s he’s more progressive than he really is. Not typical rap beats, he calls it funk, but it’s not all that Funky to me. Objectum Sexuality is my ish right now.


  • Shit is jammin’. I heard about the Phantogram and Little Dragon contributions (i’m a fan of both) and was looking forward to hearing how this would gel. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Big Boi is progression personified. This album will be appreciated later on when we look back on Big Boi’s iconic career.

    Stand Outs:
    She Hate Me
    Tom Petty
    Objectum Sexuality

  • position1227

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t really like this album too much. only one or two songs stood out to me but that was it. Wasn’t particularly my cup of tea. Still glad he’s doing good though.

  • ctwins3644

    I respect the creativity and attempt at innovation, but I wasn’t happy with the purchase. I loved his last album, and was hoping for something similar. This was just too slow for me at times, and didn’t have that Big Boi/Outkast vibe in my opinion.

  • I will say I’m happy with VLADR. Big Boi did what he does best and delivered quality music. He kept his identity and didn’t try to conform to what everyone else album would sound like. I like how he brought different artists into his world. Listening to this project only makes me want to hear another Outkast album. Wishful thinking…who knows? At the end of the day Big delivered and Im proud to say I was one of the 30k that purchased VLADR.

  • I would highly recommend my friends this album. Big Boi is doing what every hip-hop artist should be doing. Expanding their catalogue while using their creativity. I think every song on this album has it’s own flavor. The flaw was the cohesiveness of the album suffered. Like going from the more 808 heavy tracks like “In The A” to the more indie tracks was awkward at points.

    Rating: ****/5

  • Tony

    Man I swear theres dudes always hating even when shit is actually dope..get off the bitter juice and appreciate good music!!