• DM

    "Fake leaders..." ___We are far too critical of each other without THE FULL FACTS. Lets begin to study self and make self corrections. Its far too easy to microscope others. We off that.

    • ChicaGo-Getter

      Bruh, that was the realest shit I've ever read in the comments of a music blog.

  • MacDoober

    couldnt be sayin much, he barely had a role..which is how i like pusha t, nice and quiet. Wish there was a way we could stick it to hbo for cancelling that show tho..CRISP was blowing up! damn. i heard(read) bored to death may come back as a movie if anyone cares lol

  • DM

    Other than that... The song is flame. Another example of street generated genius. THANK YOU.

  • xastey

    HBO fucked up with canning How To Make It In America , great show