Swerve & SYG – I Have Love

blame it on Shake December 25, 2012

With the second single from Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2 (Feb. 21), Swerve and SYG rock over some Heikki Hoo production.

“I Have Love” is the second release from our upcoming Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2 which is intended to raise money so we can finish this project with the same vision we had started with. Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2 will still be entirely free. However, if you do choose to invest the $1.29 into our art, when it’s all said and done CWWW2 will be a much better product. There is also an option to pay MORE than 1.29 which we encourage (obviously) and if you decide to spend more than $20.00 in contributions, you will receive a free signed, physical copy of Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2 by mail shortly after it’s release date.. which by the way is on the 1 year anniversary of the original CWWW: February 21st, 2013.

  • buckeyeknight

    I got my copy. Its on y’all to get yours. well worth the small charge to support two for artists even off it is free. authentic hip hop here no doubt.

  • WarmWhiskeyLover

    jeez. i fucking love these guys. no family this year, and drunk. so this song is everything i need. except im broke so im rippin’ it to a mp3 y’all, sorry, just being honest.

    “I just hope my life’s long and my deaths short, and thats why I keep a fucking pistol by my headboard, so when the shit hits the fan i’m prepared for it, therefore, im 12 steps ahead with 1 bullet in the chamber, got enough to paint a war and one left for the painter, perfect.” – this shit is genius.

  • mr.hairypotta


  • BtotheDon

    Another dope track from Swerve and SYG just in time for Christmas. There’s no better present than some dope new Hip Hop haha.

  • Dopeness! can’t wait 4 the album

  • word

    12 steps ahead with 1 bullet in the chamber, got enough to paint a war and 1 left for the painter… perfect. fucking awesome. grabbing this now.

  • JP

    can’t wait for this tape! and swerve is out of this world dope. i don’t know whats taking the world so long to catch on. 2dopeboyz got their radar on lock!!!!!!!!!!!