Meyhem Lauren – Mandated Participants (Video)

blame it on Meka December 21, 2012

I spy with my good eye Dallas Penn…

Dante Ross, on his description of the contents of this music video: “Meyhem yelling at people, throwing envelopes and rapping with Morrisey.” Brilliant. Meyhem Lauren’s Mandatory Brunch Meetings is out now.

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  • Sylvester Stallone

    I used to think Action was dope but i have really gotten into this guy recently and now like him better his not as corny as his dude and that Mandatory Brunch Meetings is crazy dope

  • anotherfan

    why is this guy getting any shine at all when he has blatantly ripped his entire style and demeanor from action bronson? i think action is cool and all but hes original, it seems kind of sad when you have an exact duplicate in your crew trying to pass the same thing off as cool. does anyone else come to this site and get bored of this shit?

  • NSFW

    Lol Meyhem Lauren is ill, fwuck is you sayin ???? Action is nice 2 but Meyhem is a fucking beast…Shark bit his style ?? Wow youre nuts (nO Homo) Laurenavich !!!

  • wigflip

    if you think Meyhem ripped his style from Action then obviously u aren’t paying that much attention . lol

  • serendipity

    The first Action appearences were on Meyhems first projects self induced illness and clarified butter. GET YOUR FACTS AND THOUGHTS STRAIGHT. Meyhem and Action are my fav rap duo in current times both are beast.