Bring It Back: Capital STEEZ – AmeriKKKan Korruption Reloaded (Mixtape)

blame it on Miss_Peas December 24, 2012

RIP Capital Steez. Young, talented and full of potential, you left us too soon.

The first time eye dropped AK, eye felt like eye buried a diamond in Prospect park & expected people to see it from the moon. Personally eye forget how revolutionary it is because the spotlight isn’t on me. But now that the air is clear, eye got my 2nd chance and eye refuse to seize fire GShit. – Capital STEEZ.

Hit the jump for the tracklist/download link.

1. Capital STEEZ [Prod. By Madlib]
2. Dead Prez [Prod. By Joey Bada$]
3. Free The Robots [Prod. By Free The Robots]
4. Vibe Ratings [Prod. by Ant of Atmosphere]
5. Cab Fare (Feat. CJ Fly & Chuck Strangers)
6. Dead On Arrival [Prod. By MF Doom]
7. Doggybag [Prod. By Tommy Mas]
8. 47 Elements [Prod. By Bruce Leekix]
9. HYPE/Beast (Feat. Uno Hype) [Prod. By Kirk Knight]
10. Inifinity And Beyond [Prod. By J. Rawls]
11. Talking Shit (Feat. Joey Bada$$) [Prod. By Premier]
12. 135
13. Bonified Loving [Prod. By Joey Bada$$]
14. Chicago [Prod. By MF DOOM]
15. Evol Love [Prod. By Joey Bada$]
16. Black Petunia (Feat. Jakk The Rhymer) [Prod. By Knxwledge]
17. Hard Times (Feat. Rokamouth, CJ Fly & Dirty Sanchez) [Prod. By Entreproducers]
18. 47 Piiirates (Feat. Dirty Sanchez) [Prod. by Joey Bada$$]
19. Herban Legend (Prod. By Kirk Knight]
20. Up Above (Feat. Dirty Sanchez) [Prod. By Entreproducers]
21. Apex [Prod. By Kirk Knight]

DOWNLOAD: Capital STEEZ – AmeriKKKan Korruption Reloaded
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  • AndOneill

    thanks a million for reposting this, i downloaded this tape on its first release and been listening constantly since, really lost a true artist today and if nobody understands why, download this tape, to me he was my favourite from ProEra, unreal lyricists. really sad he is gone. RIP to Capital steez. he will live on through rest of the Pro´s. such a talent gone

  • dave

    just got turned on to capital STEEZ and joey bada$$ this week. cant believe dude got taken from us. waiting on a full story on what [tragically] happened

  • Leuitrim Rexhaj

    Just saw him last week at stussy, gave him daps, dude was humble and cool talkin to people and this hit me hard, his music was great and he was easily one of the most potent new artists to hit the scene recently. It truly is a tragedy

  • Tto

    Infinity And Beyond

  • SliimBambino

    who disliked this? honestly

  • Bongwater

    this is terrible

    prayers out to Steezs family, Joey and the whole Pro Era crew

  • gt

    i personally been fuckin with pro era since waves dropped but now i can see a lot of dicc riders all of a sudden

  • @gt

    really motherfucker, take that petty shit elsewhere.

    RIP Steez, I’ll see you at the crossroads

  • Keebo

    @gt, who gives a fuck how long ago you been on it and how all these “dicc riders” dig it JUST like you. Show love don’t speculate. You are what is wrong with this world RIP STEEZ

  • gotdamn!

    @gt man ur a fool , those so called dick riders are just new fans,
    not everyone can be the first to hear a new artist, and if they are, they aren’t gunna stay that artist’s only fan. BLOG NERDS TO READ THIS COMMENT . REPEAT, URGENT MESSAGE ^^
    side note, i hoped/knew joey would blow up all huge since i first heard him, b4 he dropped 1999…

  • gotdamn!

    aside from that ” clearing up of issues” R.I.P. Capital Steez.
    there has to be a deeper reason, he left us waaaay to early.

  • DQ

    I saw his twitter account before it got taken down, and a lil whiles back in his feed he had retweeted a few posts from an account called R.I.P.CapitalSTEEZ.. It would be my guess that this is somthing he’s been thinking about for a while now, and something happened recently that pushed him over the edge. I pray that in time his friends and family can find some resolution in this tragedy.

  • Jules

    Man, I just listened to the tape on my way home. This is terrible, a truly gifted kid destined to make some great music. RIP. Chakras open.

  • ghost of meka

    rip steez
    but why did all yall get pussy hurt at that nigga @gt
    i mean he wasnt wrong everyone likes to dick ride a famous person when they die and you know its true

  • Didn’t know Capital Steez that well listening wise.. But of course in hearing dude passed made me curious and dude truely was talented.. Personally it doesn’t matter if you have talent or not loss of life too early is always a tragic experience… I don’t know the family and they’ll probably never read this but my heart goes out to them especially at this holiday season… RIP Capital Steez

  • LTZ-ripSTEEZ.

    at jules, what typa shit is “rip. chakras open”, u sound lame dawg, tryna drop dat intelligent shit anywhere u can, prolly first heard bout chakras on joey n soul ‘s enter the void. kmt

  • JAyP

    I dont understand how its dick riding when this person was barely getting out there….. muthafuckas be so quick to defend a rapper just cuz they heard it first WOOPTY FUCKING DO NIGGA Ya doing more of the “DICKRIDING” by tryna keep what legacy this dude had under raps sit yo petty ungrateful ass down and let the world know who this nigga had the capability to become in this game!

    R.I.P. Young Soldier!

  • QZA

    Fuck anyone hating on this post. Seriously go to fucking hell and burn, while you’re there look for STEEZ, you won’t find him.

    Bless his family… RIP

  • anthony

    rip steez. yo i was listening to his tape on the way to my grandmas house for xmas and i aint even kno. sad day in hiphop. talent gone. sorry Pro Era