• QZA

    this is a MUST WATCH. trust!

    KC stand up!

  • musiklounge

    What app is that he's using?....Garage band for iphone?

  • chris

    Why do the families need money?

  • lk

    ^for starters, the average funeral costs $10,000... plus whatever they need to do in order to sort out the psychological trauma of losing a child for no reason... security concerns that need to be addressed so that these people can sleep at night without laying up waiting for another senseless attack... and then on top of that, we as an American society have a tendency to monetize "pain and suffering", and compensate people as such.


  • lk

    A much better question would be "why would it bother you"?

  • Mike Tomlin

    Damn got chills a few times reading thru the lyrics while listening. So much dope here...

  • chris

    @ lk. you got awfully sensitive over a simple question. I dont see any evidence as to why they, and thier local government cant pay for that themselves. No amount of money will help them cope with losing a child. finally, If Americans tend to put a price on pain...why am i the asshole for saying theres some things money cant fix?

  • chris

    Aslo, I dont know where the fuck you got that $10,000 figure from, according to google funerals in CT cost an average of 6,000. think instead of getting all emotional like these poeple who want to ban guns and shit.

  • Raptor

    Hopefully somebody slaughters your entire family and makes you pay the bills, while some shithead goes around and tries to convince people not to help you.

  • chris

    first of all, no ones entire family was slaughtered, second at what point did i try to convince anyone not to help? exactly. That's not even an argument. nothing was inaccurate about anything i've said.

  • a

    chris is a scumbag

  • sauros

    Chris, you deserve nothing short of hell. Hope it finds you soon.