Ludacris – Tell Me What They Mad For f. Pusha T & Swizz Beatz

blame it on Miss_Peas December 23, 2012

A snippet leaked about a month ago, now here’s the full version which appears on Tapemaster Inc’s new project, Slight Work 5. Ziplock P is sending more shots at Lil Wayne and Birdman. Shots fired!

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  • ahahaha nigga

    birdman? it should be simply spelled as ‘Shit

  • Butterfly

    Pusha has so much potential and is a talented mc but he is wasting his talent and time and is never gonna be as big as he could be if he carries on like this he needs to stop thinking about wayne and evict him from his mind and stop talking about cocaine and gangsta shit like he really lived it and kind of grow up dude is like 35

  • wat

    Luda actually impressed me. Lately he’s been zzz…

  • Good Peoples

    Pusha T >>>>>>

  • REAL

    YOU NIGGAS ARE IDIOTS! Hip Hop was built off rappers throwing shots at each other! Kool Moe Dee, Busy Bee, LL Cool J, KRS1, The Real Roxane etc…..

    Yall bitch and moan bitch and moan b/c hiphop ain’t like it use 2 be but this is how it was! If it wasn’t for DISSING like this hip hop would have never gotten popular!

  • marty mcfly

    @REAL, hip hop was not built on beef, it was built on good songs and the rappers you named used to meet up and battle face to face at shows in order to give a good show for the fans. Hip Hop was already very popular before people were throwing shots at each other. If fools wanna beef then go ahead but lets take T.I’s Trouble Man album for example. He had Go Get It, Ball, Trap Back Jumping, Hello, and Im Sorry out before people started talking about Addresses. Basically he is saying he can beef all day but he still can create a buzz for himself with good songs and skills without the beef shit. People will remember Trouble Man for Go Get It and Im Sorry alot longer then they will for Addresses and thats a win win for the fans and T.i. Now we all know what Pusha been up to and we all know it will never effect Wayne or his fanbase at all. Lets take Luda then, yeah he can beef with whoever he’s talking about if he wants. Maybe he’s talking about Big Sean, which surely he wouldn’t care or be effected by a Luda shot. Or maybe Luda’s just beefing with an imaginary person so people will be interested in his new music since he didnt say no names. At some point that tactic is gets called out by some people because fools tryna fake beef and show out for the fans just to get a buzz instead of making good songs which ultimately goes alot further then battle records. Some of these rappers really have a problem with each other but some of these cats aint really got beef at all, its just to move their music and thats it. Just saying

  • REAL

    @marty mcfly If you think for one second i would read that shit you must be stupid as fuck! you spend too much time on

    Plus judging by your old comments your a fag

  • BobbyWhite

    @REAL I agree with what you said. Hip-hop is based off of beef, the industry too pussy nowadays

  • marty mcfly

    Hip Hop was not “built” off or “based” off beef. That dont even make sense dummies. Now you can get mad and c section bang about if you want but the points you making about hip hop is idiotic. Beefing and battling is a part of hip hop it is not what built hip hop. When artists started making great albums, thats when hip hop started growing worldwide. Its was not just cause people knew Kool Mo Dee had beef with other rappers. Bitch

  • Good Peoples

    @marty mcfly You’re a faggot plain and simple…. No one takes you serious dumbass LOL!

  • marty mcfly

    You MAD? LOL The only Frank Ocean type cyber punks around here is the ones who wanna fight with me about how they think other people feel about my comments. Clearly I never gave a fuck. Your the only fags here.

  • Wow, I’m really feeling this. Great job Luda & the other artists on this.

    I gotta put this on the iPhone.

  • Good Peoples

    @marty mcfly You’re a funny lil boy LMFAO!

  • Frylock

    @marty mcfly actually if you knew hip-hop you would know that it was built off competition. BTW this lil wayne & pusha shit isn’t beef. only faggots like you call every little battle Beef. word advice don’t ever speak about shit you have no vast knowledge because you look stupid.

  • Fresh10

    Pusha it was good while it last. Now it’s time to show us what you are capable of on the solo tip… this is now just redundant damn . handle business like a man. He playing himself.. giving Wayne too much power and credit.

  • marty mcfly

    Hip Hop was built off the elements and if you really wanna get technical it was built off merging culture, skills and talent with business which ultimately accelerated its growth. Battling is not the defining or most important element of hip hop. Battling was recognized AFTER the other elements were already put in place (which give them the tools to battle with). However were talking about battling (or beefing) from a rappers stand point and NO, that right there did not build hip hop.

  • adolfmayne

    That pusha verse was pretty weak and im a fan this guy needs to grow up

  • Boom

    don’t know who none of u niggas are.. but hip hop was built off competition.. emcees challenging one another.. and beef is a product of that.. it was about proving you were better than the next emcee.. ppl might not like that (beef) but it is what it is.. check the history

  • Good Peoples

    @Frylock Boom Exactly! No one is paying attention to @marty mcfaggot! he’s clueless to the history of hiphop!

    But anyway Pusha T >>>>>>

  • marty mcfly

    Its so clear what Pusha is doing cause he been doing it for three years now either subliminally or in interviews. Wayne responded once and aint even participating in the battle no more cause he sees what Pusha is doing. This aint even battling or beefing, this is called promoting an album. And again, DJing, MCing, B-boying and Graffiti “built” hip hop. Battling is the after effects of those elements. You cant battle with no hip hop elements cocksuckers. THINK

  • marty mcfly

    @Boom, you cant have an emcee challenge with having the emcees.

  • marty mcfly

    withOUT… the emcees. 1 of the 4 elements.

  • L.J.

    @Butterfly: Amen.

  • Pusha is the truth!

  • lol

    The only thing I’m taking away from this post is that marty mcfly is a douche.

  • koke

    Years later and marty mcfly is still posting paragraphs on this site lol

  • adolfmayne

    ^^^^dam must suck to be known for this

  • 2

    i have to admit, marty usually has the most coherent and well-thought out comments on here. the rest of you just come across as ignorant retards (shots fired)

  • greg focker

    Its funny how marty is the only one that applies facts and logics to his arguments and the rest of you can’t match him so you resort to name calling and petty rebuttals about trivial shit. some of yall even post as him and pretend to be gay. says alot about the IQ level of the visitors on this sit

  • MyFiddyCents

    Whatever Push is doing this for, it’s still a damn good verse. The fact that wayne, who’s music I’ve never cared much for bar that swag surfin’ tune is getting ripped to shreds is a bonus.. I guess.

    Will it make me buy Push’ album when it comes out. No.

  • marty mcfly

    @koke, and years later you still read those comments lol. I’ll just put it like this, I never had a problem with battling and I understand it and appreciate the art of it BUT Pusha is so beyond that. He been trying to do a Ja Rule on Lil Wayne for years now and at this point its just not gonna happen. If Pusha was wack then cool, he gotta do what he gotta for attention but Pusha is dope and he has a real authentic story to tell. COMEONSON make that dopeboy shit cause thats what Pusha does, its not too much anybody can do or say about Girl Pants these days thats gonna make him look any different. Wayne is who he is and Pusha need to just do what he do.

  • fe

    Its crazy how people will only apply the rules of conduct when its in favor a rapper they like. But when its the other way around and a rapper they don’t is the victim of a thristy niggas who is dissing them for no reason suddenly it becomes “hip hop tradition to battle” or “good for the culture to cause conflict”. But when shyne says something bad about kendrick, he’s is a clown and he is wrong. but when when pusha disses when this is what hip hop was built. The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

  • marty mcfly

    #My Opinion Is My Opinion.

  • MusicHead

    Marty McFly for the most part is always right.. whether u wanna accept it or not homie makes sense.

  • Fresh10

    ^^^I m not going to front… Marty McFly comments>>>> definitely logical but its hard to be sensible when arguing with fools because looking from a distance you cant tell who is who. Props to Marty McFly for bending his views to look cool… he the only nigga i fuck with on here.

  • Fresh10

    ^^^**for not bending his views****

  • Good peoples

    @Fresh10 @MusicHead @fe @MyFiddyCents @greg focker @2 are all the same person!


  • marty mcfly

    No they weren’t me but definitely Cosign them all. If what I got to say makes you mad then dont read it punk. If you dont agree then cool cause even though Musichead knows I make sense most times, I dont think im ALWAYS right though. Im sure I’ve been wrong about somethings here and there but if you gonna get mad or start acting like a bitch cause you dont like my opinion, do yourself a favor and dont read it. For those that agree with what I have to say, its all good. There has been numerous times on this site i’ve said that others made good points even when it was something I didnt agree with but for you fools that feel offended or upset about the shit I say and you wanna cyber thug about it, I dont give a fuck, get mad or fix your face bitch. FIN

  • G

    Lol Pusha T, you’re lame as fuck.

    No one cares what you have to say about Wayne.

    I’m laughing at the fact that this broke ass (can’t get a solo career) clown is saying Wayne rented cars..LOL

    Pusha we all know you’re mad that you can’t pay your bills, but this shit isn’t helping.

    Guys a fool if he thinks these little half ass disses are even gonna leave a smudge on Wayne’s 100 million+ career

  • Powblenmg

    he never said Wayne doesn’t have money, he lying about wayne talking bout being a blood, the cars and everything. Salute to PUSHA for exposing these fake niggas.

  • Good Peoples!

    @marty mcfly You wrote all that and no one read it LOL boy you pathetic !

  • So Sad… More Discretion Needed


    ‘@Fresh10 @MusicHead @fe @MyFiddyCents @greg focker @2 are all the same person!

    Lmao… real talk… dude needs to STOP makin it so blatant… tut tut…

  • marty mcfly: Soft… Like Wet Flowers

    @marty mcfly Nooooo actually if you wanna get TECHNICAL Hip-Hop was spawned out of social, urban anthropological Darwinism… as predominantly Black [I am aware of the other constituent ethnicities: Hispanic etc. so no need to highlight a racial point, needless to say that the Black race and those with Afro heritage ARE a particularly/highly creative people, regardless…] and urban/city life was shunned and viewed as a certainly negative culture by the Pop mainstream, this invariably induced those peoples to turn ‘inwardly’, become hardier, more creative/adaptive [socially/anthropologically] and induced COMPETITIVE resilience; the constant fight for local resources e.g. jobs etc., the desire to ascend social ‘power’ hierarchies and the consequent induction of crime all help to breed this confrontational (often combative) competitiveness/behaviour; not to mention other socio-economic factors like housing/living proximity (which in turn breeds animosity and thus competition) racial/cultural/heritage resentment, attempted/proposed area-biased gentrification, progressive Commercialism which in turn fuels ‘keeping up with Jones” type behaviour etc. [*Digression* Thus N.Y. feudal gangs devised breakin or rather adopted ‘showin-out’ breakin from block-parties in order to resolve clashes and {gang} disputes…]. Therefore it is this social insatiability with regards to resources etc., to gain ‘Street respect’ hierarchically, or to simply be better than your opponent or kin within your locale, that Hip-Hop was founded upon. Granted, the block-party was where you had fun and the D.J. spun the breaks for the straight love of DJin etc., but he also wanted his sound-system; collection of breaks, to be better than the next D.J.’s (THIS competitive nature is further emphasized from Hip-Hop’s Jamaican Dancehall/soundCLASH heritage/origin… who’s sound-system IS the best and all of the ‘chat’/’dissin’ that goes with clashing). This criterion was then progressively channeled into other various facets which were inherently violent/socially destructive [i.e. street robbery, shootings, stabbings, rape] and instead, into seemingly more creative media i.e. the 4/5 elements of Hip-Hop: breakin, graffin, [physical elements] DJin, emceein and/or beatboxin [sonic/more vocal elements]. And finally, like the proclivity of ALL things universally; Hip-Hop (and it’s own inherent pugnacious Darwinism) yields to the natural Dialectic which dictates ALL things proceed forward as: Thesis, Antithesis and resultantly Synthesis; ad infinitum…

    e.g. ‘(A) I’m a better B-Boy’ + ‘(B) No I’m the ‘best’ B-boy in Flatbush’ –> *Confrontation/Battle/Clash* Which consequently leads to: ‘(A) ‘defeats’ (B) [in cypha]’ –> ‘(A) I am now THE ‘best’ B-boy in Flatbush’: thus (C) is now realized i.e. the ‘new’ Synthesis… this continuing, progressively onward with (C) becoming (A) until an opposing antithesis (B) materializes in order to undergo battle/clash again, ad infinitum…

    So therefore in summation; confrontation/clashin/battlin/’beefin’ etc. IS HARDWIRED into Hip-Hop… it/they are part of its ESSENTIAL nature… so for ALL YOU SOFT, PUSSIFIED muhfuckaz out there preachin: ‘Can’t we all just get along’ and ‘Beef’s not an intrinsic part of Hip-Hop’… NO WE CAN’T and YES IT IS. Besides the fact that it is essential to the [Black] art-form, it is also ethological as well as social and cultural [musically]. The human animal is psychologically built to confront, fight and attempt dominance [I’m not even going to get into how it was and still is a predominately male art-form [logical given it’s nature] and the biological/social hierarchies of Alpha, Beta and Omega males etc.]…

    Ultimately it is Natural Selection practicing musically/socio-anthropologically…

    ‘Survival of the fittest’…

    @marty PLEASE DO NOT bite [cit. ‘4 elements’ etc.] what I’ve already posted in response to your previously erroneous/inaccurate and ultimately misguided entries in other c-sections. And tell ya boy ‘@MusicHead’ to go check himself and go ask about me…

  • marty mcfly: Soft… Like Wet Flowers

    Get at em Push!…

  • @marty mcfly: Soft… Like Wet Flowers

    I thought Marty wrote stories….but this nigga^^^^ what the fuck you been doing all christmas? And what the fuck is up with your name? soft like wet flowers? Frank ‘ocean is that you?
    Marty serving fools as usual on here

  • Pusha T, but really doe

    Marty McFly is spitting the truth to this site, anyone who don’t take the time to read what he has to say is the real ignorant prick here