Pro Era – Like Water (R.I.P. Capital STEEZ)

blame it on Meka December 24, 2012

Sadly, the Pro Era crew’s Capital STEEZ passed away this morning at the young age of 19. As a tribute to the fallen emcee Statik reworks their Peep: The aPROalypse opener.

  • juice

    Rip capital steez

  • Nito

    Damn never heard of him, but it’s always sad to hear someone so young had to leave so soon r.i.p

  • Frylock

    RIP Steezo

  • The Delorean Driver

    Capital Steez:
    And I quote, we came like them niggas in boats
    Still think it’s a joke, your third eye vision is broke
    We lifted from smoke and floating, that’s how I got my aura open
    Check the horoscopes, though; you could say I’m horror scoping
    You catch me floating on a four-leaf clover
    That’s the pot of gold so we sonning them like Maury Povich
    We gone need paternity tests I guess
    Cause them vets ain’t learning it step-by-step
    It’s Beast Coast, we the murderous set
    We raining fire, and I don’t mean the burners and techs
    You gotta love it, all 47 of us
    You ain’t got a number, then I guess we gotta get you covered
    I’m connecting to my brethren with the
    West side connection cause he say he got the best there
    We got the birds like 2-4-7
    So I’m a hit you back in a second, cause we already

    Lifted, we lifted, we lifted, you dreamt it
    We lived it, we lived it, we lived it, so we already
    Lifted, we lifted, we lifted, you dreamt it
    We lived it, we lived it


    Pro Era = “Real Hip Hop”

  • Wolfy


  • Riley

    sad news. the kid was a great young spitta with huge potential to be something big

  • noda


  • Jay

    How;d he die? RIP

    • Anonymous

      He commited suicide they all suspect

  • DQ

    damn R.I.P. dude was nice

  • Shockoe

    Rest in beats brah .. Your inspiration gone but never forgotten! 93till infinity

  • DAM yoo i cant even belive this son was nice to

  • mrwhatwhat

    RIP STEEZ…you helped inspire a generation man..peace

  • BananaClipse

    heard it was suicide but i hope its not true. so much potential lost rip capital steez a great mc

  • xastey

    Damn I just got put on to this cat.. RIP STEEZ

  • mike

    his last tweet was “The End.”
    it was most likely suicide.
    such a sad thing to hear, regardless of how it happened.
    RIP Capital STEEZ !

  • dontworryboutthename

    damn man. was so dope. only 19, Rest in peace steez

  • DatGuy

    R.I.P. STEEZ… At least he did something in his short time. Most 19 year olds like me, would have nothing to be remembered by.

  • Igotcha

    that shit is wild. He was my 2nd fav out the group. I was looking forward to his next mixtape. r.i.p.

  • dgong


  • Devin Herrera

    Rest In Power.. Capital STEEZ was hip hop. 93 till infinity..

  • 12 + 23 + 12 = 47 (12/23/12

  • stick x move

    Said it hard to fall off when you comming in first and your mind is at one with the earth, chubby nigga so I told them that my tummy was hurt then they found out I had a chopper under my shirt – steez x rip


    I’m so tired of seeing ppl posting 12 + 23 + 12 = 47
    He passed away on the 24th, please stfu RIP Steez


    yeah which was the 24th retard.


    his last post on twitter “The End” was just after 1 a.m on Dec. 24th

  • Tiiz

    I don’t believe in that illuminati bs but if Joey Badass blows the fuck up in the next few months, I’ll be very concerned.


    ppl are so ignorant. first of all you all have already been brainwashed. and come on joey lost a brother, fuck that illuminati bullshit this is somebody’s life. steez is gone man.

    And please don’t feed into that illuminati bs, what is so wrong about it? why can’t the illuminati be a good thing? people always talking about they want a change. like what is your beef with this so called illuminati? you have no reason to be against this secret organization

  • Ted

    Damn only discovered this kids music yesterday,been listening to his am mix tape and the whole pro era movement,talented,so sad

  • sacrifice

    “I don’t believe in that illuminati bs but if Joey Badass blows the fuck up in the next few months, I’ll be very concerned.” ^^

    THIS …..

  • LMAO

    fools like you BEEZO shoudn’t even speak or type about illuminati…

  • LMAO

    Rothschild, Royal Bloodline, Rockefeller, Federal Reserve, Haarp, Chemtrails,Project Evergreen, Morgellons, Monsanto, GMO’s, Population Control, Fema, Project Blue Beam…. for the curious, googles a click a way

  • LMAO

    oh ya , also in the mix, False Flag Terrorism, Bohemian Grove, Freemasons (27th to 33rd degree),The U.N, Nato, Mainstream Media
    etc etc

    dont listen to me tho im just delusional

    • Fallenangel

      Lol…I see you too have done your research…..I never heard of it until my ex-boyfriend told me about them a few years ago…and showed me a website about Tupac and how he was killed by the Illuminati… and Snoop Dogg knew about it….I’ve since read up on it….it’s scary and it does exist…

      • freydo

        Whats the website called

  • LMAO

    one more , LIBOR SCANDAL
    RIP CAPITAL STEEZ his soul still lives, keep ya 3rd eye open kids.


    I could care less. I dont speak about the illuminati nor care, I just live my life

  • Alexis

    Capital steez is going to show the angels how to rap.
    God bless ya pro era.

  • sdfsafs