The Away Team – The Blah Blah 2

blame it on JES7 December 31, 2012

New shit from The Away Team to close out the New Year. Cop it below. Happy New Years dopeboyz and girlz!

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  • SMH

    9ths Crew stay biting Blu crew. SMH. Ain’t Sene drop blah blah blah with Denetia?

  • Hiphop

    Do your research before you say dumb shit.

  • V

    Actually dude, Comparing a song done by Denitia and Sene with an Away Team song is like comparing a Sade song to a Tribe song. That’s ridiculous. Don’t be a jag off .

  • The sample used in this is amazing. The way they flipped it is dope too. Anyone got the name of it?

  • Deeinc

    This is best I EVER heard Sean Boog rhyme, dope song. Hopefully they keep it up

  • D

    Who was the first idiot who commented??? HAHA Fuckin New booty..

  • Curt McGirt

    This shit is DOPE.

  • White Mike

    The first Blah Blah from Away Team was in 2002, so this is definitely not a bite from Blue or Sene at ALL!

  • ChickaDee

    Nice song. Can’t wait for their new album.