Chip – London Boy (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy December 25, 2012

Grand Hustle/Hustle Gang’s UK import Chip releases his London Boy mixtape hosted by DJ Green Lantern featuring guest sposts from T.I., Iggy Azalea, Meek Mill, Young Jeezy, B.o.B, Jeremih, Mavado, Trae Tha Truth, and more. Download the 20-track offering after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Chip – London Boy (Mixtape)

  • realtalkTM

    This is that kid Chipmunk right? Trying to go the Tinie Tempah route, making wack ass commercial music to make some mainstream money eh?

  • Shooter

    Back to London, bitch.

  • yo

    man, these cats from the UK are consistently garbage. I fuck with Dizzee tho

  • kj

    Yeah, UK rap is just terrible. And UK rappers trying to do things American style is even worse.

  • adi pre

    This dude is a cunt…and I’m from London so that’s saying something. Merry fucking Christmas.

  • Doe Doe

    I am from London and can say dude is wack he makes radio pop music for school children and ain’t from the hood and ain’t bout that life his mommy used to drive him to the studio and wait for him out side because he kept getting robbed and he also got robbed at his own album release party and then let them get away with all his jewellery.

  • Lol damn^^^ this dude just got exposed, from his own nation.

  • London

    I like how he switches up the flow, and the production is nice. Lyrically it was weak sauce. Chip has no style, it’s like an American rap album with a British accent. This guy even say’s “shawty” now. Seriously?

    Once the novelty of being a stylish Londoner wears off, so will his American fan base(that’s assuming he has one right now).

    The UK has great rappers like Joe Black & Squeeks. Chip does not represent London music. Get this sucka out of here.

  • London Calling

    Wretch 32
    Professor Green
    Mike Skinner (The Streets)
    Dizzee Rascal
    Krept & Konan
    Scru Fizzer

    …just to name a few…

    People from the UK saying Chip is wack, but then on an American blog, fuck off man!

  • Joe Strummer

    Every single rapper in the history of the UK fucking sucks. Idk why this^ dude even tried to make a list, nobody is EVER gonna check out any of those fags. But this “Chip” clown might be the worst out of all of them.

  • @ London

    There is no such thing as “the novelty of being a stylish Londoner,” and this clown has no American fans. Period.

  • ji_gantus

    yall need to chill out, we the UK got great talent you lot just aint listening. plus it only aint just rappers, adele… i prefer american rap but just saying chipmunk doesnt represent uk rap the best thers others doin it

  • Nito

    I’m not from uk but I know people hate on him over there. I think his flow is pretty sick though. They way he makes his melodies and switches up his flow in verses makes for a sick. I don’t know his rep or street cred but then I don’t care.

  • Nito

    Damn I forgot to say I was talking about dappy*

  • Gunz

    listen im not from the uk but chip is dope

    i think most of y’all just hating because he from london

    let the music talk b4 ya judge

  • 2

    slick rick. best rapper out of the uk

  • 3 WORLD


  • NZN

    All you fuck boys cant accept that someone from UK can be better then someone from US. Thats just pain stupid, listen to the bars, flow, punch lines, the lyrics. but naaaaa you just chat shit on blogs!! And i bet more then half of you haven’t even listened to the mixtape!
    UK Stand up!
    Chip Stand up!

  • djruthless

    lol at you dumb yanks thinking this is a representation of whats going on in London musically. You guys lost hip hop to big coporations a long time ago which is why it all sounds the fucking same there are some people that still make good music over here they just aint known coz they ain’t sellouts. I know dudes from London that would rap circles around most US rappers

  • lm

    Maybe someone from the UK eants to volunteer to post some UK music?

    Try ed sheeran no 5 collaborations project, you all like him

  • GenX

    @djruthless: Exactly, look at Melanin 9. Its all politics as usual, uk labels promoting garbage and the dumb us heads thinking thats what represents the uk. Its no wonder trash like Trinidad James can get a deal.

  • N17

    Smila and double-S best rappers in the UK..PERIOD!!!


    When Dizzee comin back eh???

  • nahhh

    @NZN We can accept someone from the UK that’s better, but it hasn’t happened. So until then, the UK doesnt have shit to offer me as far as hip-hop. Slick Rick was the first and the last.

    @djruthless Lost hip-hop to big corporations? Fuck outta here son, you’re contradicting yourself. It’s not rapping circles around someone that matters, it’s about the culture and yall just don’t got it. And please, yall think you’re the only city with hidden talent? C’mon son, this country has produced the greatest rappers ever… you think we’re just gonna lose that talent pool? Fuck outta here.

  • nahhh

    As far as I’m concerned, we still got rappers coming to your cities and shutting them the fuck down.

  • You Niggas Are so Stupid

    just let this nigga get his money. he’s another B.o.B. He’s gonna be a star whether you hip hop til I die ass niggas like it or not. So instead of talking shit, let’s just move on to some other nigga or “crew” that’ll never make any money, but represent the craft well.

  • Yankee

    Ask Juelz about London.. “SWING THAT CHAIN SANTANA”

  • Yankee

    And ask Game and BWS about Mike GLC in Birmingham

  • Respect The Origin

    Dudes a tit… and he CERTAINLY DON’T MAKE HIP-HOP OR REPRESENT US so whoeva co-signin this prick for that NEEDS to behave themselves and fall tha fuck back… such a POOR REPRESENTATION for the U.K. that forces shit stereotypes in the minds of U.S. ghetto mans, which then leads to a lack of repsect. We got Gs who live it ova here aswell [Black Country and Birmz stand up!], but tits like this fool make US ALL LOOK FOOLISH AND SOFT.

    …tryna sound hard like some kina badman?! Dude cant even grow a moustache for fuck sake?!?!… Like I said some people NEED to jus BEHAVE THEMSELVES. #FuckinEMBARRASSMENT

    WILEY THA BEST. FULL.STOP. {But then again he dont make Hip-Hop or ‘Rap’}.

  • DGR

    We all know Nicki Minaj is the best rapper out of the UK


    This only means good news for Chip really you know its GOOD when they start HATING because some of these so called FANS of the culture that is HIPHOP cant stand change, all you really need to look at is the solid proof that is the CO-SIGNS Chip has starting from his own BOSS T.I and all the other AMERICAN ARTIST FEATURED on the tape do you really think they even BOTHER getting involved if he was that WACK? Laughing all the way to the bank, BLOWING UP THE STATES AL QUAEDA STYLE.


  • Marlon Miller

    Check out @Play_Angha mixtape called ”Mind Of A Mad Man”
    Chip done okay, but there are several other UK artists with good music, such as J Spades, Joe Black, Bigz & Squeeks

  • realspeak

    No one cares about these UK artists anyway.. but a Chipmunk post is not the best place to make a point about how the UK has talent..

  • Duke Jasper

    This kid is garbage, that much is apparent but saying ALL UK rappers are garbage is an incredibly ignorant statement. Jam Baxter, Edward Scissortongue, Dirty Dike, Ronnie Bosh, Fliptrix, Split Prophets, Chester P, Mr. Key are all incredibly talented artist, most are better then most commercial/underground rappers in our US game.