• WerdLifeShawn

    Gorrila Tao >

    Dez >

    Dez and Nobs >>>

  • http://www.twitter.com/ranirevito Rani

    PJ Katz got beats!

  • Tony

    that video rules!

  • Masai

    518's finest. GGDTAO Takeover.

  • http://www.ironbarcollective.com/ EmceeGraffiti

    Crazy shit. Haha!

  • Russer P&P Loaf


  • trizzak

    fukin ill....love this shit.

  • daimyo


  • http://dundemworld.com Iz ILL

    This Is Dope!

  • http://www.cididaxeibol.com Eibol

    FORKS AND KNIVES! GGDT & PJ KATZ = Neck Snapper.

  • Smart


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xM6OrsVyoMw&feature=player_embedded Jay-Z

    This is the best.

  • Rawthreat

    My Dudes!!!!! Putting the 518 on the map!!!!!

  • Neebeans

    Love these guys and this video!

  • http://bebekidsmovie.com beyondrr


  • http://www.keepalbanyboring.com kc

    been listening to this maybe once or twice or more a week since i heard it. good crack

  • http://www.jbakadirtymoses.bandcamp.com JB aka Dirty Moses

    so dope. i'm glad we're on the same team.

  • Kait

    Always stay true to 518. Great video,beat and artists!

  • http://Pegasusxing.com PegasusXing

    These boys are like fine wine. 518 all day. Love.

  • Mielmonster

    Making me proud! 518 finest

  • Fvirtue

    This is tight as fuck!
    Well done, bump bump!

  • Thunder

    Dez and the clan are the Truth!

  • Devin Bacon

    Dope across the board

  • Emma Nyquist

    Pure magic.

  • jimmy greek

    A must have...banger all day!

  • http://www.pigfoodrecords.com PJ Katz

    I Appreciate all the comments! Thank you all!