DJ Kay Slay – No Way Out f. Jon Connor, Joell Ortiz & Cassidy

blame it on Miss_Peas December 29, 2012

DJ Kay Slay enlists Jon Connor, Joell Ortiz and Cassidy for the first single off his upcoming Grown Man Hp-Hop Pt. 2: Sleeping With The Enemy mixtape. Shouts to DSOM.

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  • Oh SHit. Mr. Slap ya favorite blogger./ Kay Slay is a god in the hood. To all yall younging chaps that are wet behind your ears thirsting for real hip hop., this dude is the epitomy of gangster rap ya faqquits. He has no respect for fake cats, so dont try to be down if you sell out. I been on the hip hop sceen since the early 90s fools and I aint on some Kiddy Diddy isht neather. Ya bum arse nekkaz. Whut u gonna do when BiG PoPPa comes 4 U? Son U …Who you thinking huh? U dunny. Ya make it like i got a big flower pot on my head/ Son you trippin. I be on the block posted up, playin the corner like revis. Early, Freese. Whut son? So I say out to my peeps, but wont leave here without sayin, one love.

  • kiko

    Mother fucker older then the moon and the sun!

  • doc rovers

    kayslay always enlists THE ugliest girls for his covers

  • nibs

    haha grown men don’t dr4ess like that

  • yO NiPs, Do you even know a thing about hip hop or fashion (for that matter)? Because, based upon your response, you know nothing about either. If you were to actually took the time to do the knowledge, you would have realized that DJ KaySlay is rocking Gucci Boots. Not the nock offs no. The ones he is rocking are the lace up boots with interlocking G details. So why not check the sticker price on those….Yup $750. I do not know too many youngings who could shell out $750 for A pair of boots. Now, I am not trying to embarass or school you so I will not go further. but please ddo not get it twisted cuz, I am well equiped with the knowledge to break down the rest of his gear. So now, Nips, do you take back that comment?

  • Love his artworks ; )

  • Chris

    just because its expensive it doesn’t have to look good

  • JR

    Who is the chick on the cover? OH MY!

  • Bubba Sparkitup

    That there wasent a very good song. what the hell was jon connor babbling about? and the hook sounded very local.