Brown Bag AllStars 2012 Year In Review (Mixtape)

blame it on JES7 January 1, 2013

(2)dope premiere! It’s 2013, and to start the year on a high note, the BBAS crew has released their 2012 Year In Review mixtape, a compilation of some of their favorite and best BBAS work: production, features, etc of 2012. Everything from JSWISS, to Elite Status with Rasheed Chappell, Audible Doctor’s remix of Union’s Wings and more are featured here. Can’t wait to hear what they got in store for 2013! Happy New Years!

DOWNLOAD: Brown Bag AllStars 2012 Year In Review (Mixtape)
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  • JerryVegas


  • boner

    this shit is boner sauce


    love these guys

  • BTH

    was waitin for this!

  • JD

    If these dudes took a shit on a placemat, you fags would jizz in your skinny jeans…calm the fuck down until you’re actually LISTENED to this mixtape..

  • norman

    ^ *you’ve

  • JD

    Thanks Norman…Yes, I made the typo while I was dissing people like “boner” up above who creamed his baby dick at the mere site of this mixtape

  • boner

    jd, youre really raging about me being excited about music that i like. i think 2013 is your year dude.

  • JD

    Your name is boner…I’m pretty sure 2013 is your year…you’ll finally get out of your Mom’s basement …#realtight

  • boner

    youre right. my name on my birth certificate is boner. theres no way that on the internet somebody commented on a video with a nickname or alias as a joke ever. please send me some angry letters from your yahoo email next coach.

  • JD

    Oh boner, don’t get your “I Love Backpack HipHop” thong in a bunch…go upstairs and get some meatloaf off the counter.

  • boner

    youre the one arguing with an anonymous commenter alias with terrible jokes. i dont think youre really above judgment. fuck outta here with that backpack hip hop shit. i listen to everyone from bbas to e40 to flatbush to wu tang to el-p to whatever the fuck. who gives a fuck because youre the only one in here who seems to be so angry. lemme find out youre some dude whos mad that his music got turned down by the dopehouse.

  • JD

    HAHA, thanks for listing your favs! Two thumbs way up! Now go play in traffic.

  • Half way through this and it’s fresh as hell!

    and would JD and Boner please shut the fuck up

  • dirty dirty

    agreed, JD and boner both sound like lonely internet cornballs. but yeah, this mixtape is nice. they shouldve put a joint from awaken on here tho in case somebody missed it cause that was aoty contender.

  • Fudd


  • Josh Shiels

    Dope shit dudes. Always deliver the goods. Love and support from Australia.

  • Love ur music

  • keno

    Very dope from beginning to end!

  • david

    I think JD and Boner should keep arguing! And glad BBAS put this mixtape together, they drop so much material throughout the year sometimes some goes over your head so this gives me a chance to listen to what I missed

  • M

    JD needs to chill and shut the fuck up. Make a oomment and move on. If you wanna battle (which I don’t recommend ‘cuz your shit is weak) take your poser ass to the mall parking lot and “entertain” the skaters.

    Now to the reason I’m really here…… say I love your music; you guys always deliver!

  • M

    “comment” – sorry ’bout the spelling error.

  • barlk

    BBAS! >