Raekwon - Lost Jewlry (Artwork)

The Chef unveils the official artwork on Instagram for his upcoming EP, Lost Jewlry dropping 1.8.13. Until then, enjoy the three leaks he's liberated recently:

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  • Raekwons English Teacher

    Why's he spelling it "jewlry" though?

    • RappersLackIQ

      Because he's a stupid rapper.

  • Cage

    U see that white gold tarantula!! Sit reminds me of Triumph

  • Cage


  • kiko

    fuck @RappersLackIQ. dude you know people describe the mans verses as a gangsta iliad? fuck outa here. Looking forward to this tho.

  • welp

    did you know people fall asleep the moment he starts rapping? gangsta lullaby

  • Mature Gambino

    Raekwon is a legend, and still puts out that dope shit.

  • Jules

    The Wu-Rolex looking all nice. That's still one of the illest pieces ever. Rae is definetley Top 10 of all time.

  • NoWuff

    hahahah @welp

    Who's saying this is dope? I could've made that shit in Microsoft Paint


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