King Chip – Deion Sanders

blame it on Illy December 27, 2012

King Chip preps us for his upcoming mixtape, CLEVELAFORNIA, with the Sledgren and Chip-produced “Deion Sanders.”

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  • Clayton Bigsby

    Somebody tell this dude it’s 2012. Kurtis Blow want’s his flow back.

  • Sharksbreath

    If you can’t listen to a grown man who sounds like he has a 5th grade education.

    You might want to pass this.

  • kiko

    Shits wack, and it’s a shame b/c if I recall he had a pretty funny verse on that Jesus Piece album. I thought he was going to be like a funny rapper and not this ignorant shit he’s putting out.

  • cap

    lol you guys barely hearing about chip tha ripper now???? his old mixtape was low key fire. noobs

  • kiko

    @cap you can know the dudes birthday but it doesn’t matter because the guy is garbage. Good for you for being on his dick the longest.

  • Aye

    all these new chip fans. smh. this is what he been except its a tad slower i feel it

  • Aye

    “a funny rapper” LOL ppl hearing of him just know. @cap foreal tho

  • Mr. Truth

    if kendrick lamar co-signed chip yall would suck farts out of his ass.

  • Quickstrike

    This beat sounds like Paul Wall’s “Sittin’ Sidewayz”

  • Zombie

    I write off anybody who hasn’t heard of Chip off top because that means you don’t listen to Cudi and if you don’t listen to Cudi I don’t wanna listen to you talk music

  • Bermuda jones

    Cudi is ass. Chip cool though. Not his best effort but props for the artwork

  • adolfmayne

    Lol @ ppl who think chip is new he been realising music for a while and his old tapes are dope

  • Mac Dre

    To everyone on here talking about Chip that doesn’t know shit, let me fill you in. Chip has been doing it since 2006! He was THE #1 guy in Cleveland from ’06-’10. If you didn’t know, Cudi got big riding off of CHIP! Not the other way around. Chip’s biggest issues are an inconsistent style and bad marketing/business strategy. He also needs more visuals.

  • man

    forreal chip been consistently letting me down since that wack ass tell ya friends mixtape

  • bladaoh

    chip is dope, some of yall man…smh

  • T9FTW

    LOL, this sucks! Chip tha Ripper (not used to the new name yet) is usually much better than this. Makes me feel like this is a joke song (“He Who Ate All the Caviar” or “Condom Style”)…

  • Jonesy

    This shit is trill af i read the comments before listening and from what yall described it sounded like it was ass this shit is classic chip cah yall stupid af

  • *Name

    @Zombie I’m with you 100%. Chip is pretty cool, The Cleveland Show has some jams; check out Feel Good, Whoa, and Mansion. He’s also pretty good live. This, however, is pretty lame.

  • Malo

    Just like cudi rode off chip rode off young stone, even stalley bit young stone xtra hard from the way he does his chopped&screwed choruses, to the type of beats he rap on 2bad that dude aint rapppin no mo that was like 04-06