Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era – Peep The Apocalypse (Artwork)

blame it on Illy December 20, 2012

The Apocalypse happens tomorrow.

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  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    this is gona be (2)dope

    • Henry

      don’t sleep on chuck stranger and capital steez

  • chuck

    interested to see what the rest of pro era has to offer. never really heard any of them except for what was on joey badass songs.

    i hope they all arent as talentless as the dudes that follow ASAP rocky around.

  • Mike Tomlin

    ^^ yoo I was gonna say the exact same thing. Rocky was dope so I was excited to hear the rest of ASAP. Now Im pissed if their even featured on a song with him.

    Joey is one of my favorites and hes less concerned with some of the things Rocky is and more concerned with lyricism so hopefully the rest of the crew will follow suit.

  • realtalk™

    its really aPROcalypse doe

  • marty mcfly

    I dont think Joey Badass shouldn’t be putting on a crew at this point. At least let some time go by first because how many crews actually all pop at the same time, meaning each member? Its a very small chance of that happening. If you take a crew like G Unit, the reason they was poppin is cause they were small. Just 50, Banks and Yayo originally. Imo when a artists has a big crew, they should make sure that they all sound totally different from each other and that in itself is damn near impossible because birds of a feather… That cover looks like its more members then Wu Tang and the only thing Joey Badass is doing is making his own job even harder by trying to put 10 other people in the same position he’s in. It’s power in being a 1 of 1 and when an artist puts out a bunch of other people in their lane, not only does it give that artist more competition but in some cases it dulls the efforts of that artist. The fans have very very short attention spans and trying to get your whole crew on isnt easy cause most fans will pick one MC to be a fan of outta the whole crew. Joey need to just worry about himself and when the other members start developing their own styles and followings then do the voltron thing but not before.

  • marty mcfly

    I dont think Joey SHOULD be… that is

  • DynamicShots


    I think you made some valid points and I agree with some of what you’re saying, but at the same time you have to let the music speak for itself and see what comes of it. Unless you’re familiar with most of these cats already who are you to say whether or not they don’t have their own styles and are capable of holding their own musically. A couple of these dudes to me from what I’ve heard seem like they’re not lagging too far behind or are maybe even neck and neck with Joey in terms of lyricism.

    Also I see what they’re doing as more of trying to start some sort of movement within their own community. From what I get they are all from the same area and grew up together. They’re still young, I think once they start maturing musically and building their brand they could be a problem.

  • che

    Joey is dope, I just hope I can understand him better on this album. He mumbles a lot and i sometimes have to rewind his verses or follow along while looking at his lyrics to understand what he’s saying. Hope this joint is fire.

  • tellmenot

    ^^ I somewhat agree with marty mcfly. But hey maybe they are doing it backwards and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad move. After this mixtape, more members will get noticed and probably create their own individual mixtapes and the fans would have originally been put on through this very mixtape to begin with. Let’s just hope Joey doesn’t make crew mixtapes back and forth or it won’t be a special occasion when he does again. One of my favorite jams from 1999 was “Suspect”, which featured many Pro Era members – and ever since then I have been anxious to hear more tracks like that.. Well here it is. Next I want all of them to create their own craft of mixtapes and a possible debut single/album. After that being (hopefully) an overall success, I would love for them to come together and drop another one of these.

    Well now, that’s just me thinking of the near future in detail, but you know where I’m getting at.

  • marty mcfly

    @DynamicShots, Yeah I get it and I know its very hard for the first cat out of a crew to get on to turn around a tell the rest of his crew to just be cool because everybody wants to shine but im just saying in MOST cases the crew thing does not go as planned and its not any one persons fault but its just the way things are. Of course they gonna do what they want to do but I just said what I said because this aint the first time we’ve seen this type of movie in hip hop. For the most part the best crews that have worked in hip hop usually struck one at a time to give each member their space and to concentrate on amplifying each members strongest abilities.

  • DynamicShots

    @Marty McFly

    I feel that. Also whose to say that the crew won’t eventually end up narrowing down to 4 or 5 core members in the long run because we’ve seen that plenty of times and yeah, it’s pretty imminent that all of them won’t end up being a success. I just feel like they got some potential, and if they make it or they don’t hey, at least they can say it was a good run.

  • Frylock

    i think all you fags should stfu and stop trying to over think everything. either listen to the music or don’t bum ass niggas.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Im not just talking about success in terms of being on by the industry standards or making money or being famous. Success can be as simple as making the best music you can make and Id rather hear Joey strike while he’s hot rather then for him to get caught up in other moves before solidifying himself in the game first. That right there is a mistake that happens with so many MCs that its not even funny.

  • marty mcfly


  • AndOneill

    Not to mention a dope in house producer! Chuck strangers, Seriesly talented when it comes to the beats

  • AndOneill

    Man yal sleepin!! These are talented dudes, capital steez – American corruption! Download that, in my opinion it’s better than 1999, so much talent in this group, cj fly, kirk knight, Dessie hinds, ala sole, love thus group and can’t wait for this Tape

  • Ive only heard a few joints by joey so i feel like him already putting his crew on is kinda rushed. I understand wanting to give your homies an oppurtunity but in this game timing is important. Joey still needs to fully establish his name. And it looks like theres way to many memebers in this crew . With all that said , i hope this is good and im gonna check it out because i support my fellow NYC artist.

  • DaddyMaggy


  • bongwater

    what time this droppin tho

  • Pyro

    Am i the only one who heard Capital Steez on Survival Tactics? dude killed his verse. his mixtape is madly slept on

  • mez

    Guys Joey is ridiculously talented and has proven that. And Pro Era is different than the other young rap collectives. These dudes can all actually spit (minus a dope producer or two). Capital Steez and CJ Fly are there lyrically and we’ve only heard a couple verses from the rest. (I want to hear from Dyemond Lewis). I’m telling you the pros are the wu of my generation.
    Just Peep the Aprocalypse.

  • Wolfy

    Will shit on T D E

  • bptv

    i hope you guys know that Capital STEEZ put out his mixtape, Amerikkkan Korruption, before 1999 came out and just recently re-released it with some new tracks. STEEZ is definetly a better MC than Joey is Joey just put his shit out at the right time. As for the rest of Pro Era we’ll just have to wait for the tape.

  • bptv

    Kirk Knights a dope ass producer he has a few beats on Amerikkkan Korruption that are just nuts