Alex Wiley - Swish

Alex Wiley taps Rozart for the latest single off his upcoming solo debut, #ClubWiley. Shouts to RH.

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  • trashhhh

    Rubyhornet needs to clean the earwax out they ears. this guys garbage

  • tde

    i know this fat motherfucker is read ing the comments he gets and ima tell you straight up quit now being a rapper is a complete package and just by looking at the pic im not gunna listen just came here to show some hate vtw shake stop posting this square

  • Vandal

    Dope beat, rapper is garbage. Beat it.

  • eFlyLikeAg6

    Apparently y'all have NOOOOOOOOO Idea who Alex Wiley is. Man look up "Mo Purp", "Let Me Hold a Dollar", & "Dont Quit" Kembe X ft. Alex Wiley etc etc. I suggest u losers with the negative comments do a little research before letting so much BS come out your mouth. Also... Are any of u by any chance rappers and if so, come out with something harder, until then KILL THE HATING S**T!

  • the beat started out great dont know what the fuck the artist was thinking though sounded like the special Olympics had basketball and one of the retards was attempting to describe it. NOBODY would ever want to listen to this crap much less be caught bumping it in there car swish this shit into the trash can.

    normally i wont comment but it was so bad i wasted an additional minute of my life warning the rest of you

  • Quimburn

    thank you^^

  • Fuck this neckbearded motherfucker

  • nice infromation keep posting


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