Cassidy – Me Myself & iPhone (Meek Mill Diss)

blame it on Miss_Peas December 22, 2012

Cassidy takes more shots at Meek Mill on his latest release. Meek Mill responded a few minutes later:

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  • Mike Tomlin

    Meeks the better artist but no way he can go bar for bar with Cassidy on some battle rap shit

  • schuyler

    Not in a million years.

  • adi pre

    Mill is a faggot, Cass been battling fuckheads for years.

  • mineisbigger

    meek is wack…get ’em BARS

  • Butterfly

    I hope Cass destroys this guy and them MMG fools go back to where ever they came from

  • damn homie

    Cassidy raps like he’s a smack dvd rapper stuck in 2004.

  • j

    this is dooope!

  • Truth

    Reading that Meek Mill tweet made my IQ drop 90 points.

    Stay in school kids.

  • 2dope4nope

    ^ word hahaha shit rich and ignorant can cuss but lit·er·a·ture damn haha but if on ustream we can all see another freeway slaughter haa

  • CuJ do remember Meek came up battling right?

  • marty mcfly

    Its not too many rappers that can see Cassidy on some straight up bars shit. Lyrically alot of these rappers today is like street ball players, they can do alot of tricks with words and delivery n shit but Cassidy from that era of just scoring point blank with every bar.

  • Yes! Meek can’t back out now for fear of looking like a puss. Cassidy is far more talented when it comes to freestyling and battle rap. Meek might fall back a few steps in his career with an L.

    Exhibit A: Cassidy v Freeway

  • wOW, This here is fyre. You get it me myself and I-Phone. Damn yo that is beef at Meek Millz. WhatHe done gone do? Now I aint that convinced. I aint tryin to hate but why you make that song condom style? I dropped a record. Hold on for MITNUTE. Hey Yo Kaz These Neygears are getting me mad. get this maybackwack cat cack. Cackle. Berubat. No One Nows. He wale – in.

  • Tecboy

    Even meek mill fans know he gonna take an L tryna test Cassidy! All that smack talkin’ no one wants to hear bout when y’all was “locked up, & who was on PC, who got off”. & How you wanna “donate for your city.” IRRELEVANT! U wanna rumble with the BEST? Get yo azz in the ring, & take that azz whoppin’ like a man! The problem here is: these young cats don’t have no respect for the game that showed them how to eat! WORD! This ain’t nothing for BARS! I’m not even a gambling man, but I’d put my last $$few on Cassidy_Larceny!

  • damn.

    Meek, why did you have to fall into this loser’s plan?

    Cassidy is worthless. Dude can’t make a hit to save his career, so he just waits for the first mainstream dude to fall into his “Beef trap”, to make him become relevant.

    Meek played his cards wrong. Shouldn’t have let this clown get to you. He knew you weren’t talking about battling him and all that, he simply made you fall into the trap you fool.

    Meek is a sucker. Much to learn.

    Still, meek is way more relevant than this washed out bum

  • QZA

    Dreams and nightmares sounded like a slightly reworked God forgives I don’t… Fucking terrible from features to completely unoriginal beats and concept..

    Cassidy bars/music>>>> meek bars/music

  • djruthless

    I hope Meek goes at him just to see Cass body dis clown not enough overrated rappers getting exposed as frauds

  • Holice Mason

    There is NOTHING about this cot damn record that’s a battle rap. I like Cassidy, but if you going to go in on someone then fucking GO IN!!! I can’t respect this nonsense he trying to pass off a even a warning shot.

  • Blaqout

    ^^^ @HoliceManson,,,, Bro datz pointless fer him to go in on a record,,, when its showtime Ur gna C the “real”,,, he simply jus given listerners somethin to grasp so they understand where he’s initially comin from

  • Bruh

    Cassidy > Meek by a fucking MILE