Sapient – Seeking New Skin (Video)

blame it on Shake December 25, 2012

Off the Sandperson’s upcoming album, Slump, which drops February 19th. Pre-orders are available now; which includes a sculpted toy, pint glasses, canvases, chocolate bars and more.

  • who cares

    Was wondering when you guys were going to get this up. For those of you unaware he also dropped another video like 2 months ago “Shotgun In My Spaceship”. Dude’s pushing the boundaries with his sound right now. It’s pretty fantastic.
    Side note: Illmaculate just dropped a free album with Lawz Spoken last week titled “Chron: Legacy” go check that out too.

  • Josh Campbell

    Sapient is killin shit..Can’t wait for my pre-order!OutHere

  • NW

    Sape is constantly working and everything he’s been putting out is making most of these dudes look infantile. He is unlike anything out right now, such an original sound. A mixture of sorts that just blend together so well. Could rap circles around pretty much anybody in my opinion, and could humble a producer at the drop of a beat. Sapient knows what the hell he’s doing. Oh! And this video is just an example of how he continues to impress. Always continues to strive to make his next videos better and different than his last. MUCH respect to what this dude is able to do considering he’s providing for his family at the same time!

  • Thrill Murray

    Good shit . Looking forward to this project

  • SoulsEeker

    I used to hate on Sape’s new style with more electronic beats and more singing… But FUCK this is almost as dope as Dry Puddles!

  • paintincolorado

    he is dope as always, i have met him also several times and he is a dope person. i will always support this cat in any endevor he chooses to do next. SANDPEOPLE!!!! oh yeah and sapientkills. :)

  • Bmill

    Ultra dope, much like everything Sape is doing. Getting ancy for Slump!

  • Concept

    Sapient is probably the dopest human that i know of. Slump sounds so sick thus far, looking forward to my fistpack. But damn the sounds this man can create are incredible! #slump2013 takin the world by storm. sapientkills!


    Slump is a game changer….plus sapientkills ya jerk….

  • Meta

    can’t wait for this album

  • Clink

    Preordered my Ultrapack a few days back…This new shit is my shit. Own every Sape album and this is the one I’ve most anticipated. Thought it would be hard to trump B4F but, this is an entirely new sound. No Competition, just anticipation…Sapekills beeeetches.