Kanye West: “I Ain’t Crazy, I’m Just Not Satisfied” (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas December 30, 2012

All eyes were on Kanye West last night, as he went on a rant about the media, his women’s fashion line, being snubbed by the Grammys and much more while performing at Atlantic City’s Revel Hotel, Resort and Casino. Kanye says:

“They’ll try to tell you Kanye’s so crazy, so deranged… I ain’t crazy, I’m just not satisfied.”

“I am flawed as a human being. I am flawed as a person. As a man, I am flawed. But my music is perfect!” “This is the best you gon’ get ladies and gentlemen in this lifetime, I’m sorry. You could go back to Beethoven and sh-t, but as far as this lifetime, though, this is all you got.”

“I love Maroon 5, but when I lost for Best New Artist to Maroon 5… Or when Watch the Throne and Dark Fantasy, neither of them got nominated for Album of the Year, or when “Ni**as in Paris” didn’t get nominated for Record of the Year… So don’t expect to see me at the Grammys this year, you nah mean?!”

“I will die for what’s in my heart.”

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  • Bizzy

    His worse than a female

    Someone give him a slap

    • Tyrone

      your English some shit, someone should slap you

  • preachlol

    seriously? how can u claim your music is perfect and how ignorant you should be to claim your music is all people can have in the best shit they can have in their life.
    this is like the slogan: “be all you can be”
    you have to be humble, no matter how much money you got. and people will say shit u say themselves, until u say something like this in front of thousands of people, u’re are not what u say u’re and ur music is not what u say it is.

  • quas

    go away kanye

  • Real Talk

    This what happens when a you give a nigga too much money.

  • kiko

    The reason most people like Yezzy (myself included) is b/c of his arrogance. Todays pop culture icon is about being as nice as possible and saying things that everyone wants to hear. So for a man – a black man no less! – to be up there after achieving his dreams when people told him he couldn’t (something we call all relate to I’m sure.) and gloating it’s, like, refreshing in a way.

    • carter

      I like yezzy too, the Russian folk artist

  • Good Peoples!

    Shut yall faggot asses up! if the nigga feels like his music is perfect then i respect that! im getting tired of hearing these other rappers talking all nice and bitch made, you can tell they be lying

    Kanye is just being honest on how he feel ! ! ! !

  • DOPE

    I thought Dark Fantasy won best hip hop album of the year award in 2012 grammys??? so what is he talking about! but everything else i agree with him!

  • JetLifer

    He talking about Best Album of the year not hip hop album of the year that’s why he said he won 18 grammy’s in the black categories

  • mcd

    other than jay z, who can say anything to this dude? he’s at the top of the food chain. on a whole different level from the rest of rap music

    • Krispy Kreme

      well then, I thought he was gonna make it in the rap game

  • fakatata

    that thing about how he the best of hist generation is just stupid, but the rest is the truth. and he is by far (in my eyes) the best musician in hip-hop. on a music and creative note, nobody touches him.

  • Bizzy

    How come people keep letting Kanye get away with this diva behavior you know damn well if someone else did something like this they would get nothing but hate but Kanye gets a pass. smh

  • DBS

    Dude is fucking Kim Kardashian and making millions doing what he loves and runs around bitching about winning the wrong Grammy’s, I can’t say I sympathize.

  • bob

    All he does is whine when things dont go his way…..Kanye is the biggest piece of shit walking somebody needs to give him what he deserves….if he shut his mouth and never spoke again Id be happy…dude needs to stick to his producing.

  • Astro

    A great musician and a shitty rapper. The best? He’s not even the best currently. Hip-hop has had some true story tellers and songwriters. He’s the head of a label with Common, Pusha T, Mos Def,and Q-Tip, and he’s really going to say that he’s the best. But hey, nothing wrong with believing in yourself, even if it’s delusional.

  • DatGuy

    Kanye is a genius. He can do whatever he wants, but someone has to say something about the fact that there is no true hip hop album to win that award. Unless you count Miseducation which had a lot of R&B or Speakerboxx which had mostly pop singles… We all know that Kanye has put out four classic albums, and none of them have won the award… good kid, m.A.A.d city isn’t even in the running for the 2013 award… I’m not sure if it didn’t make the deadline or not, but still…

  • DatGuy

    I see the deadline was September 30th. But the fact that neither of those albums were nominated is saying something.

  • j

    drama queen


    this is exactly what the academy wants him to do. its like a strict parent never being proud of their child to demand more.. and he snaps like a child… too ironic. lol. 1% problems…

  • Good Peoples!

    @Bizzy @DBS @bob @Astro and j


  • Dk

    It’s stuff like this that makes me hope Kanye dies broke, cold and lonely.

  • Agree with Kanye.

    Straight up.

  • Left Coast

    Who’s better if he’s not the best? Creatively, he’s the only one that truly ties together every piece in the creation of music. Jay – Z is at the top but not without Ye. Did anyone listen to Kingdom Come? Thats what happens without Ye.

  • Promise

    Oh pls y’all silly, if Kanye throws that they not me over a HitBoy beat y’all would go HAM download and preorder on itunes. LOL

  • GrimyTeddy

    He is not the best c’mon are ppl serious? Thats in the same vein of – Beyonce is like MJ. Sure he has plat lp’s but he isn’t Quincy Jones or The BeeGees or Teddy Riley or Prince – ppl who produce tracks AND play wind instruments.

    Plus didn’t Wu rock masks like 15+ yrs ago in concert?

  • marty mcfly

    It all comes down to the music and Kanye can be mad about it if he wants but its really no need to be cause all he can do is make the best music he can make and let it go after that. Was Cruel Summer the BEST album this year? NO, so if he is unhappy with his position in the game sales wise or public opinion thats fine but just dust himself off and get back to work cause thats all he can do. Kanye is at his best when he’s creatively progressive but when he’s trying to do something that somebody else is doing then people see that. Kanye is not a down south ATL strip club rapper or a Chi Town drill music rapper or a auto tune R&B vocalists. So its during these times where the fans of his other incredible HIP HOP albums are a little turned off but at the end of the day everybody still loves Kanye so I dont know what he’s so mad about. Sometimes he should just step back and spend some time in the studio by himself instead of throwing around 30 different ideas from 30 different people in Hawaii. I said it before and ill say it again even though nobody will agree with this but JAMLA >>> GOOD music (in SOME aspects), they might not be as famous but still. Why? Because they function as a group label just like GOOD music (DONDA) but they execute one or two ideas at a time and they do it well, they dont just look at billboards top 20 list and try to make their own versions of those songs and at some points in the last year and a half it sounds like thats what Kanye has been doing. Even some parts of WTT sounded like that but I strongly believe Jay stepped in a few times and was like nah Ye lets keep it HIP HOP. Kanye is great at what he does of course but I think he’s at his best when he just does him by himself without alot of other peoples influence and honestly if people think Kanye is crazy sometimes? Lets be honest about it, Kanye has given us all reasons why sometimes we think he’s acting a little crazy. Konichiwa Bitches

    • goku

      DAMN NIGGUH, I saw how long it was and aint even try to read it

  • 1train

    I respect kanye’s music & talent but imo he’s not even the best artist in his crew,At this point Cudi is a overall better artist than Kanye.

  • Real

    Another long ass paragraph from @marty mcfaggot that nobody is gonna read LOL!

  • Fucking racist bitches

    Kanye is not crazy. Suck my dick if you don’t agree. In this clip he didn’t even say his music was perfect you would know if you even watched it. Fuck the Grammys with a titans dick. Name a better musician than kanye in hiphop…..I’ll wait. Mbdtf got snuffed because the media was still satlty over the Taylor swift bitch

  • marty mcfly

    @FAKE, Its alot longer then a paragraph dumbass but by now you should’ve learned how to type about 40 words a minute but maybe you think its difficult or something. I know some of you probably cant read too good either or retain information that well but thats your problem.

  • JustAFanOfMusic


  • Wolfy

    I like how kanye is bitching about his fashion show…

    When his bitchass hired a designer to design his shit for him
    instead of taking the time to do it himself…

    G A R B A G E !

  • TRUE

    @marty mcfly STFU you’re a faggot no one cares what you say!

    P.s a paragraph is only 5 or more sentences you dumbass so you wrote more then a paragraph

  • RIP

    Someone needs to smack this bitch. Niggas gone soft.

  • nc0310

    “or when “Ni**as in Paris” didn’t get nominated for Record of the Year…” Got news for you Kanye, that song was average at best compared to your old work. This dudes head is so far stuck up his ass. His music lately is not touching Graduation or Late Registration. Start making music with substance again.

  • FS93

    He’s way over his head. After Graduation the quality of Kanye’s albums went downhill.
    He should stop trying too hard to be unique and leave the brag and boast rapping to rappers who are better at that.

  • MusicHead

    1st yall ALL SOUND like bitches just for commenting.. who really cares.. If kanye bitches. thats what he do.. Yes creatively he’s the best hip hop artist out any & every way .. & yes Niggas In Paris WAS NOT average.. the nigga above is TRIPPIN HARD, its a great hard greatly executed song but i will say this..who DO NEEDs to stop complainin all the time, if he’s so caught up with hiself or up his ass then he wont need a uncredible Award ceremony like the Grammys to confirm that his art is the best out …he’ll just feel like that already by himself…but as far as the BEST MC / hip hop rapper shid hip hop aritst out when it comes to best as a whole product & execution .. its Kendrick Lamar.. right now.. & NO im not a hipster u fag niggas who like not give credit sometimes & u niggas who dickride Kendirck all the damn time & will hate on someone else whose already proven in the game..STOP THAT SHIT.. Kanye is the most consistent overall the big homie has made 5 classics & 1 of the albums was like whole diff genre & came out to be great as a whole..dude is a genius but he gotta chill with bitchin..& thinkin he the best.. Kdot & TDE fam… KRIT, Wale.and other lyrical niggas eatin out here… shoutout to Ab-Soul, Jay Rock & my fav nigga Schoolboy Q. YAWK ! OH yea The God MC Nas too

  • MusicHead

    yea them 1st 3 albums are his hardest shit tho.. especially the best sampled album in history of sampling every song ur album.. Graduation.. that mf is ART except for that gay ass song Big Brother..

  • MusicHead

    oh yea I DO.. like Knaye for his arrogance tho.. its enetertaining..i be rollin my ass off..

  • ob

    he spoke the truth. nobody (in hip hop) has delivered a complete catalog of GOOD music (pun intended) for so long. his music is perfect. and even if you disagree with everything he said, you have to feel him when he say it come from his heart b/c 99.99% of artist (in any genre) not doing shit from the heart.

  • conrad

    i aint mad bc he spoke real sthit



  • man i love kanye but get off the nigga dick

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    Real niggas ain’t never satisfied with their work because there is always something in your work that can be done better. However; even though Ye is personally my favorite artist he has to understand he won’t win everything. But I do appreciate his work and if he isn’t satisfied, the fans win. Because he is hopefully going to produce more quality work in the future. I respect that nigga

  • DS

    You all are stupid if you didn’t like MBDTF or 808’s.
    Ps. I did listen to Kingdom Come…..

  • Chris

    Oh lord sit down Kanye lol

  • Jonsey

    His attitude and views are the reason his music is great you have to take the bad with the great w/o his arrogance you wouldnt get Barry Bonds, or Cant Tell me Nothin so if you listen to his music and your bitching about his rants shut up your opinions not needed IMO.

  • marty mcfly

    @Musichead, when you say Kanye is the MOST creative person in hop hop or Kendrick is the BEST MC, are you considering all the great MCs in hip hop? Stop it man. Kanye is great at what he does but when people start with this whole shit like he’s the greatest to ever do it? I dont know about all that. Its ok if an artist is great you know but just because they’ve made some albums you like dont make them the BEST (right now) or the GOAT.

  • Lickmyballsyo

    None of you mothafucka a know hiphop talking bout kanyes music ain’t perfect. This niggas album never have a bad song on em. Talking about quality went down since graduation shut the fuck up the quality went up. Get them earbuds out ya ear get some real headphones boiiii. LICKMYBALLS yeezy haters

  • marty mcfly

    I give you this, Kanye is one of the most creative but there definitely has been some other creative MCs in the game. You got artists like Cee Lo, Pharrell, Lupe, Busta Rhymes, Timbaland, Ghostface Killah, Outkast, Common, Wyclef and Sean Combs. Now at first you would think Kanye got this in the bag but check the history of these artists first to see if Kanye is the MOST creative. Honestly I dont know if Kanye is the most creative or not but atleast compare some other artists first before coming to that conclusion and for those saying Kanye is the “perfect” artist? I dont think you can be “perfect” at being an artist. He has made some bad songs in the past like every artist that has ever made music has.

  • jundamane24

    i dont necessarily agree with what he said but I respect what he does. He speaks his mind & doesn’t front for the cameras. You may not like who he is but you cant deny he isn’t real.

  • who cares

    Someone get this faggot the fuck outta Hip Hop. Your music ain’t perfect, your shit is garbage now. The only timeless albums you got are your first two. Stop gassing yourself up like you’re the king of Hip Hop. You ain’t shit.

  • HairyKardashianAsshole

    This closet homo just needs to suck some more dick and shut the fuck up, your music is fucking wack and you are an insufferable douchebag…the fucking end.

  • f2f

    Number 1 in the world producer. number 1 albums all

  • malcyvelli

    so many things could be said about this and noone is probably going to give 2 shits about my opinion, BUT, when kanye came into the game he revolutionized just how you brag on tracks and how to deliver metaphors butt he also mixed in substance and depth to his shit to such a level that he exploded on the scene AND he could produce his ass off, with that said, his first 3 albums displayed those characteristics perfectly and i think after that he accomplished everything he truly wanted to do in hip hop which led him to experiment and then came 808s which was still a great album, just different, then he tried to get back on his rap shit with mbdtf and it just wasnt the same, wasnt a bad album but def wasnt fucking with his old shit and its basically been the same ever since, he can still make good music but as far as anything as powerful as his first 3 albums, i think those days are over, he was barely fucking rapping on WTT which is basically a jay album with a kanye features on it and back in the day even his features were killing shit and now theyre just sub par…and niggaz in paris was definitely nothing more than okay, ican admit all of this saying that im a full fledged kanye fan, i even got some of his lyrics tatted but the truth is the truth

  • Walker

    Since when is giving your opinion a crime. Just cuz he’s Ye? if you don’t want to hear Ye don’t listen to him, if you don’t wanna see him don’t watch him, if you don’t like what he’s wearing, so the fuck what, only bitches should be worried bout that. At the end of the day, he’s being himself, what more can you ask from a nigga. O but you niggas think the rant is about the music, def wasn’t.

  • Walker

    btw i love this shit, at least someone really cares about what they do, cant say the same bout most% of rap niggas

  • Maniak

    Ye! Please take an X-pill beeyach! You good and shit but don’t expect more than you can give.

  • wickywoss

    gotta love ye

  • thakid

    shout outs to the guy who says a paragraph is about 5 sentences….. Ya in 3rd grade you idiot. they just tell you that in elementary school to make it easier to understand. In reality a paragraph is just a bunch of sentences that are in the same thought. If you wanna talk about something else or the topic changes even slightly, you start an new paragraph

  • damn homie

    For everyone asking why does Kanye get a pass for stuff like this, but other rapper’s wouldn’t.. It’s because other rappers don’t have a catalogue like his.. He’s the best at what he does. He changed the entire culture and has never made a less than great album. King Yeezy

  • Jordan

    “They ain’t crazy, they don’t know how insanity feels”

    It’s funny how rappers words can always be used against them.

  • Poor Kanye, it must be a rough life being an internationally famous multimillionaire.

    Boohoo, motherfucker.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    He’s the best at what he does. He changed the entire culture and has never made a less than great album. King Yeezy

    damn homie

    Any other rapper would have been kicked out the game for that gay ass auto tune album.

    But Gaye has so many gay fans if he farted in your face you would say it tastes like chicken.

  • DJ Daz-One

    I’m done with his rants, your a world famous artist who has won award after award from Billboard, AMA’s, Grammy’s, Soul Train Awards, MTV awards and so much more. You have classic albums under your belt and memorable 16’s. Some rants I understand but this one has me lost in the storm, Dear Kanye GROW A PAIR and be happy with what you have cause it all could be gone tomorrow.

  • LOUD

    you knocked up one of the biggest slores of our generation, you’re gonna marry her and she gon get yo ass for alimony AND child support when its all said and done…NIGGA YOU CRAZY

  • YoungCosby

    Kanye is like a woman who wants to get married, and she keeps pestering her boyfriend about proposing. Why the fuck would he marry you when all you is nag an complain? If you’re humble about it, and you prove your worth, you will get what’s due to you. Just because you bark the loudest doesn’t mean people hear what you’re saying.

  • mr.mosley

    Ye is Snappin … I love/respect his passion.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I’m sure he believes everything he said. However, none of it makes sense. How could you compare your music and effect on music to Beethoven? Come on now. Lastly, you wanted to be nominated for “Niggas in Paris” there’s a lot of quality behind that song…riiiiiggghhhttt *sarcasm* He wanted to win an award for the video “Touch the Sky” he had Evil Knievel type shit and Pamela Anderson w/ all kinds of craziness. I like Kanye but his music is not that far ahead for all the ignorant low-lyrical and uncreative rappers out there. Kanye is a “Hit or miss” type rapper. He either comes out w/ something hot or something way average. Funny thing is the way average shit he normally fights for and makes public statements about. So long story short, I’m convinced he’s loopy!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    *far ahead from all the

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Kanye is like a woman who wants to get married, and she keeps pestering her boyfriend about proposing. Why the fuck would he marry you when all you is nag an complain? If you’re humble about it, and you prove your worth, you will get what’s due to you. Just because you bark the loudest doesn’t mean people hear what you’re saying.



  • AlabamaKrit

    All you commenters are idiots. You’re not really listening to what he’s saying. Everybody in here is talking shit about Ye’s arrogance, his opinion about how great he is, and how is albums are perfect. BUT…What he’s really doing is defending hip hop… THAT THING YOU SAY YOU LOVE. He’s saying that even with his SUCCESS, hip hop doesnt get enough respect in these big events such as the grammy’s. He’s also low key talking about racism within that whole system. He’s saying hip hop and talented black art doesn’t get its proper respect and awards, even though its loved worldwide…as for the comment on niggas in paris. Kanye doesn’t want to say that straight out. and Kanye is hot headed and cocky… so at the end of the day you don’t really hear that. all you hear is “im the shit” you commenters are debating the wrong thing

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Hip Hop doesn’t get it’s respect but the majority of hip-hop music that is out over the years IS NOT a good representation of what hip-hop is about. I’d rather us not get nominated than being rewarded for low-grade music. That sets a bad level and bar for others to come. The bar should always be high no matter what genre of music period.

  • cap

    niggas in paris sucks. just cuz you played it 30 times a concert doesnt mean it should get nominated.

  • Tropical

    Seriously, what happened to the Kanye that was on the come up? I may be wrong but not 1 time do I remember him rapping about getting “Album/Artist of the Year” from College Dropout or Graduation. Now he’s just bitching about everyone not having the same opinion as his and acting like a fucking child because of it. I still feel he deserved all the fame he got but he’s been the opposite of humble and I don’t respect that. Here’s to hoping he’ll fix whatever’s fucking with him.