CETO – Hail Mary f. Jay Electronica

blame it on Shake December 28, 2012

I guess at this point, any appearance from Jay Elect is welcome. Even if it comes with the inclusion of some random artist from NO. Those diggin’ the sound, can check out CETO’s latest project So Magnolia right here.

DOWNLOAD: CETO – Hail Mary f. Jay Electronica [via]

  • foh

    Dude has no problem doing obscure features, but can’t put out a single album that his fans have been waiting on for years.

    And yes, I will still be looking out for his album when (if) it drops. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a complete jackass for doing what he’s doing. Dude has talent but is wasting it.


    damn i like his flow on this

    but yeah we need the music

  • chase

    chill the fuck out, you fools aren’t doing shit, stfu.. dick riders.

  • Chi2LA

    ^ Jay Electronica obviously isn’t doing shit either

  • Fuck jay and all lazy rappers

  • The_Brave

    Soulja Slim Lyrics is what Jay was spitting on that Hook. Not sure I even heard a shout out to the Official King of New Orleans = Magnolia Slim R.I.P

  • Fuggit

    How is Jay lazy? He’s taking his time. He doesn’t give a fuck about y’all and why should he? Look how many have turned against him because he’s “selfish” with his music. Those’ll be the same people on his dick once it’s out. He’s perfecting his craft.

    This is his debut album and he has a lot of hype to live up to. He’s pretty much an urban legend in the hip hop world. Yeah I wish his album was out by now too but I’d prefer a classic over a fast drop.

    Let dude be, just because we can’t see him working doesn’t mean he isn’t.