Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era – Peep The aPROcalypse (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka December 21, 2012

Click for animated cover

Joey Bada$$ had a breakout 2012, and just before the year’s end his crew make their formal introduction. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Pro Era – Peep The aPROcalypse (Mixtape)

  • T9FTW

    It’s A-PRO-calypse!

  • forREALdough

    Okay seriously 2DBZ, get your shit straight.

    It’s PRO ERA, not “Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era”
    and it’s “PEEP: The aPROcalypse”, not The Apocalypse.

    It says so on the f*cking cover.

    Thank you.

  • 2db

    ^^^go to another blog
    Problem solved

  • $$$

    Dude’s panties are in a bunch over a spelling error on a weblog… a shame..

  • Dope

    This project is dope as fuck.

    @$$$ and @2db They have made like 3 posts about this in the past 2 days and haven’t spelt the name right once. Plus you wouldn’t say “Kendrick Lamar and Black Hippy” just like this shouldn’t be “Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era”

  • eatshit

    shut the fuck up already and listen to the muthafucking dope ass mixtape…make a 90’s head proud. Stuck in the past on this shit. suck an aids dick if you got a problem.


  • DK

    @Dope they say that for people who recognize Joey Badass but not Pro Era it’ll get more exposure that way.

  • Wolfy

    Like i predicted , Shitting on Wack ass TDE .

    Take notes on that 90’s Era production You wack ass Rappers .

  • Idiots

    First off, this does not shit on TDE. No one shits on TDE, they shit on everyone else. Pro Era is dope, don’t get me wrong. And they put “Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era” so it got attention and people download it. Way more people know who Joey Bada$$ is versus just seeing Pro Era. Likewise, when was on the up, people would know who Kendrick Lamar is and not Black Hippy. Yes, it is a shame people are uneducated. But, it’s reality and get with it. Fuck.

  • IT’S PEEP: The aPROcalypse

    hahah its funny cuz 2dopeboyz fucked up again and they telling fans to goto another blog?….damn ight imma move myself to a better blog that dont follow you example…. all the blogs been posting your photos and copying your title and taking the music u post (mainly cuz u get them first or u jack from the main sourse) but look u got the blog world PISSED cuz u cant even spell the title RIGHT !!! IT clearly SAYS on the title it self even as the first guy mentioned in the comment section….. “PEEP: The aPROcalypse”

  • tellmenot

    I actually agree with the guy above me.

  • Real Talk

    Mekas the uneducated NIGG3R that can’t spell but Shake is a dumb WIGG3R and neither of them have any pride in their work.

    Both are uneducated and ignorant, you just have to deal with it.

  • koke

    I actually agree with the guy above me

  • really doe

    LMFAO is 2DB actually taking the piss now!?! YOU FORGOT THE C LOL it now reads proalypse lool next it will read prolapse hahahaha

  • dontworryboutthenameSikeItsPaulSon

    I actually agree with the guy above me

  • Tape sounds fresh as hell. This is what the game needs. It’s officially Pro Era’s time to shine…

    But The Aproalypse is a weird name, if you ask me. Haa

  • jiz

    ^^^^@IT’S PEEP: The aPROcalypse,

    “follow YOU example”? “main SOURSE”? Maybe you should proof read your own shit before getting on the next man’s dick, numb nuts. “What difference does it make, bitch?! Listen to the tape, dick! P!”-P!

  • Real Talk

    What are 3 things you can not give a nigg3r?

    A black eye, a fat lip and an education.

  • I actually agree with the guy above me.

  • milly

    lol @ clown comparing Joey and tde and 90’s music. your a fucking a clown guy kill yourself for even contemplating a comparison. only downloaded cause of the DeShay production >>>

  • 2

    shit just got racist

  • marty mcfly


  • Jay

    I actually agree with the guy above me.

  • Asada

    So Meka is a nigger but Joey and all your other favorite rappers/actors/athletes/president isn’t? Y’all don’t even know how to be racist anymore.

  • JFraud

    In all seriousness, I don’t agree with the guy above me.

  • Frylock

    ayyyyy yoooo capital STEEZ dead fam. ya’ll no gonna put a post up in his honor or what.

  • AndOneill

    RIP to capital steez, true artist gone! heartbroken

  • Mac Dre

    Did anyone else notice that track 16 from the back cover can’t be found anywhere?

  • Rest In Peace Capital Steez

    its not their debut, they had an album out called the $ecc$ Tape before this.