Saturday Night Sexy: Elizabeth Christine

blame it on Illy December 22, 2012

Twitter: @ElizabethChris

The Miami-born Cuban glamour model makes your Saturday night worthwhile.

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  • BSR

    Woohoo!!! Am i her 1st?

  • jeppie

    i been looking at this site for a while now. i’m wondering where are the Black Honeys at?

  • kinky

    damn this bitch is bad, i would let her sit on my face got damn, i wish there were more feet pics doe

  • not enough ass shots but id still banana split that and cosign @kinky we def needed more feet shots

  • smaaaall wonder

    ehh, she’s not for me. hate this unnecessary series. no offense, Shake. I know how sensitive you are.

  • T-Luv

    haha nigga said more feet pics…

  • The last few weeks yall been killing it. with actually fine woman. Shes Bad

  • kiko

    He said he said more feet pics!!! HEHEHE

  • who cares

    Damn she fine. Looks like that blue bra in the first couple of pics is too big for her tits though lmao

  • KING

    Damn girl, you so fine I can plant you and grow a whole field of yall.

  • Mr. Hip-Hop


  • thafuk

    1 damm ass pic outta like 30…

  • DA DON

    dis bitch is cocked-eyed, she’s good at playin it off but das why all the pics with her pupils at the corner, i aint really fuckin wit it my nig

  • Teddy

    @ Jeppie

    Because our entertainment industry has been successful in making sure people with the darkest skin tones seem less beautiful than more fair skin people. They do the brown paper bag test. They even force artists like Wale who really don’t care about skin tone to put more light skinned models in their videos.

    Never mind women like Meagan Good. She’s ugly in comparison to T.I.’s wife because she’s light skinned.

  • Diversifyyobitchesnigga

    Average.. for real though every week it’s Latina.. yes they are fine, but can we get a lil diversity? For one, some actual Black women (not just light skinned) and I don’t think we’ve had Asian yet.. I’m sayin..mix it up a lil..

  • meh

    is that kinky or Rex Ryan???
    shes Photoshopped like hell but not bad…

  • moshizzle

    Seriously 2DBZ – Go back to the old format for your pictures… i can’t view them on my Google Reader, when I click the link I can’t view them for shit in my mobile browser, and when I go to a computer I have to click 20x to see all the pictures… It was so much easier before.. I’m so annoyed by this…

  • snow

    teddy above thinks T.I’s wife is better looking than meagan good. enough said, your opinion is worthless

  • Cole Trickle

    I’ve jacked off to better…

  • LOL

    She a man tho

  • yeshyall

    Cosign what moshizzle said…This new format is terrible

  • TheJacka

    I’m not gonna act like I wouldn’t smash, but this chick is very lackluster.

  • BenDoughVA

    Now THAT is one dumb looking broad! I’d still hit…

  • swagonymdick

    21 people are gay.

  • gbhgh

    put the pic like before i hate this format