Conceited vs. Tsu Surf (Video)

blame it on Illy December 25, 2012

After a ton of scrambling to find a venue to host their “Armageddon” event earlier this month, SMACK and URLTV have finally released their latest battle between BK’s own Conceited who went up against Jersey’s Tsu Surf.

  • Rezo

    This underground battle shit is so corny and ghetto. It’s like the LOW level of the minor leagues in baseball. Oh you’re clever? Oh you can act tough in front of your 15 boys? Go sit in a studio and write a game changing song for me? *crickets*

  • J.Billionaire

    @Rezo…you old ass clown with you’re old ass sound, let a young nigga shine, SIT YOUR OLD ASS DOWWNNN!!!

  • simba

    SMFH i dont get what ppl see in this bitch ass conceited.. how they gonna say 3-0 when this dude surf went harder and exposed this fake in the second round.. lol ppl retarded

  • ree

    ^lol how can you hate someone so much whom you dont even know? is it that serious? your life sounda mad petty.

  • frylock

    @Rezo an what the fuck are you doing nigga? why don’t battle or write a song your damn self faggot instead judging people on they can be productive you cornball ass nigga.

  • wat

    Battle rap is the entertainment and inspiration for non-battle rappers so…

    and @simba: What do you mean? Conceited’s wordplay was CRAZY. He was on his A game. Surf did go extra hard but lyrically I give it to Conceited.

  • j

    the surf nigga went in

  • NYdreams

    con won this… 2-1

  • Surf is on Joe Budden mixtape tho….. @Rezo

  • Rezo

    ^^ that’s cool, but what does that prove? Joe works with no names and nobodies all the time. Producers and rappers. I’m still waiting on that great Surf project….

  • @Rezo This is hiphop in it’s purest form.. right off the street corner. HipHop is about competition on all levels from DJing, Breakdancing, Graffiti and of course MCing. This takes a unique set of skills and I’m sure your favorite rapper would have trouble doing this. Check twitter all of your favorite MC’s are talking about this right now Joe Budden, Ab Soul, Lupe Fiasco, Jay- Z etc. In case you don’t know or you forgot.. HipHop is an aggressive street art form and not everybody wears pink back packs and silver sneakers and goes to college.

  • Free

    I tiered of beatless battles.. shyts lame, Scribble jam had beats, any one can talk battle.. shyts done.