Curren$y – 3 Piece Set (FreEP)

blame it on Illy December 24, 2012

Spitta arrives with his early Christmas gift, a mixtape titled, 3 Piece Set, which is available for free download right now. After the jump, webisode seven of Curren$y and The Jets’ Jet Life Chronicles.

01 Pick N Roll
02 Can’t Get Out
03 Yella Cab

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y – 3 Piece Set (Mixtape)

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  • AV

    Production is solid. Roll up

  • schuyler

    so is anyone else a little pissed this was only three tracks? i mean i’d roll up to it but by the time i got my herb broken down and rolled up this “tape” is over.

    smh, very disappointed.

    but RIP capital steez, that’s the saddest thing i’ve seen in a while.

  • Icarus

    Very disappointed in a project that you didn’t even know was coming out? Because its not long enough, even? After his last project came out like 2 months ago?

    Fuck u, u greedy little faggot. That’s like finding a ten dollar bill on the street and getting pissed off that it wasn’t a 20.

  • KING

    ^^^^^ true.

  • 2dope4nope

    Damn guess that’s why it’s called “3 Piece Set” haha shit that spitta x wiz re-up woulda been better what was that live in concert bet tho come super bowl another mixtape EASILY!!

  • schuyler

    LMAO @ icarus, i love when random blog warriors take up for artists like they are their boys.

    forgive me for not seeing the correlation between free money and a cock tease 3 track EP, but i personally needed something to wash my mouth out of his last tape. sorry for getting my hopes up when one of my favorite artists releases some artwork.

    my point is this; if you want to release three tracks, then release them, but don’t try and pass it off as a new project. tired of all these 3 track tapes and 4 track EP’s and shit. save your work and then put out a proper project.

    go get mad at another post for reading someone’s opinion you little internet warrior.

  • FS

    Quality over quantity they say

  • ?uestion

    Big spitta fan, but what happened to gettin on more uptempo beats with that killa flow? At least one a tape or album. she same ol gets boring after a while, need that Frost type flow

  • Dixson


  • It’s music, you like it or you don’t — anyone complaining should get fucking coal…

  • koldo

    $pitta & Roddy – 3 Piece Set*******

  • DX

    Roddy(Sounds like his balls haven’t dropped yet), not feeling him never have he’s not going to pop no one on Currensy’s label for that matter will they’re just tax write offs. That off beat flow from Currensy, not feeling it. Paint a picture tell a dope story nigga chooses nice beats but talks about the same exact shit i.e. Wiz on every track. Currensy used to be dope

  • EastCoast

    R.I.P. Capital STEEZ

  • wavy

    this shit is dope as fuck, so what its only 3 songs…… just add it to the spitta playlist and roll the fuck up

  • FatherChristmas

    +1 Quality over quantity they say

  • satan

    this fuck nigga gon start putting out 1 track mixtapes on you boyz inna minute

  • teeteeboyz

    wtf bring back some holiday/christmas music. 12 days or JMJ !

  • jojoba

    This tape is oK typical spitta’ but I agree on all these people who are saying you should be happy he dropped this joint. i mean remember before people dropped tapes on the internet it was like a year before you got an album and if an artist you liked dropped a 3 song EP or EVEN a single remix you were rushing out to cop that #jusayin’

  • Huh?

    I remember back in the Sam Goody days you’d buy a single plus the instrumental and maybe just maybe a remix for 3.99. Nowadays faggots complain about not getting enough songs from a freelease. Fuck you.

  • Ermac

    @DX and all you other hating ass niggas need to STFU and eat a fat dick fucking clowns if you can appreciate some new dope music do listen to Trindad James or sum shit

  • Ermac


  • 718lipz

    Isnt this the same man that gave ya month after month mixtape back in 07-08 was it too much then…this is for my niggas who get it and stack it and enjoy life on that laid back shit…and for all you guys who keep asking about live in concert he explains it to you in every song curren$y been taking shots at that sucka since he switched up just pay attention…who just copped a porsche recently wiz…and he says it in pick and roll also “sorry for stepping on your image (wiz) these bitches looking dazed and confused (fans that keep asking about live in concert) cmon people Jet life

  • Icarus

    @ Schuyler

    So… when you say “blog warriors”, do you mean the kind of people that hang out on a page after they commented, refreshing and waiting for somebody to acknowledge their stupidity? Because I can’t help but notice that it took you exactly 12 minutes to respond.

    I don’t think anybody is really interested in your preferred methods of music delivery. And it’s really not possible to make the argument that Curren$y doesn’t drop enough music, even if its grouped in a way that makes oversensitive niggas uncomfortable (for some reason). But since you decided to post your opinion, I decided to respond with mine, which unfortunately consisted basically of: “You’re a fucking idiot.” Mostly because you’re whining about some seriously pathetic stuff, but partially because you couldn’t figure out a very simple metaphor.


  • E

    You calling him a faggot is no better than him whining about music. Calm down cause it’s not that serious. I was surprised my damn self.

  • MJR

    Dope! Thanks Curren$y for this early Christmas present!

  • check

    this fuck nigga gon start putting out 1 track mixtapes on you boyz inna minute


  • Master Lee

    Dope. Spitta is always dope. Even if its only 3 songs. Stop hating. Spitta is giving you free music. Be thankful. Merry Christmas

  • SuckAdickORdieAsuckerPunch

    Jamming shit. Too short? Mix it with some other spitta tracks! Fucking geniuses.

  • Fucking dopeness, per the norm from Spitta/Roddy. Just steady releasing shit waaaaay iller than the 15-track fuck boy tapes people are listening to these days