• Mike Tomlin

    Damn thats a nice lineup. Not only TDE but Macklemore, Dom and Joey too.

  • Jay

    Grouch & Eligh>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

  • https://www.facebook.com/StrifeImmaculate Strife Immaculate

    Tech N9ne, Immortal Technique, Grouch & Eligh... FUCKING NIIIIIIICE! Too fucking bad I live in PA. Just might have to take a little trip.


    For real? Black Hippy gave one of the worst performances at Rock the Bells, so theyre headlining Paid Dues now.. Still Ima go. De La.

  • wat

    Yeah that performance they had was horrible.

  • smithers

    Black hippy, dom kennedy, and eligh were there two years ago. Kendrick, ab soul, wacklemore and ryan lewis were there last year. Im not really complaining cause they got de la coming, but i hope the rest of the line-up is mostly artists that havnt done it before/recently and dont do tons of shows in the l.a. area


    yall ride these niggas dicks this line-up is weak…

  • adolfmayne

    They need to add bodega bamz flatbush zombies the underachievers i wish i knew how to make request cuz i know they ask the artist if people keep asking

  • Jason

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are dope, it's lame to hate on a rapper because they don't do drug raps or have dark skin. It's a solid line up, can't wait to see Jay Rock and Ab-Soul.

  • RSX

    Everyone except Immortal Technique is bananas, great lineup