J57 – Hey, Remember The Time The World Didn’t End On 12/21?

blame it on Meka December 21, 2012

In honor of us still living after the failed Mayan apocalypse prediction, J drops this beat he made in 2008. Anybody who wants to rap over it and submit it to the dopehouse for consideration, hit Peas on her the Twitter and mention this post.

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  • Len

    LMAO this song title >

  • dope beat!

  • t.a.morales

    @Meka I don’t think it was the Mayans that failed to predict the end. I think it was the people who interpreted the end of their calender as the end of the world.

  • Syrus Hoflo OnER

    this song is crazy dope and I’m glad the mayans were wrong hah

  • Famous

    The mayans never predicted no damn world end.

  • wdwd

    man this beat sucks. at least its nice to see blatant dickriding on 2DBZ behalf to remind me everyday to cop his ep. did you guys know that this site is a huge fan of his music??? awesome!

  • SonOfLight

    R u people(general population) so incompetent so lost in yourselves u take the Mayan predictions only at face value of what was predicted? The world is ending! Look around just look outside of the box u live in. The world has been steadily dying since 2000 now in 2012 it’s only going to get worse. & I’m a optimist not a pessimist but all u have to do is open your eyes & see without the shades of disbelief on!! Love & peace to all

  • chef

    ^^ the media gon get you nigga

  • DJ Premier co-signed this nigga for a reason. He’s dope. Plain & simple. Talented & humble guy.

    Keep up the great work J, real niggas know! Anonymous niggas are just cowards that pop shit and don’t put their real name. Keep giving them a reason to get mad, my G,,,

  • Fudd

    This beat is crazy. Really a different sound for j. Salute

  • This beat fucking sucks don’t even know how I got here

  • Damn didn’t know this guy was capable of some RJD2 sounding shit. Very impressive.

    Nice vibe!