Evidence & Alchemist Step Brothers LP Update (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas January 2, 2013

It seems as if the long awaited official Step Brothers album is close to being delivered to stores real soon, as Evidence took to twitter earlier today to drop this Rhymesayers promo. I’m excited as hell and want this to drop already.

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  • KenTh?nkIn

    Eyes just lit up (and watered a little bit) watching this. Gonna be crazy!

  • fuckin FINALLY.
    LA Shit!

  • CABNumber

    Holy shit been waiting for this since before the LAyover. Finally “So Fresh” was/is the shit. Takes me back to my High school days.

  • iLL

    me want DIALATED EP

  • This shit looks Like Sun Ra’s intergalactic Arkestra meets Mothers of Invention.. Shit should Kazy baii.. ALC hasn’t let me down since Double G first project!!!
    Oh yeah @Marty Mcfly how u waiting for this homie this sounds to difficult for you Homie

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ NO, what you think your the only one to listen to this type of shit? When I was saying The Platform album was dope you had no clue who Ev & ALC even were. Stop fool stop it.

  • marty mcfly

    @Tahlid, On top of that your still confused by a comment I made on the 2012 year end list thats simple as fuck to understand and you got the nerve to act like people who are fans of T.I aint “real hip hop heads”. Smh, where have you been the last 12 years T.I been rapping? Of Course T.I is real hip hop but maybe his music is too “difficult” for you. So dont talk to me about Ev & ALC and btw go find out what album I said was AOTY in 2011 on this site before you think Step Brothers is too “difficult” for anybody other then you to get.

  • @Marty Mcfly not difficult for everyone just you that is the comment you made concerning his latest releases right?? Double G was great as well as Yacht Rock,No Idols,Covert Coupe,Russian Rulette ext.. I’m not gonna act like TI isn’t hip hop but I would say if you believe tip had more influence on music as a whole lets face it niggas like TI tryna get his last few checks before this is over for him. ALC on the other hand sound is still thriving as a matter of fact his art is getting better every album, but it’s dudes like you when these artist read your blog/comment and you guys call there craft to difficult and have them dumbing there sound down, exactly like Common & Dilla on Electric Circus dope album but niggas like you thought it was to Difficult(SMH)

  • @Marty Mcfly oh yeah I almost forgot but that platform album was Wack as fuck homie.. That’s not the gimmick ALC I learned to love at that time for me it was Common,Punchlin & Wordsworth,Black Starr ext.. You’ve never been on the right path musically I see.. Do better in fact homie I’ll throw you some artist cause your iPod sounds pointless..
    Jay Dilla Sean .Period even Charlamagne for Natural Elements were doin there thing then.. [email protected] Mcfly

  • marty mcfly

    1ST of all I never said anything was “difficult” so I dont know where you got that from and I dont know how you came to that conclusion. I used the word “get” to make that initial comment. Now go back and read EVERYTHING in its totality and dont just cut up what you wanna hear. Obviously you are not dealing with reality cause the point I was making is obviously the truth cause only in your little mind does it make sense to compare ALC with T.I as far as influence on the culture. Furthermore you keep name dropping other artists as if that somehow means your a hip hop head. It doesn’t and ALC was never a “gimmick” so I dont know what your talking about there. YOU used the word “difficult” because your lost yourself. Lastly at NO time did I ever say I wanted Ev & ALC to change their music and IF they did read my comments chances are they would understand what was being said. Its only YOU that is still completely lost. Again, I WOULD RATHER MUSIC LIKE THIS EXPAND INSTEAD STAYING STUCK IN THE LITTLE UNDERGROUND BOX. WHAT ARE YOU NOT GETTING ABOUT THAT?

  • marty mcfly

    And some of that bullshit your listening to is wack as shit btw. Just because something is underground dont mean its dope and about the Electric Circus album from back n the day? It wasn’t my fault that people didnt “get” that album but obviously the point I made about the matter this week was still true even back then. Again im not asking these artists to change their music, im saying find the point of relation on the album and promote that as well. That point is something I was making to YOU not the artists (because you were lost as to why T.I was listed over other shit). Again that point was addressed to YOU because certainly someone like Ev & ALC know what im saying because they’ve done it many times in the past with other albums and it worked out well.

  • @Marty Mcfly if someone doesn’t “get” it normally its because the info is to great to get your head around.. I mean for someone who’s so literal you gotta understand the term, but if that’s your point go on ahead.. Dude really you don’t think you can compare TI & Alc as far as music quality and what they put out in the universe?? Bro listen here I like great music 99% of the underground sounds just like 99% of mainstream trash so I don’t just rock with underground dudes.. Honestly last time I checked Alchemist was a well known producer.. Obviously though there must have been something wrong because dude did a 180 musically.. His sound was gimmick it was the same samples looped the same way for the same people.. In fact lil homie every artist has a gimmick it’s how you sell records lil nigga.. Homie none of that shit I named was Wack and you know it in ya heart.. Fuck wit me I’m a Jersey/Ny nigga we had free Echo tapes given to us when we were kids all that Underground Airplay Fatbeats Records I’ve been doin this since supaluva C & Cassanova.. Get ya mind right lil nigga!!
    Oh yeah once again that platform album was trash I wanna keep telling you that because really at that time only West Coast shit really was blackalicious.. NC & The D was killing shit.. [email protected] Mcfly

  • marty mcfly

    I’ll tell you what. Since the music you listen to makes your pussy so wet then make your own list and explain to us why its better then the albums I listed.

    1. Food & Liquor 2
    2. Jesus Piece
    3. Apollo Brown & OC – Trophies
    4. A Dream Deferred
    5. Welcome To Our House
    6. Life Is Good
    7. GKMC
    8. The Stoned Immaculate
    9. Mourning In America
    10. Actual Proof – Black Boy Radio
    11. Cruel Summer
    12. GSNT2 Bread & Circuses
    13. Ryan Leslie – Les Is More
    14. God Forgives I Dont
    15. Trouble Man
    16. Murs & 9th – The Final Adventure
    17. Gangrene – Vodka & Ayahuasca
    18. Fizzology
    19. R.A.P music
    20. MA DOOM: Son Of Yvonne

    1. Mickey Mau5e
    2. Termanology 50 Bodies pt4
    3. 1999
    4. Blue Chips
    5. Yellow Album
    6. The Soul Tape
    7. Detroit
    8. Cigarette Boats
    9. Priest Andretti
    10. Savage Journey
    11. On The House
    12. Raekwon – Unexpected Victory

    If not STFU and if 2DBZ and I aint “real hip hop heads” because we didn’t list fucking Yatch Rock and Knxwledge (LOL) then make your own list.

  • marty mcfly

    And dont use no albums I used cause after all your opinion is the law of real hip hop right? and the shit you listen to was obviously way better then what anybody else listed Right. “TI, Really”? Yes Fucknigga Really.

  • Ok mixtapes in no particular order:
    1.Hodgy Beats Untitled
    2.Action Bronson Blue Chips
    3.Action Bronson & ALC Rare Chandeliers
    4.Domo Genesis No Idols
    5.Flatbush Zombies D.R.U.G.S
    6.Casey Veggies Customized Greatly 3
    7.Curren$y Cigarette Boats
    8.LIL UGLY MANE Mista Thug Isolation
    9.Danny Brown XXX(it came out 12/29/11 but def 12 mixtape)
    10.Cyhi The Prynce Ivy League Club
    11.Ryshon Jones Life in reverse
    12.A$AP Mob Lords Never Worry
    13.Sir Mikey Rocks Premier Polotics 1.5
    14.Childish Gambino Royalty
    15.Blu & Madlib UCLA

    1.ScHoolboy Q Habits & Contraditions
    2.Ab-Soul Control System
    3.Kendrick Lamar GKMC
    4.Gangrene Vodka & Ayahuasca
    5.Pac Div GMB
    6.Dom Kennedy Yellow Album
    7.Nas Life Is Good
    8.Alchemist Russian Rulette
    9.Lee Bannon Fantastic Plastic
    10.Focus… Focal Point:1172
    11.Blu & Exile Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them
    12.Oh No Ohnomite
    13.Roc Marciano Reloaded
    14.Strong Arm Steady Stereo JR.
    15.Curren$y Stoned Immaculate

    Listen my G at the end of the day I respect your drive only a hip hop head would go as hard as you did but we obviously just have differences in opinion and that’s cool..

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah well thats great and everything but judging by your list I dont really see how your so ahead of everybody else with their lists and opinions. If those albums were so much better then the albums I listed and everybody else listed then thats great if you base everything on opinion but if you base some of it on overall opinion of most of the hip hop culture then I think it’s clear that some of those albums you listed weren’t really received well by the fans like some of the albums I listed. It is what it is. You put the Gangrene album number 4 on your list so imo you should have been glad I mentioned that album when nobody else did. FIN

  • marty mcfly

    And you can look at my list and still see I put my own personal opinion over everybody else so obviously I “get” something about hip hop. Apollo & OC at number 3? Come on man, thats obvious I based that strictly on skills, rhymes and beats.

  • Knxwledge & Ohbliv had great years as well I believe knxwledge put out something like 24 joints..