Nature - Welcome to My World (Video)

The former Firm member spills his heart on street life in his hood and how he overcomes those obstacles. Produced by DJ Supadave for the homie DJ Concept's Deep Concepts Media. Grab that Opportunity Knox Vol. 1 if you haven't yet.

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  • NatureBoy12

    This joint is fire.. Love nature. But DCM, you guys need better videos. 90 percent of it was out of focus and just bad videography all around.


    HOT... Video is basic but its still cool to see Nate.. Big Fan of his music DOPE


    HOT! Nature always repping Queens QB Stand UPPPP!

  • Finley

    Dope peace Nate

  • LikeMic

    Nice one nate & supadave!

  • Mike Diesel

    Nature hasn't been the same since the Nas beef

  • NatureSupporter

    INCORRECT MIKE DIESEL.... Voted 9th on Complex Mags most underrated Rappers of all time.. Only thing you can say is maybe his PRODUCTION was not there since NAS but DEF not his BARS!!! This record is Dope tho good shit Nature keep then coming

  • sand

    been a fan of this nigga for years

    cant wait to hear

  • poop



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