Ransom – The Last Don (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy January 1, 2013

Ransom drops off his Big Mike-hosted The Last Don mixtape featuring Stack Bundles, Paul Cain, Fat Trel, and more. Stream and download the 26-track project after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Ransom – The Last Don (Mixtape)

  • JohnnySwaggie

    Dear Rappers
    Stop it with the super long-ass mixtapes, nobody has time to hear 20+ songs. Just give me your 12 best song and call it a day.


    Every HipHop Fan EVER

  • Don’tSleepOnRansom

    Don’t sleep On Ransom. he is very lyrical despite being a super thug. I wonder how he sounds after doing time.

  • Token

    The nopes must be coming from ignorant ass fans who don’t like Ransom because he has beef with their favorite rapper. Ransom can spit.

  • THT

    @JohnnySwaggle… What the fxck are you on? You want his twelve best songs?? That’s called an ALBUM that you BUY. This is a MIXTAPE that you download for FREE. Half of the shxt is short freestyles, so the tape isn’t even that long. How don’t you have time when the average 12-15 song project nowadays is LONGER than this?? Hip hop fans are sounding really stupid, 2013 ain’t change shxt…

  • DC

    Yeah exactly what I was thinking.

  • realtalk™

    Yeah it’s impossible people just straight up don’t like this, because you think it’s dope and that means it is right? SMH

  • Bizzy

    So sad how people hate on this guy. Listening now and it’s dope a real hip hop mixtape.

  • JohnnySwaggie


    Listen I dont have time for your boyfriend ok? Im sorry…just stop crying and tell me which are the 3 best song and I might schedule maybe 10 mins for him.

  • MacDoober


    NOBODY GIVES A FUCK about how you value your time. If you cant skim thru however many tracks someone wants to give out then you’re not a real fan of music.. as well as whatever artist you’re so kind as to donate some of your valuable time to listen to. “nobody has the time for 20 songs”…dont be such a faggot and don’t speak for others, you’re not good at it. but with the word “swaggle” in your name, you’re obviously wrong about a few more things lol. its a dope tape, im so glad i had the time to listen to the whole thing

  • Cage

    ^^^ Hahahaha barked on him… About to check this out even though his last mixtape was trash.. Might have been 2 songs with replay value

  • DC

    the tape was posted for like 5 minutes and had like 10 dislikes at the time…who the fuck can listen to an entire mixtape that fast?

  • DC

    On another note though, this tape is FIRE, sound like the OLD Ransom again.

  • Rob Miner

    these lil niggas got wifi and think they know what hip-hop is lol smh