9th Wonder – Black American Gangster (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy January 1, 2013

I wanted Black American Gangster to sound like a 70′s soundtrack, or to sound like a bunch of 70s groups came through and rocked with Jay…Therefore…I put “featuring” on a lot of the jams…..hope yall enjoy #BlackAmericanGangster

— 9th Wonder

DOWNLOAD: 9th Wonder – Black American Gangster (Mixtape)
Courtesy of The NQM.

  • DJ Daz-One

    A great way to start the new year 9th Wonder strikes again.

  • Bizzy

    Never been a Jigga fan so i ain’t heard the original but i fuck with 9th Wonder so i don’t know if i should give this a quick listen

  • gift from god

  • Jon Garcia

    One of his best albums. This should be good.

  • mez

    never been a jigga fan?
    I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before.

  • navaro

    cats be on 9th dick man

  • EZE2

    @navaro hatin ass nigga man

  • J’ai

    Hov at his musical prime on some old school tracks. dopus opus

  • J’ai

    Even though the American gangster album was like that already. Oh.

  • nicole

    Shake, link is dead..

  • JD

    LOL at J’ai saying “Hov at his musical prime”….what are you fuckin 13 years old? You ever heard of Reasonable Doubt? Maybe the Blueprint? jesus christ

  • Trixx

    I’m not a huge Hova fan but 9th makes this album better for sure. And this was already one of Jay’s best albums.

  • Yeezy

    JD, so you think Jay was at his best in 96? 01-07 was Jay at his prime. Minus that terrible Kingdom Come album. Blueprint, Blueprint 2 had a lot of filler but if just one disc was awesome, Black Album, American Gangster. He killed it.

  • adi pre

    Soulful as shit, incredible, how the fuck can you not be a Jay fan?

  • kiko

    Even the real Yeezy says the young Hova was the best @Yeezy! really kids listen to Reasonable Doubt. Starving artist shit! All those were great albums dont get me wrong but the young Jay-Z just had a magical way with words and his metaphors were untouchable. Still are for the most part.

  • marty mcfly

    Kingdom Come was a great album too, its just people compare it to his other albums but overall it what was a great follow up to The Black Album considering the topics discussed on the album and the more personal he got on the album. Also wit this whole old Jay vs post BP1 Jay? I never really get that because Reasonable Doubt Jayz is always present on several songs on all his albums. Over the years Jayz changed MUSICALLY and he said why during BP2 and its cause he said he appreciates the other genres of music so thats why he doesn’t always rap over the same style of beats but LYRICALLY, he been the same person from RD to BP3. Looking forward to a new Jayz album and as for this re-mixtape… DOPE

  • @marty mcfly wtf are you talking about? Actually I ment to get at you the other evening about your critisim regarding thee end of the year album reviews.. First off Kingdom Come was Jay’s worst album of all of them there’s not one joint on that album worth iPod rotation, stop trying so hard to be different let it come naturally.. Second in reference to your comment about alchemist dude who gives a fuck if people get it or not I mean really if you’ve like the RZA,Madlib,Jay Dilla or Count Bass D it’s not difficult at all.. Maybe in your case you should go back and listen to Wu Tang’s first and second albums, in fact listen to every members First album plus both Quasimoto albums… Do better listen harder!!! Smh @MartyMcfly

  • marty mcfly

    @Tahlid, you have to also consider OPINION. Your OPINION is that Kingdom Come has NO songs worth iPod rotation and that it’s Jayz worst album. I happen to like all of his albums for all the different reasons why he made them so I wouldn’t use the word worst to describe one of his albums. MY opinion is that The Prelude, Oh My God, Kingdom Come, Show Me What You Got, Lost One, Do U Wanna Ride, 30 Something, Hollywood, Dig A Hole, Minority Report and Beach Chair are actually just good songs. Thats not me trying to be different, thats me having already heard those songs and coming to the conclusion that there just good songs. Now about ALC, I said Gangrene was PERSONALLY one of my favorite albums that year. So that comment alone lets you know how I feel about whether or not that album was felt by other people. I didnt see anybody else mention that album and I didnt see too many people actually making a list for that matter. I saw a youtube clip for the Step Brothers album today and was just as excited about that project as I am for a Jayz or the Jay Elect album. My comment about people “getting” it was made because I said the translation from that artist music to the fans could be better as far as conveying what their doing. I would rather a artist like ALC expand then to see some more wack shit expand just for being wack and popular. Now if you still have a problem with that then your probably not understanding what im saying which is fine. Hip Hop purists have this thing about them where they think its honorable to stay underground forever and musically I can cosign that but commercially I would rather they did expand and become bigger. I hope Step Brothers and Gangrene does deliver music that the MASSES can appreciate just like US, the people who been fans of their since back n the day. I would rather the majority of fans to “get” albums like the ones we love so much.

  • marty mcfly

    And you used RZA and Jay Dilla as part of your examples but those two never wanted to stay underground. They always were striving to break into the mainstream even though they stayed true to their artistic integrity throughout their careers.

  • marty mcfly

    Imagine if Rza never cared about if people “got” Wu tang. What if he said fuck it, people dont need to know where these names came from, where these styles got influence from, what supreme mathematics and 5% nation teachings are, what 36 chambers means, Shaolin slang or what the WU stands for? It doesn’t hurt to let the fans know what your music is about and in the end it only helps both the artists and the fans.

  • @marty mcfly where does ALC need more fans dude has checks coming in from lots of mainstream records… Dude I’m not a dude who just likes underground for the sake of it, I’m not the type of dude that throws artist away when they reach their platinum status but when I hear raw pure hip hop that comes off effortless and it gives back to this thing we call hip hop I absolutely want those artist names to be mentioned because ALC already proved he can do regular run of the mill shit… Dat All

  • beforebeentrill

    awl yall mafuckaz shut up, dis shit hot cuh

  • WSM

    ^^^ u trash homie..I’ll smack blood out ya lil sister nigga fuck outta here

  • kiko

    ditto @beforebeentrill

  • Benard

    This was really underwhelming…he took a already soulful album and tried to add more soulful but did a really poor job at it…madlib would have been a better choice to do this

  • Sherm

    jay’s worst albums were Blueprint 2 and Kingdom Come, but they were STILL great albums. BP2 had too much filler, wasn’t that cohesive, but lyrically and flow-wise Jay was unstoppable, and with “Kingdom come” alot of the production & hooks sucked(Do you Wanna ride, Anything, Hollywood), but Jay himself went in.

  • marty mcfly

    Lets take Jayz “worst” album and break it down just so we see where the bar of excellence is at on his worst shit. BP2 had –

    A Dream
    Hovi Baby
    The Watcher 2
    All Around The World
    Poppin Tags
    I Did It My Way
    Diamond is Forever
    Guns & Roses
    U Dont Know remix
    Meet The Parents
    Some How Some Way
    Some People Hate
    Blueprint 2
    A Ballad For The Fallen Soldier
    Show You How
    Bitches & Sisters

    This is his “worst” shit and honestly most these albums today and in the last few years still aint what Jays worst material was ten years ago. Just saying

  • david

    Anyone remember Rakim’s verse on The Watcher part 2? Fuckin ill is an understatement. Ra needs to drop somethin soon. Lookin forward to hearin this though, 9th always delivers with crazy quality at crazy rates, must’ve dropped 3 or 4 projects in 2012 plus production on other people’s albums/tracks

  • gavin

    Marty Mcfly = the skip bayless of hip-hop blog comment sections

  • YoungCosby

    Why is it that people are so surprised to hear that someone isn’t a Jay Z fan?

  • Don’t listen to Jigga, never been a fan, but hey this is 9th on deck, I will give it a listen.

  • Real Hip Hop Fan

    Damn niggas be making up shit to argue about… who cares what’s better and what’s worse? Everyone has an opinion… but I will say 9th Wonder feel the fuck off…. what does this fool do all day? Oh yeah promoting that bitch he’s fucking 24/7

  • PJ

    Marty Mcfly = the skip bayless of hip-hop blog comment sections

    L. O. L.

  • sweet70s

    First off, I’m definitely excited that 9th finally decided to release this. I remember that 9th mentioned this remix project in an interview, probably some 4 years ago. Then I never heard anything more about it, so I thought this would never see the light of day.
    Now after a few listens I’ve gotta say it’s pretty dope but not as good as expected. Maybe it will grow on me after a while…
    I mean does anyone else get the feeling that some of the joints on there sound a bit unfinished/rushed? The sample chopping is still top notch for the most part but sometimes he didn’t even add drums…
    By the way, I don’t wanna sound greedy. But does anyone know what happened to that remix of Common’s Dreamer/Believer that 9th announced on ustream? Would definitely still like to hear what he did with it!

  • chuck

    “Marty Mcfly = the skip bayless of hip-hop blog comment sections”

    you win. forever. period.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Thats the first time you’ve heard that line? I thought it was funny too but whatever people wanna view my comments as dont make a difference to me. Real recognize

  • Maga D

    I’ve know every lyric front to back on this album, & it’s been one of my favorites, but I think I’ve heard too many mixes of this album to appreciate the 9th version, maybe if he’d dropped it five years ago or four. That first track was from his PB&J song off the new album, but it was niiiice. Props to 9th though, It’ll just take me sometime to get into the album again cause of all the plays from all the other mixes.

  • I have a version of this that came out like 3 years ago, and IMO it sounds alot better.