J. Cole Delays Born Sinner (Video)

blame it on Shake January 2, 2013

To help bring in 2013, myself and a couple of my folks joined J. Cole as he was set to perform a few songs at Tao in Las Vegas (check some of the madness down bottom). During one of the many interviews, Cole speaks on delaying his much anticipated sophomore album, Born Sinner.

  • Zak

    who didn’t see this coming? honestly though, rappers these days and their far fetched release dates. We were supposed to already have I Am Not A Human Being II, Hall of Fame, Excuse my French, Street King Immortal, and so many others already. Is it too much to finish the album THEN create a release date?

    • SMH

      You obviously don’t understand, if he pushes his project back it’s for a reason.. Maybe he wants us to bump more of his old AMAZING work and maybe he might drop the K. Dot collab in the time between now and he might drop a mixtape and maybe do another Any Given Sunday… I want this album as much as the next guy, but let’s just be fucking patient!

  • M^2

    ^^^^^^^ Took the words right out of my mouth haha

  • aHometownHero

    somebody tell this nigga to get on his grind more. this dude aint release shit in 2012, but other rappers dropping 2-3 projects in a year. cmon bruh

  • Jumpman23

    This clown went through all that shit to make that stupid video announcing the release date of the album on to delay it. These guys are fucking clowns who starve for attention. If you the damn date isn’t written in some form of an agreement don’t announce it!

  • Still shot looks like she just got done slapping this nigga Cole for making this video.

  • Bizkit

    I’m not expecting anything worth replaying after the first listen. It took this dude about 3 years to drop his debut which was very average. Only his stans were really feeling that album, I bet most didn’t give a shit about it a week later. This dude is super overhyped, he been in the game for almost 4 years now and he still doesn’t have one hot record that blew up to his name. Then his stans will come along and state listing off songs that only internet hip hop nerds know. Fuck outta here. lol

  • The Publicist

    J. Cold in the building.
    White snow to the ceiling, ain’t
    Been HOT in a minute, just
    Chilling and eating chicken.

    Another flop on the radar,
    My mustache on yo gay-dar,
    Hiding in New Orleans, eating
    Rabbit feet and some gator.

    Cole World.

  • 1234

    It really touched you hatin’ niggas that Cole went Gold and hit #1 first week, didn’t it?

    Has to be an album to hate on. Last year it was Kendrick, then ASAP, and now back to Cole right?

    So here we go again, the cycle continues….you ‘anti-Stans’ stan harder than the actual Stans themselves lol…#obsession

  • ……

    ….opposite of a winner, remember when i used to eat sardines for dinner?

  • marty mcfly

    Just put out the album whenever its ready. I have a feeling J Cole is gonna try to fight with radio and other factions of the industry over what he feels should be played. Like his first single off Born Sinner but that would just be making his job harder. Just put the album out and let it do what it do. The hardest part is over which imo is the debut album. In Cole’s position everything is smooth sailing from here. Just please dont make no shit like the singles from Cole World, I dont care how much they sold.