Ar-Ab Responds To Meek Mill’s “Repo” Diss (Video)

blame it on Illy January 2, 2013

Ar-Ab makes a response clip to Meek Mill’s “Repo” diss to Cassidy and boy is it a lengthy one.

  • This video is much more damaging to CAssidy than “Repo” is.

    One doesn’t need to watch the whole thing, the first 5 minutes pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

  • Bizzy

    I lost the little respect i had for Ar-Ab after seeing this. I only know of him because of Cass and your a grown man feed yourself don’t rely on another man to do it and i have seen a bunch of videos on youtube with you and Cass and you are on record saying he is a real nigga and then saying you would have stayed quiet if Cass had fed you right. WTF. So how much did Meek give him i wonder, He is obviously behind it.

    And this is no where near as bad as William Roberts beeing exposed or Lil Wayne kissing men and wearing womans cloths

  • D

    “Cass is a friend of mine.”….proceeds to talk shit about Cassidy for 40 minutes….FOH

  • Ryuk

    Just openly yapping about a murder you did.. #1900HUSTLER

  • SforMusic

    This is why Rap Beefs are weak in this age, nothing good comes out of it, Cassidy is probably gonna be in the same situation he has been lately, Meek is gonna make money cos he is the “hot product” at the moment and cos of his affiliation and this guy is gonna be doing what he is doing now only with 40mins of his life wasted, this needs to stop now !!! and people need to retire this idea of a rap beef that we all known and loved let them be memories

  • Mike Diesel

    Snitching on himself LMFAO

  • Trill Cosby

    This nigga got a check for this. Meek threw this nigga bout 10K and his starving ass ran with it. Ar-Ab .. this nigga opinion so important, huh?

  • Btown Murda

    Regardless of how this video happened or why this video was put out, if in fact its true that arab really did catch that murder and cass was making songs like he’s the one who did that… then cass might as well just sign his credibility and street rep away. The whole world thinks, or should I say he had the whole world think, that he caught a body and was fighting for his life when the whole time it was arab who was really behind this whole shit. Then arab said cass didn’t put no money on the table for that. Again, if true then that’s some grimey shit on cass part. I don’t know if there’s another story behind this, but if all this is true then cass can just sign out. but in a way, I guess it really doesn’t even matter sometimes when you have someone like rick ross who can go in front of a camera and straight lie about being a correctional officer and still hold this image as if be was the real Ricky ross. This whole rap game is just twisted.

  • dawwgy robers

    who wouldnt take a check and make a video to tell truth this days?? haa he a real nigga he’s just exposing cass

  • los

    gross ass mofos scratching his balls and passing the blunt. LOL

  • catchabody

    pure foolery. get bizzy and get a job or some shit. also, niggas video dry snitching and you sayin you a real nigga??? smdh. repeat your joke, cry about your shit, get bizzy and find a job. the end.

  • Washcloth

    “Cass can suck a dick… but he my homie though”

  • realnigtalk

    a boss is and never will be a front lineman. a front lineman will ALWAYS be labeled as a goon. no more then that. end of story.

  • Tzu

    That looks like fun new years eve party.

  • marty mcfly

    Let this be a lesson for all those who are the leaders (or the bread winners) of their crew. These fools all admitted to being on Cassidys couch and staying with Cassidy and doing music with Cassidy and now Ar-Ab is doing alot of slick talking to discredit Cassidy. Lesson – When shit hits the fan alot of times it be your own crew that turns on you. FIN

  • Btown Murda

    Top goon of philly!? Maybe you are a top goon amongst your koons in that room brush.but you, cass, meek little ashy ass niggas ain’t no top are a rapper just the same as cass and meek.everyone know y’all niggas as rappers and not no street niggas. Who the fuck y’all trying to shit is worst than fat boy lying about being a C.O.

  • 2dope4nope

    Shit I ain’t got 40 + mins of foolery to watch ppl gotta work something dude should do you grown but with the comments damn smh but that’s how it is “Never put too much trust in friends; learn how to use enemies” hmm 48 Laws of Power got some real shit! And lmfao at dry snitching wow!!

  • YouAlreadyKnow

    There is more to Phllly rap than beefs, battles, beards, bullets, and beards.

  • zookeeper

    All those twenties… you can’t let go of one and get a haircut or some better clothes? Really?

  • Arab

    This nigga only talkin this much cause he on some dips and mollys or sum mann, ar a real nigga tho but cmon son 40 mins sayin the same shit about cass

  • dcd

    this ain’t dry snitchin, it’s actual snitchin. dry snitchin is when you do it by accident. this dude is just salty trying to air cass’ shit out. regardless, that dude’s an idiot cause the feds gonna bust that door down the second they see that video, talkin bout this the trap crib. fuckin dummy.

  • smartdumbmufuckas

    as much time as yall spend talkn tuff in the comments about dry snitchin this n why he snitchin use the damn internet for something useful like educating yourself and know once you go to trial and get found NOT GUILTY in the U.S. double jeopardy comes into play so you can’t get charged with the same or similar charges…so he can say whatever about his case he want to

  • SHOWMAN3000

    This proves that even Street “Real” Niggas could be disloyal. You mean to tell me even though you “caught a body” etc How does a “Street Nigga” talk about catching a body on camera for 1 and 2 Cassidy put you on. The 1st nigga to put you on and down with the Larsiny family. Remember that?

    How’s Cassidy ya man but you dissing him on camera. You talking about street money but you using rap to keep ya self away from them boys. You got mixtapes and shit and you trying to promote ya career still off of rap huh? Clowns. Like the saying goes “There’s no honor among thieves” Say what you want but what honor is in talking shit about somebody that you say you cool with? Also how could anyone respect a nigga that basically is saying he would still be down w/ Cassidy had everything worked out. Now that it didn’t work out you mouth is loose drooling all the information of personal shit. COWARD!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Lastly he can speak about catching a body and not get charge because of double jeopardy law. However, if he describes details of the event (which he did), that prosecutors find crucial, they can retrial w/ different charges or lesser charges. That’s why you SHUT YA MOUTH on cases open or closed. So technically he snitched and dried snitched at the same damn time lol but seriously. No respect for this video. Lost respect for him.

  • Yatti

    Ar-AB you must really want to hang out with Meek and become famous. Im from Philly and Meek does not fucking get down in the street, lol. You straight dickeating hard. Im not a Cassidy fan cause dude went to Central Highschool you went to a geeky ass school. You keep saying Meek is his homie and Cass is his homie so wtf you bashing one over the other. I bet Ill see AR-Ab on meek track soon. Nigga want to get on a record, hard.