Saturday Night Sexy: LuxiBoo

blame it on Illy December 29, 2012

Twitter: @LuxiBoo/Instagram: LuxiBoo

The Filipino/Irish Southern California-born LuxiBoo takes us into the New Year as the final Saturday Night Sexy of 2012. See more of Luxi under the cut.

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  • Monochrome

    I miss you, Scumbag Scott.

  • BringMoreHoes

    ^^ What he said.

  • Fuck these whores!

    I miss you, Scumbag Scott.
    Monochrome said this on December 29th, 2012 at 7:17 pm

  • wqfq

    the 3 dudes above me are fucking weirdos. virgin ass niggas

  • Frank Ocean

    Were the fuck are the MEN???????

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    SNS is always hit or miss. Would I fuck her? Yes, but she isn’t that good looking to be honest.

  • Benard

    The picture quality on these pics are horrible can’t really see her

  • kiko

    This woman fine fuck you talking about @Detoxect.ect.? You see her eyes and that ass!
    Also touché to @FrankOcean

  • Jack Hard

    Half of the world is brown and you put this bright ass blonde 1980s throwback up for the last shot of 2012. Man she is a 6 and yes I would hit but you could have done a yearend recap.

  • lmfao

    @Jack Hard

    What’s your point with “half of the world is brown”…? Most black guys I know are more into white girls anyways. And if this girl is a 6 you must hate going to the clubs. No way this girl is worse looking than 95% of the girls you see in the clubs.

  • Jack Hard

    @LMFAO white girls are played out. They have to be 10+ – extraordinary or have something special like CoCo, Scarlet johanson, or Ellen. If saved by the bell were still a number one show then this girl would be hot, but she is just average. this aint a club she is trying to be a model chick and it is not happening.

  • kinky

    i wanna smell her feet doe

  • spewing

    Finally a white chick…

  • kiko

    @Jack Hard Wait Ellen who?
    This mother fucker said Ellen!!!
    dumb ass name by the way.

  • Seems to me as though a lot of yall youngings are out looking for the Big Johnsons…….Not sure what is happening to todays youth….these days. Jeeze Louzie.

  • hw

    why is every picture at a weird angle, and the one that is actually frontal she is wearing a mask. very disappointing induction.

  • Bitches be Trippin

    What a weird mix this bitch is she could get the D know doubt but this bitch is average at best

  • adi pre

    Love whores in heels.

  • gregory kruxx.

    @Jack Hard You sound ignorant, if you were able to read she’s not even 100 percent white. Fukin ignorant muthaphuka, shes part asian. smh… This section is def hit or miss for the most part but some of that shit I here from peoples mouths prove why society is the way it is these days…white girls are played out..smh. so now a race of women are like sneakers. Your the specific reason I was telling a friend the other day that if I could get away killing people because they were dumb I would. Smh. God Help Society!!! oh n keep jackin hard cause u aint got no bitches u fukin goon ass moron!!!

  • datdude

    i’d do her good but she’s pretty wack compare to previous chicks……like i mean real wack

  • who cares

    She looks like some weird wannabe Mariah Carey in some of these pics

  • malcyvelli

    YO yall need to give miguels bitch a part II!

  • Scumbag Scott

    Hello laidies and gentlemen, i apologize for my absence. I guess i have some explaining to do and this story will explain it all. This tale of love at first sight began as i arrived for a business trip at LAX. I stopped at the convenience stand for a red bull, and my daily ginseng tablets. As i sipped on the cold energy drink a mens magazine caught my eye from the magazine stand, it doesn’t matter which one what matters is what i found inside. A beautiful young woman who goes by the name of LuxiBoo, i thought to myself this can’t possibly be her real name but all that aside i was mesmerized by what i found between those pages. Half filipino & half irish, more caucasian looking but with a dash of asian flavor. A succulent bosom on this one i thought to myself… as i glanced beyond the pages of the magazine to see LuxiBoo standing not but 5 feet away from me buying a bottled water. We immediately made eye contact and what felt like an eternity was only a few moments. She moved gracefully towards me in what seemed like slow motion, her soft breast bouncing with each step, her hips swaying from side to side like a hypnotists pocket watch. It was safe to assume she had me under her spell.

    I focused as she licked her juicy lips and said “you must be a fan”, and for the first time in my life i was left speechless. I took a sip of my red bull and pulled myself together without her noticing the mis-step in my game. “A fan?” i said “No, i was just browsing but you are much prettier in real life. I wish they wouldn’t use so much airbrushing in the magazines”. She blushed and batted her long luxurious eyelashes, “why thank you” she said. I told her i was in kind of a hurry and asked if she wanted to split a taxi, “sure” she replied. I offered to carry her bag and she quickly obliged, as i motion her to the exit ahead of me. Her generous bottom swayed and jiggled with each graceful step, i made sure to follow her lead as to get a better view of what i was working with here, suffice to say i had a semi after just a few hundred feet. We made our way outside, the bright california sun temporarily blinding me as i stepped past the door way, the dry heat warming up my face. She raised her arm to motion for a taxi and her shirt lifted slightly revealing a red lace thong just peeking ou the top of her skin tight low rise pants. What i wouldn’t do that i thought to myself as i loaded up the luggage in the trunk and sat inside beside my latest conquest.

    We made some small talk and i threw in a few sexual innuendos for good measure, she seemed intrigued by my dirty talk and leaned in closely. She ran her hand up my inner thigh, and grazed her fingers over my semi erect cock, and breathily whispered into my ear “I want you now”. Her hands rand back and forth on my crotch, blood flowing at the speed of light creating a fully torqued erection in my pants. We kissed slowly and passionately as i unbuttoned her pants. I put my hand down the front side of her jeans and slid my middle finger between her pussy lips and made my way to her clitoris. Her pussy was wetter then the pacific ocean we were driving past and i motioned circles around her clit, she threw back her head and moaned in pleasure as she unzipped my pants, just as she was about to reach inside we stopped. We had arrived at classic california style waterfront home, covered in glass panels, gated with trees and maticulously maintained shrubbery. The taxi cab driver looked back in shock and said “hey, get out of my cab you freaks” in an indistinguishable middle eastern accent. We snapped out of our passionate trance and looked at each and laughed, she invited me inside as i threw a hundred dollar bill at the man and said “Keep the change, ya filthy animal”.

    We quickly made our way up the long entrance, threw our bags on the floor of her foyer and began to kiss passionately. I pulled down her pants, and pulled off her shirt to reveal the matching red lace bra. I could see her perfectly round areolas through the lacey bra, and noticed her panties dripping wet in anticipation. She quickly dropped to her knees and unbuttoned my pants. She pulled them down only leaving me in a t-shirt and boxers. She rubbed over my boxers making my cock become fully erect. Her mouth salivating at the thought of my throbbing member inside her warm mouth. She pulls them down springing my large hard cock up and down as she reached out to take control of it. She began slowly licking the head and circling around before she engulfed my cock inside her mouth. Like an expert she bobbed her head up and down, periodically deepthroating the entire thing and making my cock disappear into her mouth, sometimes licking my balls while fully taking my rigid cock down her throat. Until something unexpected happened… The head was the best i have ever experienced in my life and as she deepthroated my cock one last time i came, right down her throat. I don’t believe she was ready for this because she quickly came up and pulled my dick out of her mouth as i came generously inside of it, all over her tounge and all over her face.

    I apologized “this has never happened to me before, but i think that is a testament to your oral skills and not so much to my staying power”. I pushed her into the kitchen and cleaned her up. I took off her bra, and i lifted her by her ass and put her on the edge of the kitchen island. I pulled off her lace panties and revealed her perfect pussy. This was the prettiest pussy i had ever seen, with fat outer lips, keeping her inner lips contained until i spread it wide open. I dived in it licking around her clit in circular motion as i breached mer vaginal opening with a pair of my fingers. I began to slide in and out as i licked her wet dripping pussy up and down. She threw back her head an moaned with reckless abandon. “Oh my god” she screamed as my tongue moved vigorously in between her pussy. “just like that” she says, “dont stop, dont stop”, So i didn’t. I continued to give her oral pleasure until her moans became louder and louder, moving to my final move the swirl. I begin circling her clit in clockwise then counter clockwise motions until she screams out “I’m cumming” at the top of her lungs, she thrusts and her whole body is shaking at every additional stroke of my tongue. “now were even i said”.

    She ask if i was still hungry and begins to make me a grilled cheese butt naked. I quickly eat the grilled cheese sandwich and made my way to the bathroom, i hopped in the shower. She quickly followed me inside, water drops hitting her big round breasts, as she bent over the water ran down her back, in between her butt cheeks, past her chocolate factory until it dripped off of her labia. This sent me into a frenzy so i bent her over and entered her tight warm pussy. My cock stretched her walls to their limits out around it. With each thrust she moaned in beautiful agony and i grabbed onto her long blonde hair for leverage. “fuck me harder” she screamed so i did “fuck me harder!” she screamed again so i pulled her hair tighter around my hand and for every thrust pulled her backwards onto my cock with each thrust as hard as i could. I was pounding so vigorously my cock slipped out, she turned around quickly dropped to her knees and began giving me that “in between positions” blow job i love so much deepthroating with ease.

    I turned off the water and put her over my shoulder in the fireman’s carry. I threw her on the bed because i could tell this girl liked it rough, and indeed she did. I put on a clinic of classic sex positions first starting with missionary, then hit it from the side saddle, and let then let her get on top. She looked down at me with her beautiful eyes as she hopped up and down on my rock solid cock, her breasts bouncing up and down with each thrust. I grabbed her ass and guided her up and down repeatedly, she then began to slide back and forth as well as up and down creating one of the greatest sensations i have ever felt, i almost came so i threw her off back onto the bed and regained my composure for a second. I flipped her over onto her stomach as she raised her fat ass into the air, as i entered her warm pussy i pushed her head down into the pillow just her ass up in the air creating that beautiful back arch i love so much. I plowed her as deep and hard as i could she screamed so loudly i was sure the neighbors could hear everything. Her tiny pussy wrapped so tight around my cock as i slid in and out out her wet hole. At this point the sheets were halfway off the bed as she gripped them tightly, eyes closed moaning like she never had before, tears of pleasure running the mascara down the side of her cheek. She screamed again “I’m cumming!!” and at moment it turned me on so much i exploded right inside of her as i kept pounding away at her tight slit until my cock became too sensitive and i pulled out, cum dripping out of her tight pussy. I layed down took a deep breath as she sparked a fat joint of california green… “I feel pregnant” she says, and that brings me here today. We have been happily married for 8 months and the twins have just been born on christmas day. Her breasts have grown even larger with the pregnancy and believe it or not it actually increased her sexdrive.

    I am happy to report i am officially out of the game, i am a happily married man with a woman who loves me and gives me the best pussy i have ever had. Scumbag Scott is officially dead, i’m just scott now. I know that’s not the story you wanted to hear but dont be mad im living the dream. I got a job at a hollywood talent agency, and we are moving on up like the jeffersons! The next time you see me might be in my new Ferrari 458 spyder or on my private beach sipping a glass of the finest crushed grapes, joint in hand. Farewell and i hope my final tale of lust and passion was to your satisfaction. -Steve

  • Scott

    damn autocorrect my name isn’t Steve it’s Scott god damn it!

  • gerald lee

    LOL @ scumbag scott.. for some reason, it doesnt have the same comedic/scumbag flare.. wonder if its a fake y’all?

    i guess its a good thing you’re now retired b/c this last tale was lackluster in comparison to the others .

  • Scott

    I told you im not a scumbag anymore, all of that is behind me. I was hoping you would see im a changed man, and i think i got my point across. This will be my last post. ONE.

  • Mr. Truth

    scumbag scott is just some virgin who lives in his parents basement. get some pussy real life and stop writing stories about fucking…ya fag.

  • Lux

    Thanks for the love 2DB! <3

  • Flip

    @ frank ocean comment got me dying…truuuuuuu