Berner – Paradise f. Wiz Khalifa

blame it on Meka December 30, 2012

The Bay Area-reared member of the Taylor Gang just let his latest team-up with Wiz go via the Twitter.

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  • Zak

    he’s pretty ugly

  • F Zak


  • Yo Zak, You Wak. I know the big Homey Berner from my street gang DVD Series Hood Trife. He is a real dude and I bet $10000 that you do not have the gonad glands to say that to his face. CuZ KaTx who diss the BiG HomIe Berner get they brains Splattered, lyrically, ahahahahahahahahaha. WhuT wHUt. u A SuPa-Thug/? NoT! hOLLa CiTy oF SQUaLLa Beeches. Whuz up with yo Chick, why she always jocking my style? Huh Zackery?

    Its all bout TaYLoR GanG In the 1st Quarter of 2013. Its they breakout year youngings. All of yall are my sons, Yall Are all my youngings. But dont be Mad CuZ PoPPa Is gonna teAch You The HiP-HoP kNowLeDGe Yallz Little Tikes are thirsting for. The Real Hip Hop. EdO g. WhuT i beEz sUpaFLy Just ask Yo MoMMa. Speak now or forever hold ya peace. For I am the HipHop Teacher of the 2013. Welcome class

  • spencer

    Berner: QUIT RAPPING

  • lolatberner

    this berner guy should do a collabo with shyne. for sure #1 banger…


  • bfnd

    Yo, get this fat fuck outta here

  • Bizzy

    People hate on Berner cause of what he looks and sounds like and think his some pussy but dude is a real street nigga he was doing his independent thing for a minute then started making connects in the industry by supplying everyone who came to LA with whatever they need check his catalogue

  • 510

    Drought Season and that Purp remix YouTube that please. Berner been on his shit!

  • paraslice

    horrible beat tough

  • F Zak

    Robbie Maynard The III,
    Why would my opinion of a song relate to insulting a man to his face ? Don’t answer that it’s rhetorical.

    I would tell Berner the truth, I like most his songs. That’s why I checked this LAME song.

  • Zak

    @RobbieMaynardTheIII @FZak Why would I tell that to his face? That’s my opinion. Also my opinion is that I dig his music. That’s what I would tell him to his face.

  • Your mother

    I’d rather listen to Phil Collins.

  • spencer

    Bizzy, that doesn’t mean he should rap.

  • lee

    listen to Berner – Car Full of Killers

  • 2

    berner’s cool and the song aint that bad

  • Joe

    should have used the sample better