Wiz Khalifa: This Is How I Made It (Video)

Wiz Khalifa was recently featured on MTV's "This Is How I Made It." In the episode, Wiz Khalifa shares his childhood story, how he got into rap, leaving Warner Bros. Records and signing with Atlantic Records. Props to Yardie.

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  • BillBurgh

    wiz khalifa was a huge deal in the burgh 8 years ago if not more, he used to do an open mic show at a hookah bar where all the rappers spit, and everybody said he would blow up then, so to see his progression first hand from the beginning until now has been crazy, nothing but respect for wiz.

  • wealthygeorge

    re-size the video, donkey kong

  • Bizzy

    Not really a fan of dude anymore he changed to much but i can remember back when his first album came out and that was my shit i kept telling people and no one cared and now they do care and i don't funny how things work out seems like a good dude tho

  • realtalk™

    not a fan of wiz but this was a nice vid to hear about his come up and his hustle to get where he's at..

  • stopit5

    Any time there's a "this is how I made it" or "my key to success" type thing... It's just generic info that everybody knows. I know there's know secret to success, or exact recipe... But they couldve made this so much more elaborate.

  • max

    wiz is forever one of the most talented rapper, he got the voice for this, he got the intelligence for this and he look like a good person. respect from us all young khalifa


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