Sadistik – Exit Theme f. Astronautalis & Lotte Kestner (prod. Eric G.)

blame it on Shake December 20, 2012

On February 19th, the asshole that is Sadistik will be releasing his new album, Flowers For My Father. And to warm y’all up, he’s asked the dopehouse to premier the first offering from the track.

  • Keith G

    … this is a post about a single coming out in two months, by a rapper no one likes? dumb.

    • V

      Dude, you’re probably mad his intelligence passes yours. Go suck something

    • G a

      So what do u like? Black rappers that rhyme about bootys and strippers they fell in love wit? And we’re the ones not cool? … Okay…?

  • Shut up Keith G


  • Jake

    Where’s the single????

  • Steven

    Actually Sadistik is an amazing artist. And I’m anticipating this album. Flowers For My Father will be amazing. Just like The Balancing Act and The Art of Dying and Pray for Paralysis.

  • Keith G


    If you like high pitched white rappers who are depressed.

    Why is there a post, with no music. Wast of space!

    • V

      Depressed? He’s tuned into his emotions that’s an amazing thing. High pitched? You clearly have something wrong with your hearing, it’s nowhere near high. I will defend Sadistik always, his insides are beautiful.

  • Nate

    Because they obviously fucked up and didn’t post the song.
    And yep I love high pitched white rappers who are depressed I guess.
    Amazing, indeed.

  • See Jee

    Wheres the music???? I was excited to hear this wth…

  • Advance

    Why are you still hanging around a post of something you don’t like? I don’t get it

  • Fuckurselfkeith

    Keith needs to go suck a boner

  • Jay

    This is fucking awesome. I can’t wait for the album

  • ilovesadistik

    hes the most talented rapper alive, you don’t know what you’re talking about!!

  • Keith? Fuck you. This track is beautiful, thank you Sadistik. Long time fan.

  • Belligerent Asphyxiation

    Absolute genius, shivers down my spine.
    Speaks what’s hiding in a lot of our minds
    in a way that his words feel like they’re mine
    Empathetic, sympathetic, this fragile design…

    Can’t wait for this album to drop, Cody!
    I’ve been highly anticipating the release of this.
    February 19th can’t come soon enough.

  • Zach

    LOL For the people who say he can’t rap because he has deep and emotional lyrics, are idiots. Yeah, I think i’ll go jam to some of the ghettos finest coke snorting hood rats instead. lmfao. Sadistik actually inspires people, and not to fucking steal or rape a bitch either.

  • KING

    Oh man, I love that Sadistik is on 2DBZ now. This guy is crazy talented. This track is so brilliant. I seriously cannot wait for Flowers For My Father

  • Jesuss

    Dope fucking shit my man Sadistik has been killing it keeps pulling out fire, never disappointed in him, ever.

  • BLingBLang

    “I feel like Ouroborus when I’m chewing up my tail”
    damn…. This is art.
    You might not like it, but the fact that some of you can’t even respect it is petty.

  • Kanye East

    Cage did it better.
    Em did it better.

  • funny

    lol. Cage is a feature on this album XD

  • BEER

    why is it that if you feel like music like this expresses a high school outcast level of emotional understanding and is boring sonically that it automatically becomes a “would u rather listen to hoodrat blax rap about coke and bitches LOL” type of thing?

  • Kno

    @BEER Why is this automatically “EMO WHITE RAPZ ABOUT EXES AND FEELINGZ”? It works both ways — dollars to donuts you didn’t listen to the fucking song.

  • dtr019

    all the haters gonna hate , they’re gonna call them emo white boys who are depressed because they are too shallow too dig it deeper inside them grow up raps more than booze bitches and drive-bys

  • jdz

    Wow, fuck Keith G.
    Sadistik is light years above any ‘gangsta’ rapper, go listen to you Meek Mill, fuckwit.