Raekwon Announces F.I.L.A. Album

blame it on Illy January 1, 2013

Raekwon announced the title of his upcoming album just moments ago on Twitter. F.I.L.A., which stands for “Fly International Luxurious Art” is slated for a second quarter release according to The Chef. His Lost Jewelry EP drops January 8.

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  • Fuckin rappers and their stupid ass acronyms

  • boss

    was hoping for OB4CL3…

  • no old rappers

    Just retire already.

  • schuyler

    LOL @ DJ Lanky White, I was just about the say I was getting tired of all of these acronyms.

  • niggerlover

    seriously, another album with some stupid acronym. When are rappers gonna start being original? I guess you cant expect much from monkeys. smh

  • JohnnySwaggie

    Big Rae fan but the title of the album is HORRIBLE! I know he always delivers tho…But FILA? Come on!

  • marty mcfly

    DOPE title, you fools from the skinny jean era STFU.

  • kiko

    First, fuck are bigots doing visiting hip-hop sites? Second, you can’t diss acronyms while using one of the most played out acronyms of our time @ schuyler. Yeah sorry to tell you that LOL isn’t a real word.
    On the actual topic: shit looks dope. Pussy mother fucks wont ever understand.

  • welp

    i hear Raekwon raps can also be used to treat insomnia

  • who cares

    Wow that title is fuckin’ awful

  • Mature Gambino

    The title might not be the best, but you know the music is going to be top notch.

  • Jules

    It ain’t B.I.B.L.E. that’s for shure. Sounds like he made it up as he wrote the tweet and there are few things worse than a forced acronym. That’s some amateur-shit right there, I’m kinda surprised. Rae is still one of the greatest of al time though.

  • zachariah

    Enough with the acronyms, though I’m glad he’s not just putting out OBFCL3 just because he can. If anything, the later he leaves it to impress, the more the impact. The 2nd was stupidly impressive.

  • david

    @zachariah Agreed, on top of the build-up and impact though it’s better that he just takes note of ideas that come to him for OB4CL3 (punchlines, track concepts etc) over a period of a few years, that way the quality will be better than it will if he forces out material all at once

  • WHAT!

    So its not ok for raekwon to use acronyms for his album title bcuz he’s OLD (smh), but its ok for wiz khalifa? you young fucks are absolutely fucking retarded. an album title shouldn’t have to mean shit, it’s the music that matters. thats what i’m waiting for & raekwon doesn’t disappoint. wu forever!

  • BingM

    crazy thing is the WU BEEN using acronyms since the beginning. you young heads wouldn’t know a thing about it.


    da God is on fire. smart dumb computer cats fuelin the fire.