• bloguy

    Wrong text blog guy...

  • http://toasty-osi.tumblr.com Osi

    "In this, the first piece in the series, Goldwatch captures a moment in the lives of Renaissance man Pharrell and model Karolina Kurkova while they were on a photo shoot in beautiful Brazil."

    ....Que? You copied and pasted the description from the wrong video, brother. Dope vid tho.

  • http://toasty-osi.tumblr.com Osi

    Mb on the broken-record comment. bloguy's post was not there when I accessed/commented this page.

  • swag

    This is where Jay Electronica has been... not surprising at all. I bet they all heard his album already too lol

  • iblameyou

    beautiful how the "blog guys" here at this site don't even bother to go back and correct their fuckups.

    as far as the video itself, this is some completely contrived BS.