• slumdawg

    cool song

  • Swirl

    I'm a better person for watching this!

  • rico

    martyr is that dude

  • http://soundverite1.blogspot.com/ Sound Verite

    Good lookin with Mike & Muja Messiah with clip directed by Greg Grease. Bong!

  • Christmas

    Excellent show of versatility lyrically. Great video production as well. You make me smile.

  • ghostfacex2

    the weed got my girl purse smelling like a shit bag!!

  • http://youngjayr.bandcamp.com Tyrone

    This shit is dope... Check out The Real cryogenics 1 By Young Jay R at youngjayr.bandcamp.com


    Muja's a lil bitch made ass nigga. IDK even know why Martyr fucks wit em. FAKE - N - BAKE ASS MESSIAH.