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  • fq

    you can tell meka doesnt get out much

  • realtalkTM

    ^or: meka just likes to use funny gifs

  • IllaIiller

    Yooo MEKA u are 2 Funny u got me over here in tears laughing.

    And yes Mya can get it Everyday of the week as far as im concerned

  • http://www.sporza.be Remi

    what do you mean with this train?

  • http://www.sporza.be remi

    I would.....?....on a given sunday

  • Lock

    fuckin dead @ the gif

  • ray

    mek dot. good shit

  • dev

    nothing will ever top her first video. that red skirt was a death trap

  • 2dope4nope

    Alright I'll be on that 1train anyday hahaha A+ @ that GIF tho word!

  • Sam Flow (yes, im a female)

    @Remi: He would have sex with her on any given Sunday

  • http://josrichraps.com Josh Rich

    This is like vintage porn without all the muff. I dub thee dope.