Meek Mill – Repo (Cassidy Diss)

blame it on Illy December 26, 2012

Meek fires back at Cass; with Jahlil Beats on the production.

  • meezy

    It was okay…..

  • Grimzz

    Warning shots…nothing serious

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah Meek sounds really loud and hyper like usual but good luck dealing with Cassidy bars if he decides to entertain this. When Cassidy makes records as “the hustla” thats one thing but when he’s Cassidy “the problem”, lyrically thats something else. That is all

  • frylock

    shit was wack honestly, but at least he responded. unlike most of these fag rappers. most of the time they just bitch out and start twitter beefin like french Montana fucking faggot.

  • YATTi

    The only reason Meek talking shit is because he has money now. Before, Meek shows respect to all Philly veterans.

  • He tried too hard on this. He ain’t really sayin shit. Cass bout to chew em

  • Sounds like a regular Meek song, he just sounds more aggressive on this…I expected more…

  • doc rovers

    first off, meek mill embodies the word “mediocre” in the strongest way possible. does absolutely nothing for the progression of the genre, if anything makes it much worse. that being said, just fucking battle cassidy, dude! so he can body you and get this debate over with. the beat was dope tho

  • shrugs

    ive said it before and il say it again. i dont get the hype with meek? he sounds the same 99% of the time and this is no different. waste of a solid beat if u ask me!

  • xastey

    Aww here we go… Cas get this yelling ass bitch

  • Tupac’s Slut

    Both are trash and homosexuals that suck dick for there deal. Rats rats rats

  • rass

    niggas decided this was wack before they pressed play.

    meka proved this last month when he uploades a story with just a title and no actual audio and it somehow had 20 dislikes

  • Chris

    That was boring as fuck

  • Just another nigga

    Beat’s fucking fire! As for the song itself, like someone mentioned above…it was okay. 80% of the track was just Meek talking about how much money he had, and the shots at Cassidy didn’t hit THAT hard. I also think this is just a warning shot as well, Cassidy’s going to put out a song that’s finally completely dedicated to Meek and we’ll see how that hits, then Meek will come back one last time, then we’ll get our winner.

    My money will still be on Cass…


    meek is really trash

  • just off substance i think cassidy is a better rapper. meek might be a better battle rapper though. But to me cassidy a better rapper. I would listen to Cassidy any day before i hear meek screaming in my ear.

  • mineisbigger

    this shit wack…just watched that freestyle with both of them with meek on house arrest or whatever and he got bodied there and they were on some same team shit

  • Master Lee

    This beat is fire. Meek went in. I dont know what you guys are talking about.

    • pimpRdie

      That’s what I said I think he went in on this

  • Meek halla too much. I wish cassidy smash his ass

  • chad

    now thats how you EAT

  • rhyme like po

    yea but do he RHYME LIKE PO!?!? F MEEK.

  • Tr3s

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who finds Meek Mill’s voice annoying. Based on both of their catalogs, Cassidy will obliterate Meek Mill.

  • Pitifully Piss Poor

    Co-sign @Chris…

    *Yawnin… Shit got me snorin…*

    This muhfucka said how mans car got allegedly ‘repo-ed’ an’ how Cass a ‘snitch’… thats as hard as it got?! *shakes head*… shit that gotta be true then; how fuckin fresh n original… #PATHETIC

    …jus a whole lotta BIG BARKIN n FUCK-ALL ELSE…

    Cass… I beg you come deal wid this fuckin fool, an’ quickly…

  • NYdreams

    sounded like meek went in the studio … took an unreleased song and edited it by adding cassidy names to it and called it a diss…sounded like a regular meek song… disappointed

  • dbo

    it was dope. the end.

  • DoubleClutch95

    Meek has one flow and one flow only…

    ish sounds like Burn.

  • Bugz

    How long till all the videos with meek praising the hustla disappear?

  • Jordan

    MMG is starting to get so repetitive that it’s not even funny

  • moneytalks



  • indicud

    weak beef.cassidy hasnt been nice since the car crash & meek has never been nice.

  • KendrickLamardickrider

    Damn Meek snapped! Cassidy just got ethered!

  • tellmenot

    Ayo Cass, these niggas gettin me mad!

  • bladaoh

    didn’t really sound like much of a diss…if meek actually decides to rap battle cass and doesn’t pull some mayweather/paquioa shit and make an excuse to not do it i think he’ll get destroyed, mmg took the lyrics out this dude lol

  • Clayton Bigsby

    He tried too hard on this. He ain’t really sayin shit. Cass bout to chew em


    Seriously. Does anyone in MMG ever say anything. They keep making the same songs with the same beat..

    Like this one.

  • Mr. Truth

    meek killed cassidy on this track. actually cassidy killed himself when he came out with condom style.

  • charles


    Took all this time for this. Shit is wack.

  • T9FTW

    His lyricism was just dumb. Dumb.

    Cassidy is definitely the Relly in the situation (Yeah, Freestyle Friday reference, haha!)

  • j

    this nigga went in and did his thing y’al stay hating for no reason. Meek was never lyrical just street. This is dope, and just for sport for real.

  • Frank Kennedy

    not trying to hate but what good songs does this dude have? I don’t get his hype, aside from his MMG affiliation. his flow/voice/lyrics all seem average as fuck.

  • this shit kinda dope lol Cass shit wack. I hate all the ballin shit Meek talkin but son went off on Cass a lil bit

  • Shawn

    Garbage. Cassidy isn’t some crazy album seller but he’d chew and spit Meek out, easy.

  • djruthless

    that was fucking pathetic Cassidy is going to murder this dickhead


    1-0 Meek

  • Butterfly

    all his songs sound the same i never knew how this guy blew up he feelin himself way to much


    “and now ure mad at swizz cause u can’t get a beat from him” enough said — meek shod get that check for marketing tho lol


    ps : when is the last time case did an at least average song ?

  • adi pre

    Awful, how the fuck did this assfucker even blow up.

  • Randall Campbell


  • Eric Cartman

    Seems like more hate than actual criticism on the track. I thought Meek did pretty good actually. Of course it’s not the hottest diss track ever heard but it’s not meant to be. He just addresses a washed up rapper who wants the spotlight again. Hate or love Meek, he doing his thing right now (at least more so than Cassidy) and Cass pretty much started this silly beef anyway. He just came out of nowhere with it once Meem brought up battling in the URL but never said anything before.

  • doc rovers

    people who type in all caps are the worst type of people on this earth

  • Fuck Eric Cartman

    Shit is less than average.Meek is fucking garbage times 1000..Same corny ass flow..Same screaming on every track… Anybody who considers this average at best should be shot with a rocketlauncher..

  • Gen

    Meek Mill = All Energy, No Bars. The Very Example Of An Amazingly Average Rapper Of The Time.
    Cassidy = All Bars, No Energy.

    Cass Would Ether This Nigga, We All Know That But This Beef Weak. The Only Way Meek Could Possibly Win Is Off Of Dickriding Because He’s Popular Right Now. Facts.

  • The Picture Had me weak!!! As far as this battle, the hype lasted 2seconds ago,I’m not seeing the entertainment so far.

  • Bitches be Trippin

    Meek is garbage all he does is scream on records like a bitch dis clown is lunch food to Cass. If dude wants any respect from the streets he needs to quit being a pussy ass nigga stand by his word and do the damn rap battle already

  • Hpno

    Smfh. This is considered a “diss record”?? F.O.H. this shit was wack as fuck. Meek been weak since b4 MMG idk why ppl actin like he nice lyrically. Cass is gona eat dis nigga alive.

  • sATaLyte

    1 bar in and I knew this shit was whack.

  • No way


  • Trill O’Reilly

    You Cassidy dickriding ass niggas claim this is wack, but if Cass made this same song with the same lyrics directed towards Meek you’d all be dickriding & calling it the best diss song of the year nshit. I hate you hipster ass niggas.

  • Ifty

    Man that shit is WICK WICK WACK!!!! WHY MEEK GOTTA SHOUT HIS MOUTH LIKE A BITCH GETTING RAPED. MEEK IS SO WACK HOW IN THE HELL HE BLEW UP??? Cass eat this fooo and he said its a ‘funeral’ haha (All caps cos thats Meeks style of rapping)

  • yeah

    This song is better then cassidys song.. to me?.. beat plus rap as a whole… i wouldn’t play cassidys song in my car.. this one, maybe?. its closer to whats popping now. talking about bars? is a different story, but this is no battle rap?. this is a song.. plus, this is a response to cassidys diss? some rappers try to ignore isht, meek just busted a quick rap/song .. to keep us entertained. and to show he aint scared.. Id like to see a battle.. I do think cassidy would win also.. but?.. as for songs?.. Meek makes better songs.. then cass

  • NYCityKid

    Niggas be callin something wack with no explanation of why they feel that way.

  • Dee

    Lyrics/bars too basic.
    Beat hot. Meek trying to compensate his lack of bars with a hot beat and his yells.
    Next time Jahlil should give his beat to cass; giving it to meek = a waste of effort.

  • Aye

    Only like 30sec of this song was a diss then it turned into a regular Meek song. LOL lame

  • jackie

    because its a hot beat. your saying Meek is trying to compensate for something?? thats dumb. Doesn’t every rapper want to rap over a hot beat? I wish Cassidy would do the same. with your logic, if Cassidy gets a hot beat from swizz, it would be because he was trying to compensate for something? I don’t think so. every rapper wants hot beats, period. This SONG is better then Cassidys song. cassidy needs a better beat, to make things more interesting. I’d even prefer him rapping without a beat and coming with some dope bars, then using a wack beat. right?

  • IMO

    Its Ight, Nothing Special, I Wont Listen To It Again. Kinda Lost Me In The Middle Of It. Beat Is Dope Though.

  • bigmike

    everyone is hating hahaha. Meek stands a solid chance against Cassidy, come on.

  • THale

    D.C. nigga, you P.C. nigga
    while you was scared, I was eating chichi nigga
    talking to Tip on how we gon beast these niggas
    all I know is bang bang like that chief keef nigga

  • zookeeper

    this is actually considered an adequate response/diss? he ain’t sayin shit negative that Cassidy didn’t already say in MMAMI… I like Meek but this is a fail

  • HardWhite

    nah this shit garbage. its not even a diss he maybe said 2 things about cass and the rest of the shit was just filler lines that were played out and have been said thousands of times before. meek better get real and recognize that he might be poppin right now but lyrically he can’t fuck with cass. sit down kid.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    THIS IS A DISS TRACK?????????????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…THIS SHIT IS WEAK! Don’t this dude listen to his own music and get confused between them? Same similar beats and same limited vocab and same screaming flow. All he did was scream louder. He sound mad obviously but it’s the same flow w/ limited lyrics. Disappointed in Meek. Money really change niggas man. Dude got better then when he got popular his flow stayed the same and lyrics are up and down like a sea-saw! Song a failure! *THUMBS DOWN*

  • Seraz

    @Jackie He wasn’t saying because it was a hot beat….he said because his LYRICS were extremely basic and mediocre, he tries to get a sick beat to make up for it. You’re right, every rapper should aim for a good beat to grab the listener’s attention, but when your lyrics are average at best, it makes it seem like you are using the beat to compensate for your lack of talent. It was an okay SONG. Horrible DISS. And the kid really needs to work on his voice level. Inside voice Meek.

  • Powblenmg

    Man that mic is crying, all wet pause. THIS shit wack. Meek, real niggas don’t belee you. The same fake ‘hustlers’ who listen to WILLIAM are the same who believe you.

  • forrealDOE

    meek went off tho, brought fire, idk why yall hating, jus cuz cassidy a legend dont mean he cant get burned

  • forrealDOE

    that photoshopped pic tho, LOL

  • forrealDOE

    bitches want that soft voice drake shit, smh, i hate to say it but meek? he winning the battle so far

  • trash? sounds like every other song hes ever made.

  • philly

    All yall r dickeatin off of cass he betta kno every last one of yall nd most of yall niggas dont even listen to cass nd if cass do trash my nigga meek he still gettin money

  • 626OG

    Money’s on Meek. Dreams and Nightmares made me a believer. #track1.

  • what is this fuckery?

    remember when Meek was 16 and everyone was on his dick based solely off handheld camera freestyles? now that he’s grown, signed, and successful these crabs act like he’s mediocre and not worth the time.

    take note, up and coming rappers. you will be loved until you graduate from youtube.

  • Meek ma nigga

    Shit is dope! Like it or not meek kill that shit ryt there…bitch niggas be talking mill’s screaming, don’t u niggas know what the street is about?? Talent comes with style and that’s all meek mill is abt.

  • This is worse then Lil Wayne’s “Ghoulish”.

  • CassABitterN*gga

    Dope production. Meek killed Cass, you guys are fucking stupid if you think that song Cass did was better than this. Open your fucking ears

  • Youngd

    Meek Better the cassidy! Like he said “whats cassidy worth meek dropped dreams and nightmares and made church”

  • fred

    last good battle tracks were ROYCE vs MR FAB, WHO GOT BODIEDD

  • cassidy has always been ruinining rap. his life is a failure its evident.

  • i wish i got baseball money

    damn someone really had his feelings hurt by the way they were rapping. I saw a couple good points in the c-section tho: at least Meek responded and only reason he responded is cuz he got cash since that’s all he talks about. I’m not gonna say it’s bad cuz this is basically a mashup of every Meek Mill song. take it for what it is.

  • stephon

    im no cassidy fan or meek millz fan but i like lookin at hiphop beef but this track here is garbage dont make sense at all atleast cassidy had some substance in his diss track meek millz is just yellin and braggin about how he got tthis and sht this track is garbage

  • They scream _ThugTastic

    Man , i dont know what yall talking about Meek is nice he may not have brought it on this song but he waaaaaaaay nicer than some of these rappers that claim they bout it .

  • Gutta gutta

    Trash as usual

  • Pops

    This is what disses are now?

    Weak sauce

  • VA