PJ Katz - Marshall Applewhite f. Giant Gorilla Dog Thing & Gorilla Tao (Video)

Up until now, I've never heard of any of these cats. That was until "Trinidad James" J57 shot this over into my inbox. Shit is pretty ill and reminds me of some Falside-type bugged out ish. Love the ode to Ninja Turtles too. Ha! Cop the LP, 92 Renault Music on iTunes now.

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  • WerdLifeShawn

    Gorrila Tao >

    Dez >

    Dez and Nobs >>>

  • http://www.twitter.com/ranirevito Rani

    PJ Katz got beats!

  • Tony

    that video rules!

  • Masai

    518's finest. GGDTAO Takeover.

  • http://www.ironbarcollective.com/ EmceeGraffiti

    Crazy shit. Haha!

  • Russer P&P Loaf


  • trizzak

    fukin ill....love this shit.

  • daimyo


  • http://dundemworld.com Iz ILL

    This Is Dope!

  • http://www.cididaxeibol.com Eibol

    FORKS AND KNIVES! GGDT & PJ KATZ = Neck Snapper.

  • Smart


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xM6OrsVyoMw&feature=player_embedded Jay-Z

    This is the best.

  • Rawthreat

    My Dudes!!!!! Putting the 518 on the map!!!!!

  • Neebeans

    Love these guys and this video!

  • http://bebekidsmovie.com beyondrr


  • http://www.keepalbanyboring.com kc

    been listening to this maybe once or twice or more a week since i heard it. good crack

  • http://www.jbakadirtymoses.bandcamp.com JB aka Dirty Moses

    so dope. i'm glad we're on the same team.

  • Kait

    Always stay true to 518. Great video,beat and artists!

  • http://Pegasusxing.com PegasusXing

    These boys are like fine wine. 518 all day. Love.

  • Mielmonster

    Making me proud! 518 finest

  • Fvirtue

    This is tight as fuck!
    Well done, bump bump!

  • Thunder

    Dez and the clan are the Truth!

  • Devin Bacon

    Dope across the board

  • Emma Nyquist

    Pure magic.

  • jimmy greek

    A must have...banger all day!

  • http://www.pigfoodrecords.com PJ Katz

    I Appreciate all the comments! Thank you all!


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