Ab-Soul Speaks On J. Cole, Illuminati, Death & More (Video)

blame it on Meka December 21, 2012

Speaking to Hard Knock TV Soulo speaks on a variety of topics, from his Obama reference on “Terrorist Threats” to his upcoming collaborative project with JMSN and more.

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  • mcd

    based off the interviews i’ve watched and listening to all of his songs, i think ab-soul is only intelligent on the surface. dude can never substantiate on anything and he always seems high and out of it.

  • Wolfy

    “The Illuminati W.e that is”

    If you knew what it is All you have to do is Wikipedia it and
    it tells you The Founder was a Jesuit , The Jesuits founded it .

    Expose it you PUSSY .

    HIIIPOWER my ass .

  • Joe

    ^^^^ Reacting at its finest lol

  • Wolfy


    Adam Weishaupt was the founder of the ILLUMINATI and also Jesuit trained. Even Wikipedia tells you it.

    “After Pope Clement XIV’s suppression of the Society of Jesus in 1773”

    Meaning: The Jesuits got Caught & all they did was change there name to the ILLUMINATI to give them a new name to hide under instead of the JESUITS.

    THE ILLUMINATI today is a ghost group it doesn’t EXIST


  • alldaygb

    ^because Wikipedia is end all be all right? If there was really a secret society,(dont get me wrong I do think there are people pulling strings behind closed doors we dont know about) dont you think that shit would remain secret? All the shit on youtube is conspiracy, the truth is still hidden

  • Wolfy


    Actually its a Fact..
    Do your research.

  • alldaygb

    It could be, but I aint gonna let Wikipedia tell me that though

  • asd

    whats the beat in the beginning from?