Kendrick Lamar – Backseat Freestyle (Video)

blame it on Shake January 2, 2013

Directed by Jerome D, Dave Free & Kendrick Lamar.

For the latest visual from good kid, m.A.A.d. city, Kendrick decides to go with track three. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check his Decoded feature (which I helped shoot in Vegas) where he shares one of the stories behind “Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst.”

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  • Good Peoples!

    Pusha T >>>>>>

  • $$$



    Yall niggas pushing the DOPE button and didn’t even watch the video yet! Dick riding bastards! smh

  • Vistwo

    The dominoes and Sherane!

  • Adi

    WOOOOOOW! Sick!!!!

  • DJ

    OMG! please stop with all this hype. i like kendrick, but this song and video is trash! having “Sherane” and the dominoes skit in the video is not genius at all!

  • The Publicist

    Dear Kendrick,

    Please don’t turn into Pac. And by that I mean, don’t let what you’re trying to change, change you.


    A Devoted Fan

    • ChicaGo-Getter

      You sound stupid. You don’t know either of them personally. You’re acting like human beings aren’t complex. Both Kendrick and Pac are/were products of the ghetto. Just because they aspired for more doesn’t mean that they didn’t also grow up enjoying certain parts of their upbringing. Whether right or wrong. A man can’t want to enlighten his people and like to have a good time? The realest thing someone can do is openly be who they are. Saints don’t exist. That’s why none of the people who should listen to Lupe actually listen to Lupe. Pac and Kendrick actually had/have the power to really change shit. They are/were OF the people. Not above the people speaking about the problems in our communities but never actually in our communities doing anything to help.


    Damn this nigga is super OVER RATED!

  • KenTh?nkIn

    Im not gonna lie, I watched mainly because of the screenshot. The video fits right it with the mood of the song. Ignant

  • DaSilva

    K Dot looks a hell like Juelz with the 3:23,
    Dope visuals.

  • who cares

    Fact: this was the worst song off good kid, m.A.A.d city.
    Fact: this song is garbage.
    Fact: I wasn’t able to get through the first minute.

    Kendrick, your conformity is showing.

    • ChicaGo-Getter

      Bruh, you act like you know this man. He’s from Compton not Orange County. This is/was his reality. Let this man be him fully. Stop wanting him to just display one part of his personality. Did you even listen to his album?

  • LexiCon

    maybe I expect too much from Kendrick but I’m not impressed with it.

  • Mr_Esco

    @Who Cares, who the fuck cares what you think. It seems like you didnt get the concept of GKMC.

    • Shakejunt

      Thank you someone knows what they are talking about

  • veesky

    I randomly wondered what Sherane was doing with her life after listening to the album and hearing K. Dot’s Compton tales. If that was really her in the video and not just another slight like the track on the album, kinda sad to see she never got her act together…but then again, I guess it all makes sense.

  • Mike B

    Are you not entertained? You all over-think everything and complain way too much. It’s a video about a backseat freestyle. What else yall want? What’s with this sense of entitlement?

  • saint

    haterz gon hate…

  • Wolfy

    Do people even listen to his album anymore?


    i live in LA & i don’t know one person who does…

  • mcd

    Perfect video for this song. The entire clip for his second verse had me laughing so hard.

    Seriously though, people on here are so critical about kendrick lamar. I don’t check a ton of other posts, so I can’t even imagine the amount of hate waka flocka or 2 chainz must get when they release videos.

  • nosamyrag

    what’s better: the video, or the comments?

  • Evers82

    The negative/critical comments mean one thing: K.Dot’s doin sumthing right. #DOPEvid.

  • Django

    Worst song on the album… Kendrick needs to present himself on a higher level now that he’s getting that mainstream buzz.. this vid was mad ratchet..

    • ChicaGo-Getter

      He’s ratchet! He’s from Compton! What’s so hard to understand.

  • marty mcfly

    Kendrick never claimed to be a saint or the holy disciple of hip hop. Thank You Sherane, thank you. Best part of the video.

  • youdo

    @woody I hear a song from the album, out of someone’s car window daily. So, yes…the song is ignorant, it’s suppose to be. It represents a cog in the machine that is GkMC. It provides an energetic flow, fun metaphores and most importantly serves its purpose within the context of the album. It is one of the worst songs on the album, that is beside the point.

  • PriestGold

    Hip hop fans and music fans in general have the habit of putting artist in boxes, its sad really. Can we stop acting like Kendrick has never made songs like this before…The fans who listened to Kendrick before GKMC and even Sec.80 should know..

  • mez

    This song is fun and cool as fuck. I think he titled it a freestyle for a reason. The worst song on GKMC is still pretty fuckin ill.
    Don’t get your panties in a bunch guys

  • bigErn

    This boy is EATIN!!

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    Dope………. Fuckin Backpack Niggas Always Gettin Mad When Somebody Wants To Have Some Fun…. FOH

  • The video would’ve been better if he was actually in the van. Unimpressed.

  • OITSTCIMurder

    1. Death
    2. Taxes
    3. DJ’s hatin ass on every single Kendrick Lamar post

    fall back hater..

  • MarshawnLynch

    Sherane put the team on her back doeeeeeeee!
    So much determination doeeeeee!

  • spencer

    HAHAHA Fuckin pussies!!!!!!!!! Hate on this shit???????? Fuck yall. Fuck ya moms too

  • Yall thirsty niggas welcome

    “Sherane” twitter @iluvtokyo

  • For all the people talking trash saying this song is “ratchet” or that the video is dumb. Have y’all even listened to the album? Like REALLY listened to it? The track is supposed to be him as a 17 year old kid riding around fucking around with his homies as he freestyles in the backseat. Do y’all really think a 17 year old kid is gonna freestyle about anything positive or thought provoking? It was supposed to be a dumb song he even came out in a interview saying it. good kid, m.a.a.d. city is a classic.


    the idea of GKMC has already been done how many times now?

    E X A C T L Y .

    talk to me when he stops talking about Compton .
    Compton been rapped about how many times now over the years?

    please bore me some more of recycled shit that i already
    heard a thousand times .

  • marty mcfly

    @ChicaGo-Getter, Lupe is not above the people and he never claimed to be. He is actually from the ghetto as well. The DIFFERENCE in Lupe and Kendrick is Lupe is not willing to do certain things that he views as bad for young minds or sends a negative message at any time at all. That in itself is a very hard line to walk and I would never expect Kendrick to walk that line. About 95% of the game is just about giving people whatever sales for entertainment purposes and only about 5% are actually saying something that needs to be said. MOST artists will not be able to walk that line and be successful at the same time and thats not a diss on Kendrick. Like I said in my first comment, Kendrick never said he was a saint and its unfair to expect him to act like one. Was GKMC some incredible leap in conscious rap and philosophical lyricism? NO but it was still honest and dope musically. Kendrick talks about doing all the same shit that these other rappers talk about AND he still puts positivity on things. Which is fine cause most people are a little bit of both and Kendrick aint bullshitting about the negativity in Compton, he’s actually just saying what is the truth so im not mad at Kendrick if he does shit that aint Jesus like 24/7. A artist would have to have a great sense of self and purpose to come to the conclusion that they will have NO ratchetness in their music period. Lupe is just ONE way lyrically and its all positive period because he is the type thats gonna refuse to create anything that can be taking as negative at all times but that does not mean somehow that he thinks he’s above everybody else or more righteous then everybody else. It just means he actually lives what he preaches in his music.

    • ChicaGo-Getter

      I get what youre saying. But i think you missed my point. Lupe isnt of the people because the people don’t view him as someone who is of the people. Especially in Chicago because they’re are so many people around here who he has fucked over, according to them. Not to mention he just isn’t out here putting in ANY work in these streets but yet he’ll cry on MTV about the violence engulfs out city. So the people who actually beed to hear his message don’t take him seriously because it comes across like he’s pointing a finger instead of lending a hand.

      The thing that make Pac so powerful was he was still in the trenches fighting for the shit he rapped about. For God’s sake he got arrested for shooting off duty cops who tried to rough up a black man for no reason. The entire incident was documented in Vibe Magazine because he was being interviewed when it happened. He also tried to bridge the gap between his generation and the older generation by speaking at events and meeting with civil rights leaders. He took kids from broken homes off the street and let them LIVE in his home. But at the same time he didnt hide the fact that he liked to smoke weed and fuck bitches. He tried to explain his psyche (and those like him) thru his music. So his message meant more to the people in those positions because it came across as authentic.

      Lupe is from the ghetto. But he’s not of the ghetto. So his words mean less to the people in the ghetto. Which are ultimately the people who actually need to hear what he has to say. Kendrick is in a position to touch a lot of people the same way Pac did. By not losing the people who he knows could benefit from his message.

  • jay

    there is a 17 year old who can be lyrical and spit thought provoking shit two words joey bada$$ anyways dope video kendrick

  • GreenOvaBoy

    why is everyone acting like he didnt make the song michael jordan well before this, “conscious” rappers like lupe just throw out vague terms and political shit to make them seem smart and informed. Kendrick provides insights into daily life not fuckin foreign policy faggot, and the sherane and dominoes thing were just an inside reference to the album that wasnt extremely clever but it was little funny if you knew wtf he was talking about. bottom line is you can be smart, sensitive, caring, conscious, anything, and still like a fat ass and get hype and silly on a beat that calls for that. eat a dick.

    • ChicaGo-Getter

      In a nutshell. And that’s more realer than pretending to be holier than thou. Jesus was in the streets with the sinners. Prostitutes and criminals. There’s reason why he had so many devote followers. He was relatable. They knew he actually cared because he was of the people and not above them.

  • marty mcfly

    I could name some rappers that just throw around vague terms and political shit without really expounding on the subject. Which is fine cause its the thought that counts but Bohemian Grove really aint about Bohemian Grove is it? Lupe does actually have a point when he’s rapping most times and the point is usually simplified in the hook and examined in the verses. Now why that upsets niggas I will never understand and why people assume Lupe is not into having fun or that he wasn’t also acting like a young cat when he actually was a young cat idk. Lupe CHOSES to artistically be one way, that doesn’t mean that he aint relatable (to people willing to listen) or that he’s not a “real” nigga just because he aint doing what everybody else is doing.

  • GreenOvaBoy

    ive heard maaaybe 2 lupe songs , i was just using him for the whole conscious rapper angle. My main point is that Kendrick isnt contradicting himself with this song, he more examines relationships and lives then trys to tell people wats right and wrong and the balance of “ignorant” shit and “conscious” shit seems to be an ongoing battle in his music thats hes very aware of, hence good kid mad city. A true artist doesnt tell you how to feel, they present all sides in an creative way and make you think, kendrick atleast to me rarely makes a black and white statement,and if he does its through the perspective of another person, thats one of things that makes him great.

  • thatrealshit

    hahaha u my dude kendrick. ppl who understand u will understand this video and vibe the fuck out to it. dude talks about vibin withi jeezy and e-40…not nas and krs 1 u dumb fucks. take an ignorant jam off his album for wat it is…an ignorant jam. u ppl wouldve taken the “i get around” vid from pac and said the same dumb shit. stop bein so critical for once and open ya damn mind, shit

    • joe

      I get around was an actual smooth track though.

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah I get the point your making. I was just giving my opinion on the difference between these two rappers and why the Lupe lane would be very difficult for an artist, especially a new artist to try and walk down. When Kendrick or any artists in general tries to walk both sides of the fence between positive and negative, or ignorant and conscious, I can agree thats a very effective way to artistically paint whatever picture your trying to paint. There is nothing wrong with being both or multi dimensional as an MC because that is still being honest in many ways. Still though, only with time and experience comes the day when one decides to be either one way or the other and stands behind that 100%.

  • marty mcfly


  • fuuuuuu

    Sherane tho

  • ManNugga

    Sherane is @toykovixen_ on IG

  • Sheraane bad as fuck!

    ^ in case anybody just spent the entire half hour looking up toykovixen_ on instagram, put the k in front of the y. cant believe I fucking did that

  • mcd

    This is my second favorite track off GKMC. Everyone who I’ve shown the album to likes this song over the rest of them. I saw him live last month and the place went wild when it came on. You guys are stupid, constantly talking about conscious rap and lyrical shit. This song can’t be conscious, it can’t be lyrical either. It is it’s own body of work, if you want conscious music, just listen to the rest of this album. stfu

  • lash larue

    the video surprised me, ’cause i figured the nigga was gonna be in the backseat of the van for the video. but it was good, regardless. and sherane, we thank you.

  • chu the conqueror

    Liked the video better than the song. Least favorite on GKMC. Black Hippy nothing else. HiiiPower

  • lol

    @mcd is a mainstream sheep if this is his second favorite song on the album.

  • Eazy

    Thank you @ThatGuyLie for putting the song in it’s proper context.

    This song is the kick-off of his rapping. So he’s a young kid in high school who’s doing what young kids to best. BRAG! If you want something conscious then keep listening. The Art of Peer Pressure, Money Trees, good kid, m.A.A.d city, Swimming Pools, and Sing About Me/Dying of Thirst are probably the best songs of the year when listened to together.
    I’m not from Compton, I’m not black, I’m from a middle class family, and I am college educated but I still find so much identification with those songs.
    Kendrick makes conscious music that is still exciting to listen to. It’s not overly dense, the instrumentals are nearly flawless, and his flow is raw, but purposeful.

    Seriously, the majority of mainstream rap is such trash, but Kendrick came out of obscurity and now most music fans (not just hip hop/rap) at least know his name and they’re checking Section.80, Overly Dedicated, and the Kendrick Lamar EP. In a time when Future, 2 Chainz, and Lil Wayne are pushing units I don’t understand how you could put Kendrick’s music down.

    I don’t like to be condescending, but if you don’t at least respect this album for what it is then you’re missing something, either a brain or a soul.

  • marty mcfly

    I made the comments I did in regards to conscious rap. When people make a negative comment about conscious rap or imply that something is wrong with it or that its boring or weak or pretentious or just political bullshit that people in the hood cant understand but then still give Kendrick props for doing it. That right there is some other shit. Just because a artist chooses to mix in other types of concepts and subject matter like “ignorance” in with conscious rap doesn’t mean its better or more relatable. THAT is the larger point I wanted to make. Some artists like Lupe (Mos Def, Common, Black Thought, Andre 3k, Blu etc) DO NOT send mixed messages and thats nothing against the artists that do like Kendrick (2pac, Game, Nas, Kanye etc). Imo a mixed message is a good way to send one but it leaves the door open for misinterpretation and its not the same as a solid message. Example, many people took the THUG mentality of 2pac but did not absorb the revolutionary and thoughtful side of 2pac. Thats because when you give people both sides they often choose to only except the easiest message which is often the negative one. I dont hear too many Dear Mamas in hip hop but I hear alot of Hit Em Ups. Again that is the difference between an artist that sends mixed messages and an artist that does not.

    • ChicaGo-Getter

      But that’s the thing. Most if the “concious” rappers you named send mixed messages by not upholding this impossible image of righteousness that they try to convey. Go Google Mos Def’s domestic abuse history. I’ve heard Amanda Seales (formerly Amanda Diva) say on Twitter that Blu is an asshole and approaches women very inappropriately. THAT’S why people don’t take them seriously. 3 Stacks and Common are more in the lane of Pac and Kendrick because they speak FOR the people and not TO people. These wild ass kids in Chicago wouldn’t listen to anything Lupe has to say about the way they’re living. But I guarantee they’d listen to Common. Or even Kendrick.

      So ultimately, what’s the point if the message isn’t being received byvthose who need to receive it? Are you actually doing anything significant? Are things changing?

  • Eazy

    Marty, I feel that songs like Backseat Freestyle allow Kendrick to be more human. No one is pure evil or pure good and by throwing in songs like Backseat Freestyle, Sherane, The Art of Peer Pressure, and m.A.A.d. city, Kendrick is able to let that idea shine.
    Ultimately, it’s up to the listener to understand where Kendrick is coming from when his music. And if you’ve heard Ignorance is Bliss from the O.D. mixtape then you already have a good idea.

    And Kendrick even at his most ignorant never gets close to Chicago’s street scene…

  • Eazy

    And it goes without saying, that sending a mixed message is not the same as sending a solid message because those two aren’t the same things, but that’s just pointing out the obvious :D

  • dcd

    damn, you know you’re a good ass rapper when your success makes everyone (especially fans) talk shit about you. can’t wait for the next album.

  • marty mcfly

    @Eazy, and what you said is also obvious to Kendrick fans BUT it wont be obvious to everybody cause some people will hear Kendrick’s music and not pick up anything conscious about it. Which is not big deal but my comments is more about Lupe then it is about Kendrick and im just tired of people downing Lupe cause he aint a little ignorant. Yes nobody is pure good or bad but the thing about recorded music is an artist gets a chance to think about his words before he uses them. Its actually more people out there that can relate to the intellectual then it is people who can relate to the mainstream cliche topics of hip hop but that is never really said in regards to the culture imo.

  • 4realdo

    Kendrick >>>>> Lupe.. not even a question.. Lupe’s last 2 albums were flops. I don’t care how conscious he is, he’s not making good songs.. period. He hasn’t made anything that really bumps since “Dumb it Down”..

  • marty mcfly

    If you think Kendrick is better then Lupe then thats cool but just for people like @ChicaGo Getter that think Kendrick has the power to change anything in the streets outside of just music? I would still say a solid message is far more effective in that regard then a mixed one because those type of cats aint listening to Kendrick for no damn messages, but sooner or later they’ll pick up on what Lupe has been saying for years whether it comes from him or not. When fools hate on Lupe it aint because of his music because secretly I bet they like it or would like it if they heard it. They hate on Lupe because he’s too positive and that to me is ridiculous.

  • marty mcfly

    4realdo, You may wanna look at Lupes numbers and not just his albums but his multi platinum singles too cause they also count. It doesn’t look like much of a flop really and thats with no hype or Dr Dre cosigns homie.

  • marty mcfly

    The interview that Lupe cried over because he identifies personally with that pain. Wasnt that interview in the streets of Chicago where he grew up? Dont Lupe have the Lupefiascofoundation. org where you can see with your own two eyes that Lupe does actually practice what he preaches? We cant tell young black kids to ride on their enemies and shoot cops and other people to get justice because if were gonna be completely honest thats not the solution. After Pac died you actually had thousands of people in gangs out there that actually thought that it was more honorable to die as a thug then to grow up and be a man. Is that the message we really wanna follow? Thats not a shit at Tupac because I love Pac, I was a fan while he was alive but the truth is the youth should not be trying to follow Pac thugs philosophy more then his revolutionary philosophy but that is exactly what happened. Actions mater, YES but so do words and look at Lupe words. Lupe -The ink of a scholar is worth a thousand times more than the blood of a martyr. Read the LASERS album manifesto, read the lyrics to his songs. These songs will live on forever and even better Lupe himself is still alive to continue to create them. Pac was really into death and thats ok for him and im not knocking him but I think the communities dont need to be feed death in the music in order to stop dying because that dont make sense. Read the lines to Lupe’s music and you’ll see that he is very much so of the ghetto but people cant shoot their way into a better condition in the streets and that message that hip hop continues to promote is actually false. I understand it but that doesn’t mean I dont see whats wrong with it.

  • marty mcfly

    You can knock Mos Def and Blu’s personal life if you want but that doesn’t change the value of their words. It just means that they’ve made mistakes in the life like we all have. You cant guarantee that the kids in Chicago would listen to Common or Kendrick because imo they would probably listen to gangsta shit first cause they “about that life” right? Not all of them but enough to cause concern. Thinking that Kendrick has the power to stop things with words is actually expecting too much from him especially if they just heard this song with “lead showers” in the hook instead of listening to the whole album and having the peace of mind to put it into context. If they not listening to people from their own community, if the not listening to somebody like Farrakhan, you mean to tell me their gonna suddenly stop shooting because of Kendrick? NO. Kendrick is not responsible for the people that wanna do what they do and I dont expect him to exhaust himself trying to be the Jesus Christ of rap but if somebody were to wanna take on that task. I would much rather they did not send a mixed message because it will be misinterpreted for sure.


    I’m dissappointed. When I first heard this song I could picture a perfect video for the song. But I guess Kendrick knows what he’s doing since it’s his song/story

  • these have been some of the longest fuxin comments i’ve ever read on 2DBZ…hence Kendrick Lamar is doin’ somethin right (already know that’s been stated). Hate it or love it the dude has something to say and delivers it in an unconventional way compared to his contemporaries (if there is such a thing outside of the TDE fellas at thi current time)…what other emcee has a song near the length or depth of “Sing About Me”. Just look back to the track “Faith”, the man touches on subject matter that the majority of other artists in the genre either don’t touch on or have the ability to speak on it on a way that so many people can associate with whether they hail from Compton, Boston, or Atlanta…if you lack the ability to enjoy and appreciate his jams sucks for you, if not…keep zonin’ out to it. HiiiPOWER

  • lil d

    sleep to that santana mob kdot. yea boi

  • yoh

    you must be a square ass un G to the fullest ass pussy ass never been in the hood for half a day ass, or rathchet ass , knucklehead ass stupid ass monkey ass FOOO if you dont think kendrick is DA GAWD
    thats right, hes the only rap god alive right now, i say this for alot of different reasons. 11 minutes fucking song with 3 different real life stories in it? and fuck why does he gotta stop talkin bout compton THATS WHERE HES FROM FUCKING IDIOTS

  • YOH

    yah i sound mad, but really doe, kendrick gets the most hate and the most love out of every rapper now a days, and even the haters have to realize, there is a reason for this, he came in this game doing shit no ones ever tried before, and surprising the fuck outtta everyone , if u dont bump him here’s some verses u gotta hear, his verse on B Boyz w/ Birdman & Ace Hood, Sacreligious, Game FT kendrick see no evil, skeme ft. kendrick i remember, micheal jordan, look out for detox, mandatory(w/black hippy)some of kendricks illest verses IMO had to leave out many tho and dude who keeps saying Pusha over kendrick, KEEP REACHIN’

  • clulessKIDS

    kendrick isnt sending a mixed message, hes telling you that he him self is confused, does no one else realize that? GOOD KID MAAD CITY think about it…

  • clulessKIDS

    @chicago-getter my previous comment was directed to you please read it. just like kendrick, common,lupe,pac & chief keef, were all fucking humans allright and at the end of the day, we dont really know what anyone is going through besides ourselves

  • Chris

    To be honest I feel like y’all put way too much energy in posting negative comments about a music video. If you like it that’s ok if you don’t that’s ok too but it’s senseless to be fighting online about a great artist like Kendrick Lamar trying to share his vision with us. That’s just my opinion though.

  • Filos


  • niggly

    Kendrick was raw at 17 & 18 but was still having fun. As a part of his timeline growing up I think it fits perfect because even though he could spit then he was still a kid. Also Kendrick can freestyle circles around this song so it sounds like it took hardly any effort. Not every song can be deep coming from a place like that and this song id better than any mainstream rap garbage now.Even this “bad” song is Lyrically miles over ppl like Rocky( I Like him just sayin). Ppl need to just chill or find new music to vibe to if it doesnt work for you

  • niggly

    Also love that not making a crazy deep or lyrical song means he is “conforming” haha. Grow up and let the man make money from his craft

  • jeppie

    …that ass was shaking for a good 20 seconds though…where them girls like that on 2DBZ Saturdays instead of them white chicks all the time…

  • Shxwn

    The album literally is a complete story from start to finish, this song is a piece of a bigger puzzle and it makes sense. Quit trying to make kendrick the “savior” of rap that can do no wrong. He’s a great rapper making great music. Stop making him out to be a conscious rapper. let him do him.

  • rqwrqw

    “damn, you know you’re a good ass rapper when your success makes everyone (especially fans) talk shit about you. can’t wait for the next album.”

    this applies to literally every mainstream rapper

  • hi power dead?

    hi power? what the hell happened to that? did k dot change? ima let him slide on this one, BUT BELIEVE ME, im waitin on his ass

  • ShadyTalez

    Where can I view this video since UMG done did they thang’

  • JPM

    You can’t even try to tell me that the hardest part of the album isn’t when Kendrick says “Let it run Ali..” So how you gonna hate on this shit

  • 4realdo

    @Mcfly..don’t wanna drag the Lupe vs Kendrick thing, but for one, numbers don’t mean anything to me as far as quality music. That Lupe sold a lot by making pop-rock sounding songs doesn’t hide the fact that his albums have been pretty damn weak. I love conscious music, but you gotta have good beats and quality songs to back your message. I love me some Dead Prez, but their last album was on some pop shit.. I understand these cats trying to sell, it’s not easy to balance commercial tracks & quality hip hop on one album, but Lupe failed in that regard. I don’t hate the brotha, I’m just real disappointed at the weak shit he’s put out.

    As for Kendrick, the boy is just winning right now on all fronts.. at the end of the day he’s putting out classic MUSIC, regardless if he puts out mixed messages or whatever.

  • marty mcfly

    @4realdo, so let me get this straight. Lupe’s music isn’t quality? Yeah ok. Then I assume you bringing up LASERS like everybody thats mad at Lupe does. So Words I Never Said and Show Goes On is low quality pop music to you? Ummm ok. Now you can take the other singles from that album and YES they did get played like a radio pop song but just because Lupe makes records about girls too, does that really mean his music is weak? NO. Are you actually listening to what Lupe says or are you just hating anything Lupe? The singles off F&L2 are pop music to you? Maybe Battle Scars is but its also a good song. Then you said Lupe failed at balancing quality or conscious rap with commercial tracks? I can almost promise you that anyone who has ever heard a Lupe album would say that balance your talking about is a balance Lupe never had a problem with. If you looking at my comments, you can tell that im not really downing Kendrick at all but if you wanna compare Kendricks music with Lupes overall as far as beats, rhymes, diversity and MEANING. Its gonna be a big difference between the two for sure. Im sorry but I just never heard anyone imply that Lupe’s beats are weak low quality music and that he failed at balancing conscious rap(you said quality but I assume you meant conscious cause thats Lupe’s overall lane) with commercial tracks. That to me just sounded crazy as hell.

  • marty mcfly

    And Dead Prez wasn’t trying to sale records with they last album, they were trying to make music. Sometimes its has simple as that and just because something can be played in the same setting as a pop song doesn’t always make it pop music. At the end of the day a song with a hip hop artist spitting verses on it about some political matter or conscious perspective is still different from pop music. There are not the same

  • marty mcfly

    Really I dont know what you meant by Lupe being weak or not having quality or not being able to have a balance in his music. In the end Kendrick and Lupe are both conscious rappers, yes but just because Kendrick is popular now that dont mean Lupe and everybody make weak music and there is still I difference between the two and yes I do realize Lupe been out alot longer. If people gonna claim Lupe is weak or low quality then name the songs your talking about then that fit what your describing.

  • 4realdo

    Bruh.. nobody’s bumping Lupe’s recent music… nobody. Maybe I should have said “memorable” music instead of “quality”. Can Lupe rap, undoubtably.. but he does not make memorable albums or tracks.. I’m talking stuff that stands the test of time.

    Lupe’s last 2 lps, were disappointing, and he made no classic joints.

    Lupe’s 2 first Lps were really good.. since then straight downhill. Check the blogs, talk to people in your hood, barbershops, whatever.. nobody is tripping off Lupe’s recent music fam, you KNOW this.

    Some guys are great lyricists, but they don’t make classic, memorable joints, that have heads running to hit the repeat button. Lupe’s “Words I Never Said”… great lyrics, ruined by a cheesy pop beat and God awful pop hook..

    I’m move on cuz I know how you like to argue with cats.. but again, talk to people, ask them if they were REALLY feeling Lupe’s recent music.. you’ll see.

  • marty mcfly

    If nobody is fucking with Lupe then who keeps buying his albums and singles? What songs of Kendricks are classic? I heard Kendricks album is classic (from hip hop sites only) but I dont know what songs they talking about so tell me what songs of his are certified classics. Dont give me that shit about his album is a story either cause its a very very loose story that you gotta try to put together for yourself for the most part cause throughout the album its really not as cohesive in lyrics as it is in beats. You want stories? Lupe’s Michael Young History narrative is a story. Real Recognize Real, The Cool(CLASSIC), The Coolest(CLASSIC), The Die, Put You On Game -THATS a story. American Terrorist(CLASSIC) 1 – 3, THATS a story. Kick Push 1 & 2, (pt1 CLASSIC) Hip Hop Saved My Life(CLASSIC) THATS a story. You wanna talk memorable? Lupe’s whole first two albums = Memorable cause you know every word. Daydreamin(genius) Superstar = CLASSIC. LASERS, the tracks a already named plus, Letting Go, Out Of My Head, State Run Radio, All Black Everything(artistic genius), Never Forget You, Beamin, Shinning Down, Go To Sleep. Why? Cause you know you like these songs, thats why. F&L2, Strange Fruition, Around My Way, Audubon Ballroom, Lamborgini Angels, Put Em Up, Brave Heart, Form Follows Function, Cold War, Unforgivable Youth(genius), Hood Now(hands down one of the best songs of 2012). What songs from Kendrick can you show have better lyrics, beats or concepts and subject matter then any of these Lupe songs? You can put the whole album up as if its one song but as individual songs? NO. What part of Backseat Freestyle is a story? Just because the title is Backseat Freestyle, that makes it a story? NO. Do I gotta go mixtapes? Look you pick the songs and compare them, Pick Kendricks best material and Lupe best material from any year or any album or any mixtape and you compare them and tell me how the fuck Kendrick is fucking with that. You talking about standing the test of time? Stop it cause I know you know numerous Lupe songs damn near word for word now do you know Kendrick’s like that? Maybe I dont know. Look I get it you fools think Kendrick is the Goat but honestly right after the album came out and on this very site I asked everybody on this site to tell me what was so great about this GKMC, I got back two answers. Its relatable and you gotta listen to every song Kendrick has ever made and then GKMC and you’ll see the storyline there. GTFOH there are SEVERAL songs on GKMC that are NOT stories. Is the album solid? Yes, is it a good album? Yes but most of the shit people say about the album is actually not the truth if we talking lyrics. Kendrick is dope but the best shit he did all year was Swimming Pools and thats it the rest was just cool. You talking about standing the test of time? Judging by the singles and the album I STRONGLY think F&L2 will stand the test of time FARRRRRR longer then GKMC.

  • Travis

    so… art of peer pressure isn’t a story? Keisha’s song? sing about me? the whole f****in album is a story foh

  • c-$hellz

    to everyone who is dissing. shut the fuck up.
    people are so ignorant to the music these days that its rediculous.
    and to this marty mcfly guy up there ^
    i love lupe
    but you would have to be an idiot to think that GKMC isnt a story… each song is a different scene
    so listening to the songs individually means nothing except your listening to an amazing hip hop song, but listening to the album as a whole, thats where you get the big picture.
    Backseat Freestyle is supposed to be representing the part in the story where kendrick (as a teenager) has been picked up by his friends and is on his way to go see Sherane, and on the way theyre freestyling to some beats his friend had. and you can tell its a representation of his teenage self because of the swagger and the sort of ignorance in the lyrics. but he does it artisticly enough to make it a really good song. and right after this scene, before they drop him off to sherand (poetic justice) is when they rob the house (art of peer pressure)
    so lets sum it up.
    Lupe is good. Kendrick is better.
    GKMC is a future classic. and a great story.
    This video is dope as fuck. and everything it needs to be for a song like this.
    so haters, waste your lives somewhere else,
    and for everyone else, crank this up to 11 and enjoy yourselves.

  • Pauly D

    Not gonna lie, this is awful?

  • Pauly D

    Look. Doesn’t matter if it fits into the story of the album or not, the song itself is trash and right up there with Michael Jordan on the list of Kendrick’s WOAT songs

  • marty mcfly

    @c-$hellz, actually this song is not a story or a continuation of a story and neither is the song before it. Your hero is actually not in a backseat on this song called backseat freestyle. He’s in the front seat of a vehicle pulling up across the street from Sheranes house and as he gets out he sees to cats in black hoodies as his phone rings. So this song is not continuing that narrative at all. The song after this is about him and his homies in a car but there has already been a few holes put in this story by song 3 on GKMC. Stop it with this story shit cause it barely qualifies as one. Lupe – American Terrorist 3. THATS a story.

  • So…..nobody enjoys the music/music videos anymore?

  • PEEP

    2nd verse visual>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    this video needed a 2chainz cameo

  • 7

    Had a Quentin Tarantino vibe, I like it.