Shyne Has Lost His Mind Speaks On His Game Diss “Bury Judas” (Video)

blame it on Shake December 28, 2012

I think “Bury Judas” is on the level of “Ether,” is on the level of “Takeover,” is on the level of 2 Pac “Hit Em Up.”

The above quote has me in tears right now. Anyways, in the clip above Shyne goes in to detail about his issues with Game, the diss track “Bury Judas” and the biblical references within the song. He also goes on to talk about his own music, losing his voice when he first got released from prison and how Messiah is gonna be his best work to date.

  • LOUD

    This nigga man

  • rhyme like po


  • KING

    Jail musta really fucked with this niggas mind

  • Powblenmg

    NAH nigga, I don’t KNOW shit!!

  • Jonesy

    The way Shyne be gassin himself up you would think he was the “Messiah” of rap he portrays a vivid description of what you wanna hear but man he just sucks he just sucks! Smh

  • Bitches be Trippin

    Shyne seems like a cool dude and has a passion for hip hop. I agree with a lot of shit he said but his sound and his delivery is terrible now dude needs to work extra hard if he wants to be successful in this hip hop shit again

  • Pippy LongJohns

    yall act like he lyin. Stop lying to yourself. Shyne was the realest. You might be too young but its the truth.
    P.S. we dont need your opinion blogger, just report the news.

  • zachariah

    This makes me want to bring up a topic; Why do rappers think they are so special? They’re not, and desperately need to get over themselves.

  • Man Man

    Game’s voice is kinda reminiscent of early Shyne stuff. But otherwise this is silly.

  • who cares

    This due is such a clown. This whole “feud” is getting old.

  • cebk

    this shit bored me to death!

  • A.Acemile

    y’all way too young. Of course old boy think he special. Does anybody listen to you speak for 10 minutes straight? hah!

    Dude deserves the respect. This is hip-hop, in case you didn’t know. We grew up with Shyne! Plus, when a man come out of prison…. cmon son. He just got out the bars man, keep it real that shit will leave him a little woosy, but we give him love.

    Folks all butthurt cuz he doesn’t like K.Dot album? OH NOOO!! Everybody ever has to love everything everyone else loves, huh? The actual OG’s in the game don’t get no respect now, huh? He was right we live in a world with a lot of femenin dudes. That’s not his words, but its basically his point. A little honor would be nice. Who was there to help us after BIG passed. If you don’t know, then just get out. Go listen to Miley Cyrus. I don’t normally post because I just like to check my artists, not argue with lil whiteboys that like 2Pac and Weezy, but goddam!
    Most yall not hating that hard on homie yet, but… man real recognize real, man. Much love Shyne. You run your mouth too much in this new world, you need to adjust for real big homie, but goddam so does the world!

  • I agree with what Shyne has to say. Game stepped in this beef for no apparent reason. If shyne didn’t like Kendrick’s album then that’s his opinion.


    shine…. seriously? you know his momma is embarrassed of him haha!!!

  • bloopbloop

    acemile = shyne

  • Skooby

    Shyne is great like Vanilla Ice is Great. I’ve been listening to hip hop since Grandmaster Flash. This dude is NOT relevant. He had one good song with Barington Levy. That song was only good cause of Barrington Levy. He almost killed the song, but the hook was so stron gthat it persevered. This dude needs to go back to jail and take some more back shots, cause thats all he’s good for now.

  • Wally Kingpin

    Shyne has always been a wanna-be Biggie. Diddy signed him way back when to replicate Biggie. He’s nothing more than a marketing creation. Dude sucks at rapping.

  • Hahhhhhhn

    This guy speaks the truth on everything apart from his own music

  • FUCk that Shyne is right all you people are blind as hell!

  • gh

    so all this fucking time shyne is a sucka a trick. i thought this man was a man of honor, some one who will kill you if he feels disrespected. three months ago 80 k ta

  • gh

    so all this fucking time shyne is a sucka a trick. i thought this man was a man of honor, some one who will kill you if he feels disrespected. three months ago 80 k rapper game stained what he stands for he doesnt hold a perfect rap reputation no more the evident reason why, the game.