50 Cent – Major Distribution f. Snoop Dogg & Young Jeezy [CDQ]

blame it on Illy December 20, 2012

Curtis previewed the clip to his new single off Street King Immortal earlier today and shortly after, debuted the entire track for the first time on Hot 97. UPDATE: Hear it now in album version-quality, courtesy of X.

  • this sucks. why is this nigga still rapping? this nigga been whack since 2005. Candy Shop nigga.

    • This is the good music right here 50 cent is the best rapper alive

    • joel.kenol

      50s a ledgend your just a hater and a fake along with the fake 80 percent of rappers..50 will smokee.hey buddy you listen to rick ross the officer

  • eatshit

    Yea, shit is wack. Candy shop was wack too. but that 2nd album did have some banging ass tracks on it.50 been downhill since then

    • joel kenol

      Nigga your fake and you know that use to be the music of back then.50 Cent one of the best rappers alive

  • Hiphop

    “Rap tycoon 100 mill by June “

  • i liked it =/

  • GirlImKendrickLamarAKABenzesToMeJustACar

    Why is it that only the haters have energy to drop a comment.. smh

    Average track, can see a bit of hunger in fity

  • JayG

    Don’t give a f Ima blast this on Christmas Snoop to the rescue…213 LBC

  • Busta McThunderstick

    The only packs 50 is moving are boxes of unsold SMS headphones.

    Fake ass thug wannabe.

  • Akofteam80ty

    You niggas is lames, atleast we know 50 really did this, hell every nigga on the song did, so get the fuck on. It’s the other niggas talkin that shit that’s wannabes. Shout out to 50, niggas must not have followed Fif for too long cause this that Classic sounding 50. SKI is going to be hard as fuck.

  • Ahyis

    Mans are hating though, this is proper

  • HesusDuece

    Sick shit and 50 ain’t gotta wear a skirt to do it

  • BuckNasty

    No-one is hating. I just don’t see how any self-respecting and level-headed person can listen to a 37 year old grown man spit nursery rhymes about ‘moving bricks’ and ‘spraying AK’s’. It’s kind of embarrassing.

    It’s almost as if it’s a parody of everything wrong with Rap today. If I said to you “go away and make the worst, most over the top, ignorant Rap song possible”, it would sound something like this.


  • Dixson

    @BuckNasty most rapper talk about that shit and never did any of it and no one says nothing but when 50 someone who really lived that life talks about it people start moaning

    this is some dope hip hop

  • Illuminati420

    @BuckNasty….Rick Ross is Ben 38 or something and mainstream loves him…what does he talk about…..?

  • mike

    Not feeling this, I know 50 says he’s grown and if you’re living in the past if you haven’t grown with him, but seriously, there’s nothing that shows me he’s grown on this track.

    It’s not like he isn’t an interesting dude and doesn’t have the content to rap about so I don’t know why it ain’t here. In comparison to Game’s, he’s on his 5th album and has a concept with hot beats, hot features. He’s keeping it interesting and relevant which is why I had to cop it.

    50 is smart and always will be rich but he needs to put this album out, take some serious time off and come back with a dope album. So far My Life ain’t cutting it and this is a wash too.

  • James

    2 years he been talking about this album and this is the best he can come up with??One time listen to at best, not going anywhere near my ipod like all the singles from this album shit wack af.

  • Jas

    This shit, he needs to a final album about his struggle and life nd that, he to old for this shit

  • ojandkush

    @mike well said i feel that 100%

  • This song embodies 50 Cent.


  • S.B.

    I honestly agree that fif needs to actually sit down and add a little more something whether it’s from the concept aspect or whatever, but I disagree that HE is what’s wrong with hip hop. I would rather hear a nigga that’s kept it 100 from the start than dudes that blatantly lie about the life they so used to live, if anything he did have a concept for telling the truth about these dudes in rap, you gotta give him that. lol


  • meskino

    @mike you’re on point with what you’re saying..and to everyone who’s hating because you think he’s a fake should go take a look at the rest of the game and see all the fake rappers talking the same talk but never did any of it. No names needed, you already know who I’m talking about

  • DonnieGenesis

    Street King Immortal, 50 is the king in my eyes.

  • sago

    Wow 50 cent snoop and jeezy killed it dope song ,
    people hating on this track are the same people who like chief keef and soulja boy SMH

  • Em

    Best track of 2k12

  • BigD

    Dammn, Only faggits that hate rap frontin’ on these comments. Shut the fuck up. If ya’ll don’t like it, fuck off.

  • 50 cent just demolished the rapper game. Game record company only released 90 thousand albums. 50 cents will have higher projections, higher than game new album jesus piece. Im giving the loss to game for how irrelevant his numbers have been.

  • chris

    this is wat hip hop sounds like! not like these faggots like lil wayne wanna be pricks! 50 is the man

  • Joel.Kenol

    Fuck Ever Faggot That Commented On This Shit

  • Joel

    Wht The Fuck.You Guys Claim 50s To Old To Be Talking About gunz,Bricks,Etc.But Yall Faggots Say Yall Want another Get rich or Dye Trying Or .Oh ! He Should Rapp About His New Success As a Rapper And His Changes in Life.50’s Doin This Because His Fanz Still Want This Material From Him.

  • bannan47

    Yall Must Know When A Rapper Like 50 Came Out He Changed Rapp outrageously.he put his all in.Haters what do You Want. If It Says 50 Dont Click On it.50 Is The Realist Rapper Thats On Earth.So Because Yall Changed Doesnt mean he Fell off Ive been 50 Day One

  • bd

    50 Your The Best Rapper alive.All The 80%s Are Fake 50 Forever Haters Dont Click On It If You Hate A Rapper Who Gives What His Fans Want to them

  • SMH, there young internet haters rather be in a room with 50 other young internet, no-shirt wearing, mogs talking about what they don’t like.

    This is dope. Especially with other legends such as Snoop & Jeezy on this shit!

  • yeah

    Whats wrong with this song?.. Dope beats?.. dope raps.. 50, snoop and jeezy?.. this is tight… has that gutter ny feel i like..

  • lou

    whoa whoa half of you bitcha ss niggaz listen to rick ross and two chainz and them wack ass niggaz are 35 plus so be easy fags!

  • Prodigy

    Not bad.

  • Powblenmg

    niggas saying 50 fake for rapping bout bricks LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He talks about 12 years ago. but that nigga Willliam ‘Rozay’ never moved packs and y’all still believing him…

  • Dope

  • BSR

    Download link anyone??

  • joel.kenol

    You guyz are funny real funny.rappers make songs only according to what you guys want to hear from them.ive grown with 50 so i can truly tell you there’s a huge difference.
    You guys diss and even mock him and blame him for every beef that comes up.than yall bring up would sell 10 times more records if he were still with 50.he knows it to.this guy 50 trys to hard to impress you and what does he get oh ” maybe he hasnt grown.

  • jj

    this is wack yet you niggas listen to mmg n ymcacm fuckin fags

  • dubs

    Yo this track is crazy dope, 50 is back