Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era – Like Water f. Capital STEEZ & CJ Fly (prod. Statik Selektah)

blame it on Illy December 20, 2012

Off PEEP: The Apocalypse out 12/21. #2dopePremiere

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  • ALD

    right behind TDE…..2DOPE

  • I think it is mad funny that this nigga still spelled the tapes name wrong. I ain’t even listen and I still am smart enough to read the artwork.

  • Wolfy


  • T9FTW

    “Peep the A-PRO-calypse” is the actual title. Take a closer look, the ghost of shake.

  • haille sellassie of rhyming

    im tired of seeing “joey bada$$ adn pro era” as if pro era is his back up dancers or some shit..they’re all solo and in a group at the same time jus like black hippy..niggas never say k lamar and black hippy so stop that shit..joey gets annoyed with it too..just my thoughts – peace

  • Sam Flow (yes, im a female)

    I am SO loving this!

  • FUCK Teddy

    Teddy PendergrASS: lol fucking CLOWN.
    haille sellassie of rhyming: I Agree it should just be pro era. Their entire group is dope. they undermining them. its some puss issh

  • jundamane24

    this track fkn knocks, cant wait for this to drop.

  • 1Train

    Where’s this mixtape getting released

  • gasoline

    impressive..this joey bada$$ kid is killing me, its like he was transported from the 90’s, i dont understand how he can spit the way he does at 17, he sounds like a veteran,

  • AndOneill

    Oooooooo this that shit dam!!! Few hours tho, we be bangin out tape of the year

  • Wolfy: “SHITTING ON TDE”

    I can’t even.

  • Jake

    This beat is amazing… I kinda dig the other mc’s in pro era more than Joey

  • chuck

    joey badass is so dope. its not even fair. dude consistently kills it

  • glitch182

    when is this tape gonna drop

  • T9FTW

    You can’t compare East (Pro Era) vs. West (TDE) like that! They two completely different styles.

  • reallydoe

    man i’d say these guys(pro-era) show the only reason why TDE is better than or ahead of all the top-dawgs from the 90’s (pun not intended) when i listen to this shit i get nostalgic like im bumpin Jigga or Nas, when i bump TDE , most of the time, besides jayrock, I am hearing something BRAND NEW, some of u will understand..
    besides that, both TDE & Pro-Era are in the list of top mc’s alive right now

  • reallydoe

    and i woudn’t of even brought that up if homeboy didnt say PROERA is shitting on TDE. then again, its all opinion….