Random Acts Of F*ckery: BET Blackbuster Theater Edition

blame it on Meka December 29, 2012

The acting is on par with that one BET movie Meek Mill starred in. Suffice to say, I will be watching this mess when it airs.

  • Curt McGirt


  • Eh yo back the fun bus rigt the fuck up..is that Kel Mitchell?

  • lol

    No fucking way ian somerhalder is in this. He can actually act. I thought it was a fake trailer parodying something else but he has nothing to gain from acting in this as a cop with cowboy hair. I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.

  • whatwhat

    sad thing is, most of the peopled starring in this are actually great actors…who remembers that movie sticky fingaz,malik yoba and ced the entertainer wa in?? i think it was called “Ride”

  • D

    Yooooo they got Kel is this too lol


    Written by Hood legends, produced by Nigerians, marketed by Universal Studios. Endorsed by BET. Please dkm.

  • B ReaL

    Yo this shit can’t be for real LOL

  • BygSev

    Everybody gotta eat, they got paid for dat bullish!

  • Artclasshero

    Sooooo, a couple things:

    1. No point in watching the movie since that trailer gave away just about everything.
    2. No point in watching the movie because it looks like the worst movie ever made (I haven’t seen Gang of Roses 2 so I’m only assuming)
    3. Did they just cut the trailer and dub over it? because either my internet connection is fucked up or they decided to go the japanese dub route.
    4.Literally the worst acting on the earths
    5. My computer froze on a part at the end. Dude with the cornrows holding the gun to Sticky….is that fucking Kel Mitchell from Kenan and Kel?
    6. If it is, somebody please get his ass some orange soda

  • Quickstrike

    Umm… You mean to tell me that kid never came back to play with his camera again and how much battery life does that shit have that it was recording all that time lol. And the trailer did give away the whole shit.

  • IQ

    Kel is really in this

  • nip

    Its sad that for black actors its either this……or Tyler Perry………niggas gotta eat tho.

  • this cant be life lmao

  • Word

    yoo…..why are they speaking in rhythm and that cop was rhyming….is this shit a musical?!?!? lol like wtf

  • Shutte

    this going to be a classic ghetto musical. please appreciate art

  • datboijon

    man its sad to see credible actors/actresses doing some sorry shit like this
    as other stated the trailer tells you the entire plot and resolution more or less.
    BET is committed to the slow and painful demise of my people SMFH!!!

  • Curt McGirt

    More like BET Lackluster Theater… SMH.

  • LMAO!! Oh, the ratchetness! This makes Snakes on a Plane look like a masterpiece.