Statik Selektah’s Capital STEEZ Tribute Mix

blame it on Shake December 28, 2012

During ShowOff Radio on Shade45 tonight, Statik Selektah and Sammy Needlz dedicated 20+ minutes to Pro Era’s lost gem, Capital STEEZ.



  • Steve Rogne

    People now realize how important he was for hip hop. May his message and spirit live forever.

  • gasface

    R.I.P. Jamal. What is that first beat It sounds so familiar.


    does anybody have any clue as to what happened to him and why he choose to end it ?

  • 907

    i’m not tryna start anything but as a fan of both steez,joey(they’re both in my current top 5)and pro era as a whole,this death is still sketch to still has yet to be confirmed that suicide was the cause of death..idk, ive been finding stuff out tho that im not gon put on the internet,,however i pray all of pro era prospers and becomes the great legendary crew i feel they can and keeps steez name alive..Pro Era helped inspire a generation to be more spiritual allows us to not be oblivious to whats really going on in this world..RIP King Capital STEEZ 1993-2047

  • NoWuff

    Pro Era sho’ loves the Minnesota production.

    I fucks with them hard fam

  • AndOneill

    RIP steeez, dam still shocked over this! such a talent lost, best out of all the pro’s to me, amerikkan kurruption is my most listened to tape of 2012, always looked out for new steel when the pro’s dropped, poor dude must not have been right in the head. RIP capital steel, never forgotten.!!

  • danieltosh

    Steeez was a pompous dirtbag

    Glad he offed himself

    Go to hell trash boy

    PS: You couldnt rap

  • Skooby

    ^^^Dude that set it up as a suicide. Damn, have some respect. This guy can rhyme, with nice beats. Too bad I never heard of him before…

  • He wasn’t mentally well, just let it go guys.

  • JETLIFE116

    RIP bro…fuck Hot 97..fuck Rosenberg for being a sucka nigga..for a rapper like to this be “minor league”, pussy DJs over here on the radio station who refuse to play rappers like this are the fuckin poison to the art itself

  • stan

    @DENNIS BLACK please, use the death of someone to promote your blog. fucking faggot.

  • BedStuy. Wild Rose

    Dude isnt dead man…..yeah the capital steez name is dead. Im saying. Jamal I see you dunn….they just dont understand,